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Part 35: Chapter XXXV - Now the Black Archer is satisfied by Tazok's dead, he has no need for his tool any more.

Chapter XXXV - Now the Black Archer is satisfied by Tazok's dead, he has no need for his tool any more.

We're about to head into some new areas while questing with Jet'laya, exciting!

She bonds with Sandrah immediately, always a good sign. :hai:

Not a bad looking area! It's mostly populated with orcs and skeletons.

Great, we're dealing with liches now!? He leaves us with a bunch of skeletons who mass spam lightning spells, extremely annoying.

This is a Sandrah Saga addition, by the way. Not that you can tell by the way the dialogue seamlessly fits into the Dark Side of the Sword Coast content.

When are we going to meet this Helg already? :argh:

Sandrah Saga also adds these baby dragons to this area. They mass spam fireballs, it took a lot of potions to get through.

New area! Not much to do here though, not yet anyway. Below the lake was another group of lightning-spamming skeletons.

Only thing of note is these phantoms continually fighting, I wonder what's up with that.

This is the third and final area. The bane of my existence.

Great, more mindflayers. :getin:

I'm beginning to regret not picking the more interesting options. I'm a boring guy.

Meet the banshee.

This bitch spams Wail of the Banshee almost every time she attacks. That's a 9th level spell. She also seems to disappear if the battle goes on too long. I cast Death Ward on Jen'lig hoping for him to get a lucky hit or two in. It took almost half an hour and countless reloads.

When she died all she had was this necklace. Hooray.

Oh yeah, shit. We still have a lich to fight. :cry:

See the cave here? Yeah, neither do I. Finding this place took almost as long as the banshee fight. Fuck my life.

*I put my palm to my face in utter bafflement at how much of a Mary Sue Sandrah is*

Compared to the fight I just had these clowns aren't even worth talking about. No comment from either Jen'lig or Sandrah but the latter did gain a skill. (I'm planning on discussing said skills later on)

Heading back to the second area the phantoms finally open up.

Maybe I got lucky but the lich was surprisingly easy to take down, even with all the skeletons he summoned. He gets up again immediately afterwards, of course.

Heeding his advice we immediately head for the safety of the house.

Did I say safety? I misspoke. I let Sandrah cast Mystra's Favour and retreated to a sideroom. Not that hard. Time to loot.


Ah, here we go! Time to go back and hit the lich a few times, his skeletons followed me into the house so this sho-

Maybe my experiences with the banshee turned me into a better player, again he died surprisingly quickly. For real this time.

The phantom thanks us and departs. A job well done! :) Time to go to the Jovial Juggler!

No thanks.

Sweet, let's quickest head to the smithy!

Five days!? What the hell are we supposed to do during that time?

Ah, opportunity knocks!

A dragon!? In BG1? This is going to be quite the undertaking.

Let's head for Nashkel first.

Jen'lig is well-versed in dragon lore, let's hope it's a red dragon.

Farewell, Jet'laya! :wave: I'm fairly certain we've exhausted your content and we have to make room for an old friend...

That's right, Kivan's back!