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Part 38: Chapter XXXVIII - Demon hunting is the funnest of funs.

Chapter XXXVIII - Demon hunting is the funnest of funs.

So we have to go to Waterdeep, but how do we get there? Let's head for the Friendly Arm Inn first.

*sigh* Let's see what he wants.

Oh yeah, the statue garden. We were supposed to check that out ages ago!

While buying scrolls we ask Thalantyr about the egg we have been carrying around.

Unbelievably dull, but you're going to suffer alongside me.

He was surrounded by medusae but we managed to get them all.

Jen'lig continues to be amazing. :allears:

Great, now where were we? Oh yes, Waterdeep.

I ran into a bit of a snag here, apparently we were supposed to be summoned by Elminster ages ago but for some reason the event didn't trigger, I didn't realise this at first which is why I went by some places in order to try to get the event to appear.

I beg to differ, Sandrah. Two words come to mind, both of them girl's names.

I sure don't.

Even Jen'lig barely manages to spice things up.

"Oh, I have plenty of friends but they all live very far away, you wouldn't know them."

Sure thing, Gavin. Sure thing.

This tower in Larswood can be entered now.

Another Elminster hint, we needed to gather these in order for the event to appear.

No, no-one here by that name. Fuck off.

I was completely lost as to how to trigger the event only to realise that it had already triggered, I just happened to miss the person that spawned as a result. I could either go area by area and try to find the guy or spawn him in by console, I chose to do the latter thereby saving this LP from probably being abandoned. Hooray.

I swear I saw that guy somewhere before but I can't be arsed to browse through my screenshots to verify it. Oh well, time to head to the Temple of Wisdom!

Alabama Elminster is my favourite character.

Oh, the scroll we picked up at Firebead's house! I knew it was important!

Time to go demon hunting! :black101: I think I'd better replace GavinBoring McBoringface with someone new.

She'll do.

We head to the waterfall at Fire Leaf Forest, when we arrive...

He hits like a truck but dies easy enough.

Oh boy, here we go...


Oops, I guess I gave the game away. Not like they gave me a choice...

Choosing the fight causes you to lose Sandrah, thereby ending the mod. Choosing to imprison Sandrah leads to her returning eventually as well making her very cranky. I'm not about to mess with my HP either so let's bluff our way out of it.

Great success!

I guess being near demons makes Sirene feels talkative.

After leaving we head for Dryad Falls.

Great, we have to find a nearby cave then. But first let's do some rearranging.

Farewell, Sirene. :wave: You seemed interesting but you don't acknowledge Sandrah which means you have to leave. Let's bring back Shar-Teel.

Yep, great decision. :downs:

Doing this leads to...

...Quite a nice area. It's filled with zombies, mephits and demon knights. Pretty easy all things considered.

Only interesting thing are these gauntlets which no-one can wear. Let's hold on to it for now.


Fighting one dragon is more than enough for me, thanks.

Nice to see Shar-Teel's doing okay.

Oh boy, I wonder how this'll end.

Oh, great idea Sandrah, like that'll wo-

I am so done. :negative:

One the ground is a composite longbow +2 as well as...

We give the slippers to Imoen and the shard to Sandrah.

Whew, glad that worked. Thanks, Mary Sue. Elminster had better be grateful when we return next chapter...