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Part 34: Chapter XXXIV- Pink is the bestest of all colours, I say it all the time.

Chapter XXXIV - Pink is the bestest of all colours, I say it all the time.

We're still not done with the Secret of Bone Hill, let's just get it over with.

And here I thought Thief's Den was devoid of content. These guys quaff a lot of potions but we manage to get them down.

I hate to say this but Fabio's right, we need Pelltar's wisdom.

Sewers, huh? But where can we find them?

We find Welcar who tells us where we have to go next, we choose to go through the graveyard entrance.

Lots of Othyughs here, The room in the north has the stolen goods as well as a strange note.

Maybe Welcar can make sense of this.

To the pub!

To the store!

To the lighthouse!

Hey, you're not a gnome!

Oh boy, that's early. Thanks!

Ah, it's that glorious hand that Fabio was babbling about!

We inform Smythe and Zelmar on the gnome's fate.

We also tell Yalta about the ogre mage while we're at it, for completion's sake.

We go to the hanging tree in the temple where we find a guard.

She takes us to the graveyard.

It is there that we confirm Bomarc's fate. Poor bastard... :(

This does mean we can finally get out of here. I liked the mod in general but it was a very painful and buggy experience that took a lot of sorting out to get working. I'm suspecting Sandrah Saga of being the guilty party here.

Good riddance. Let's hope we never run into him again.

After teleporting back to Beregost Temple we head outside.

Wait, what staff?

Oh, this was important? Whatever, let's head into town.

We have to take things a bit slowest to pick up a certain someone.

Oh, Coran. How I've missed you. :allears:

Ajantis is kind of getting on my nerves though.

Anyway, on to the orphanage.

Must. Resist. Urge. To. Murder.

I think it's absolutely wonderful to be sidelined like this and I wish more mods would emulate it. :downs:

Hey, I remember you!

Secure in the knowledge that the orphanage is in good hands we go to the Friendly Arm Inn.

We stumble from one mod to the other. Exciting!

Farewell, Ajantis! :wave: I think we've exhausted what little Sandrah content he had and his goody-two-shoes act was getting on my nerves.

Jet'laya has unique gear.

A cool portrait.

And a long-ass bio.

Next time we'll start to delve into the Dark Side of the Sword Coast! :black101: