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Part 47: Chapter XLVII - This is quite a compliment from a lady of the world like you.

Chapter XLVII- This is quite a compliment from a lady of the world like you.

While making our way to rob Shandalar of his skyship plans we run into one of the assassins from before.

Please, don't make me laugh. :smuggo:


Thank God I've got the best healer in the business. To Thalantyr's!

I wish I had done this earlier before I was showered with OP gear.

Anyway, that's not why we're here.

Looks like we have to go hunting for ingredients...

Good thing we got those herbs from that nice lady in Nashkel back in chapter 9. I bet we can get some holy water from the Beregost temple.

While getting our holy water we're rewarded for our dragonslaying efforts. Too bad I still can't wield it.

In the Cloakwood Groves we run into the wyvern, he was annoying to take down but we managed to get it done.

After drinking the antidote we're right as rain, and we got to avoid one of the better quests in chapter five while we were at it. Sandrah Saga really is the best!

Coran and Kivan do not get along. Big surprise. I best we'd better get rid of the latter.


Time to go back to Baldur's Gate.

We run into this lady in the Drakon Tavern a stone's throw away from Shandalar's place. Her shopping inventory is filled with boots and jam, just like she said. Here's hoping we run into her brother if we ever get to Amn, otherwise I wasted my time on this giant conversation for nothing.

On our way to Shandalar's Shar-Teel meets her soulmate.

There is a non-violent way to deal with them but dealing with these pompous asses the hard way is its own reward in more ways than one. :black101:

We pick up the requested items and get the hell out of there.


I'm built like a mountain. :colbert:

And this is why you do the Narlen quests, people. So satisfying.

Sandrah immediately gets creative...

And we get a rare but always welcome Jen'lig banter to boot.

Anyway, since we have Coran in our party I think it's time to do his quest.

I'm pretty sure Coran also interjects here with no mods installed and it's one of the rare instances of an NPC interjecting in vanilla BG1.

Time to head to the Low Lantern to deal with this lowlife.

Sandrah's a lady of the world, alright. :heysexy:

For some reason these ladies scared the absolute shit out of me as a kid.

We also meet Ascalon's cameo character. He's the person behind some of the quests we've encountered so far as well as Breagar.

He makes drinks for everyone. :3:

Two seconds later.

Don't mention i-

What a shame.

Maybe if I talk to her again they can talk things over...?

...guess not. :(

Sandrah's on the case it seems.

She's also teaching Shar-Teel to read, isn't it wonderful? I definitely appreciate the fact that Roxanne only gave us one reply just so Sandrah can get mad at us.

Coran might put up a brave face but we know what's bothering him.

Ah, like clockword. Let's go back to Brielbara.

Wait, you want him to do *what* now?

...We're actually doing this?