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by Vichan

Part 62: Chapter LXI - Sandrah of Waterdeep, priestess of haha Mystra.

Chapter LXI - Sandrah of Waterdeep, priestess of haha Mystra.

Paradise Island is a pretty fun place, I've got to say.

...Until we run into *these* guys again, quit ruining our fun! :argh:

Tempting as it is to get rid of Sandrah I am doing a LP here. Nothing left to do but fight.

The priest LOVES to cast energy drain every other round and has a shitload of HP. Extremely annoying like every other Sandrah Saga encounter.

One of the Sirines gets caught in the crossfire. :negative: I think it's best that we go back to the boat and leave this place.

Wait, this isn't Ulgoth's Beard...

Before we can do anything he teleports us to...

...The Talos Temple in Athkatla? It's filled with hostile Talos priests and in the north...


I'm astounded at the abysmal quality of this mod's writing.

No way, we're actually doing this? For some reason I had less trouble taking down a God than his servant at the beach, go figure.

(The other dialogue option doesn't change anything except one extra line of dialogue, by the way.)

Talos leaves before we get the chance to finish him off.

Sandrah gains a skill (because she leveled up, not because of what she just witnessed) and we're teleported back to Paradise Island.

This is the one time I'd have really preferred a lengthy diatribe about what the fuck we just witnessed. Oh well.

We go back to the boat and get the hell out of Paradise Island before more Sirines get hurt.

Oh, that's right. We have to talk to Selaad. How could I possibly forget?

We're swimming in silver gear so this encounter wasn't all that hard.

Thanks, I needed that.

Time to delve into the Northern Tales of the Sword Coast content! :black101:

The Fields of the Dead are filled with Orcs and Orogs.

Quite a ghastly place...

We also run into a door that we can't open yet. Interesting.

In the middle of the Orc camp we run into some hostages.

The children run off on their own, are they going to be okay? :ohdear:

The other hostage is quite informative, not as much as Sandrah though. We're going to have to pay a visit to Haeball one of these days.

Sandrah Saga expands on Ghotal quite a bit, I wonder why?

This guy is hanging out south of the camp.

After a short conversation he turns into...

...A Tanar'ri Prince?

Hits like a truck, luckily we can summon a Cornugon to tank while we take care of business. :black101:

Only thing left to explore is this cave.

Kind of an out-of-the-way place for an assassin to hang out.

We also rescue a prisoner. That's this area dealt with for now.

Loving these dialogue options.

We deliver the good news...

And pick up a new quest while we're at it.

This area is a slightly altered lighthouse map.

Dynaheir graces us with another romance talk, probably one of her last we'll get to see.

Seems like the village has quite its share of problems.

On the northern cliffs we help someone turn into a fire wyvern. Yes, really.

The sirines are easily dealt with.

Ditto with the fire salamanders.

All that's left is to report our success to Skipper and Nadalin and we're done on the Northern Coast.

Next time we'll see if we can't finish up the Northern Tale of the Sword Coast content, after that it's time to delve into Durlag's Tower! :black101: