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Part 76: Addendum III - MEN!

Addendum III - MEN!

Thought we were done with BG1? Think again.

I've been preparing for the SoD part of this LP and managed to make some progress, reading through the guide I realised that there's this plenty of things that I missed concerning Shar-Teel. Some are romance banters and others...

...It might be best if I just showed you.

No, I'm not touching option 1 at the end there with a 10 foot pole.

These are the BG1NPC banters, if these were the only things we missed I wouldn't have bothered...


Version 1

Version 2, I went with this.

...Yep, this is an actual thing that happens.

And just like that she's gone...

Now a lot of you might be thinking 'But Vichan, you've already finished BG1 and this seems like it'll have implications down the line!' A very good point, which is why I've decided to turn it into its own thing instead of seeding the various banters throughout previous chapters. I'll leave the last chapter unchanged but will be replaying the final encounter so that we can enjoy any future content that'll spring out of this.

I've already finished the SoD prologue and all I have to do is upload it, but of course I'll have to go through it again sans Shar-Teel. I doubt I'll run into any new content but it won't hurt to be safe, after I've caught up to where I am now I will start the SoD portion of this LP.

Browsing through the files I'm fairly certain that this is the only major Sandrah BG1 event that I missed so it should be smooth sailing from here 'til Baldur's Gate 2. I hope you'll bear with me!

TL;DR: Let's Plays are hard.