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Part 43: Chapter XLIII - Ya mem'ry's as sharp as mine.

Chapter XLIII - Ya mem'ry's as sharp as mine.

We finally arrive at Wyrm's Crossing, the bridge to Baldur's Gate. Let's sidestep hear and pay a visit to Umberlee's priestess.

Environmental issues? we'll see if we can't deal with it once we come across it.


The fight wasn't really noteworthy, seems like we made an enemy of Talos though. Thanks a lot, Sandrah! :argh:

Umberlee will probably be pleased, it's hard to tell with Gods.

Back to the bridge.

Who's this shady character?

This might come in handy one of these days.

Shar-Teel is befuddled by my affection.

More bookhunters, and one of them is a pirate?

We're going to hear about this book a LOT this chapter.

When it comes to affection Shar-Teel giveth and taketh.

Before crossing the bridge we run into these elves.

They're laughably easy to beat.

Haiass gains another much needed boost.

On the bridge we run into Scar, one of my favourite characters. This is all vanilla but I wanted to showcase it anyway. :allears:

Just before the city walls we run into a dog lady.

Quite a lengthy conversation that I enjoyed a LOT as a teen, not so much now. We absolutely DESTROY her and her mutts.

Sandrah immediately hijacks Kivan's resolution because why the fuck not?

Kivan's bow, nothing special.

Before we head into the city proper we're going to do a roster change, while on our way to make it happen we sleep as Feldepost's.

Good thing we're heading to Baldur's Gate anyway. I can't believe I actually contributed!

Goodbye, Shar-Teel and Kivan! :wave: The former will definitely be back soon but Kivan might not.

Minsc and Dynaheir will be back as we enter Baldur's Gate for reason that'll become clear next chapter.

It's nice to see the animals getting along with each other, The Beast seems especially fond of Boo and vice versa! :)

Dynaheir discusses my dreams, her banters are great and Sandrah could learn a thing or two from her.

While at Nashkel Inn we dance the night away... :allears:

The next morning...

Dynaheir's romance takes a long time to get going, I don't think we'll be able to get through it all.

Minsc is so adorable with BG1NPC.

This talk is a little late, Imoen. I gotta say.

While on our way back to Wyrm's Crossing Sandrah asks if we can go back to Furlon, the halfling standing in front of the bridge. I knew he'd be relevant!

We'll get to Ulgoth's Beard later, Baldur's Gate will be first on our list.

Dynaheir's definitely my favourite of the romance options for males.

Before going to Baldur's Gate let's head to upper Chiontar first, also known as the zombie farm.

Killing zombies is easy peasy at this point, however...

This guy was an issue, that on-death cloudkill is no fucking joke!

Oh boy, Haiass and Pelligram are an item? :gonk:

Besides thanking us for dealing with the undead the farmer also tells us about the Fields of the Dead, we'll get to that later.

While leaving the zombie farm we're accosted by the weird mage ladies from the Beregost inn as well as a zombie lord, just like all Roxanne encounters they're very annoying.

Next time we'll FINALLY get to Baldur's Gate proper, and it only took us 43 chapters to get there!