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Part 58: Chapter LVII- A bad choice, my sssweet sssoon to be lovessslave.

Chapter LVII - A bad choice, my sssweet sssoon to be lovessslave.

NPC banters with Sandrah are starting to dry up, Khalid and Jaheira are exchanged for Edwin and Garrick.

We finish off Firewine with Garrick in our party. Sandrah had nothing to say during the experience.

With that loose end out of the way we're going to head to Baldur's Gate.

This ship captain at the docks claims to be familiar with Sandrah's mother. Random.

This guy asked us to get him a Sphene gem, we oblige him.

Sandrah will not be outdone by some dimestore prophet. :colbert:

Roxanne should have taken some notes from these banters.

Since Garrick was too silent for my liking I decided to exchange him for Kivan. Since he's also silent he won't be sticking around long.

Remember this guy from chapter 46? Another loose end we need to tie up.

Sounds easy enough to find.

An Orc attack in Baldur's Gate? Let's check that out after we're done with this quest.

She's awfully forgiving. :)

Remember this encounter from chapter 46? Neither did I, it's important though.

And that's that for that quest.

Kivan's too silent, but who to replace him with?

Oh, Gavin. :allears: Why did I ever let you go?

Oh, yeah... :comfyzelda:

The Orc problem was easily solved, it turned out to be the guy who we gave relationship advice to!

I'm not sure where this quest is from, definitely not from vanilla BG1. (I had to pickpocket the items off of them)

Edie's the girl we helped cheat her exam, it seems to have worked out well.

We ran into this guy all the way back in chapter 26.

We can go to his house now!

What's a red mage doing here?

Normally I love quest-related banters, but this is torture.

In the house is a book on Mystra.

As well as the candle we were looking for! Before we can leave the area...

After some combat the guy dimension doors out of there, I don't think this is the last we'll see of him.

Another quest dealt with! Slowly but surely we're getting to the finish line.

I swapped Gavin out for Ajantis.

From one bore to the next...

A gith-hating paladin, huh? This could be interesting.

Safana was left in the flooded Cloakwood (stupid :doh:) but we console her back because Ajantis doesn't have anything to say.

One area later we're whisked away to the Flaming Fist headquarters.

Oh boy, you know what that means!


If I'd chosen to speak for Safana instead of Sandrah she hijacks the conversation anyway, yay choices... :suicide:

We made a lot of progress today, next time we'll see if we can't continue this pace as we finish up Baldur's Gate!