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Part 64: Chapter LXIII - Dwarfling only half size of manling but stink like mountain of manure used to cultivate our hydroponic gardens in the depths of a city's mass.

Chapter LXIII - Dwarfling only half size of manling but stink like mountain of manure used to cultivate our hydroponic gardens in the depths of a city's mass.

We got this cursed sword from captain Brage.

Thalantyr can remove its curse, he can enhance many items this way. I don't know if I've ever shown it off but here it is nonetheless. It'll make a nice parting gift for Minsc.

Minsc and Dynaheir bow out in favour of Yeslick and Kagain, I was originally going to pick Thorin in place of the latter but he probably doesn't have that many banters anyway.

And yes, we also get yet another ability for Sandrah's repertoire!

We finally arrive at Durlag's Tower! :black101:

Lots of vanilla content here that I'm not going to cover, those looking for a walkthrough of the area will be sorely disappointed.

Kagain actually has banters with Sandrah? They're 100% what we were expecting? I am SHOCKED!

I love Kagain, I think BG1NPC did a great job with him. :allears:

On the roof of the old tower we find an old shield in the hands of an ogre shaman, this prompts a conversation with Sandrah.

Once in Durlag's Tower proper Kagain and Yeslick start to butt heads.

I won't cover all the tasks that we need to do here.

We did get a Jen'lig banter out of this one at least. :swoon:

They *really* don't like each other, this is going to come to blows, isn't it? :ohdear:

After a battle on the second floor Sandrah's confidence wavers, a rare moment of weakness that we solve with the power of love.

Maybe it was a mistake bringing Yeslick here... :(

Normally once you enter the compass room you have to answer riddles, luckily we have Sandrah.

Easy peasy.

The ghost of Durlag shows us to...

The Demon Knight! Normally a pretty hard fight but our overleveled party manages to carry the day.

Keep this in mind, it'll be VERY important throughout the LP.

Oh, quit blubbering and just get out of our sight.

We run into these goons on the way out, no challenge.

Yeslick and Kagain have finally had enough of each other, luckily by giving them both different orders we prevented the fight. All is well. :)

We teleport out of Durlag's Tower, is she asking us to remember an occasion that just took place?

Kagain seems a bit confused again.

Ah, the inevitable Jen'lig banter, I was worried we weren't going to get one.

She puts him in his place with project force for good measure. I love Jen'lig... :allears:

Drizzt is here? And he wants us to go to the Dales? Better meet him at Ulgoth's Beard at our earliest convenience.

(Also ugh, must every conversation stroke Sandrah's ego...?)

Did Drizzt even teach anyone in Forgotten Realms lore?

As soon as we arrive in Ulgoth's Beard we are accosted by cult enforcers who take our dagger... :negative:

Hurgan's right, let's teach them a lesson! :black101:

None of them are any match for our fury!

Even this fight which is supposed to be extremely tough only took one reload, Pelligram and Haiass are amazing.

And that takes care of Tales of the Sword Coast! Aside from the odd sidequest here and there we have only main quest content left as far as vanilla BG1 is concerned!

We deliver the last quests...

And pick up a new one while we're at it.

We're treated to one more Kagain banter, I...actually don't mind this one?

Wait, what's Elminster doing here?

I guess our adventures with Drizzt will have to wait 'til next time!