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Part 85: Chapter LXXXII- That would be a task for my experienced healer, Sandrah of Waterdeep.

Chapter LXXXII - That would be a task for my experienced healer, Sandrah of Waterdeep.

Talking to Mystra gave Sandrah these abilities, I still have no idea what Mystra's Rage is supposed to do.

I really wish I was more into Forgotten Realms lore so I could pick apart just how wrong she probably is.

Somewhere on the Sword Coast Lord Foreshadow's ears perked up.

Anyway, we should probably double back to the spider cave before moving on.

Khalid's banters are some of my favourites, probably because there weren't that many of them before SoD.

Here's a map of Boareskyr Bridge and Bridgefort, by the way.

Oh God, all these emotions... :negative:

Finding the silk in the spider cave is quite the hassle, the areas don't light up so there's lots of clicking around until you get it.

... :(

Anyway, we'd best head to the Coalition Camp. Before heading there I took Safana, Voghiln and Viconia with me. Once inside I won't bother listing all the NPC switching.

Dragonspear Castle seems aptly named. The dragon skeleton really adds to the decor.

Before exploring the place let's take a well-deserved nap.

More nightmares.

Sandrah notices that she might be behind the plot and immediately takes a big leap forward.

Anyway, we've arrived at camp!

And within seconds we get our first new quest.

Almost all of our NPCs are hanging out at the big campfire.

We run into Rayphus for a third time here.

Whatever makes her happy, I guess.

A traitor!? Time to do some sleuthing!

We start up a little romance while we're at it. :heysexy:

Voghiln offers to help us out.

What a strange individual.

Good thing we have a healer in our party. :allears:

Always nice to meet a fan. :smuggo:

Well, that led us nowhere. Sherlock Holmes Vichan ain't.

Since we're making the rounds anyway I suppose we can indulge her.

We run into a drill sergeant doing what she does best.

Let's ask her why she's here first.

We'll use our army of NPCs to drill the troops.

Whenever you tell someone to attack someone else they do so for a couple of seconds. I don't really have all that many screenshots of these moments so use your imagination.

Dynaheir probably saved him from a very painful death.

I'm offended you even had to ask, Khalid. :)

Safana is incorrigible.

Jaheira helps poor Taield out.

Since Vichan's a swashbuckler he doesn't need anyone's help to teach Danine some tricks.

For some reason there's two Safana's at camp. The Realms tremble...

M'Khiin rules.

Shorties have to stick together.

Some tough love from Viconia there.

Dorn has quite a bit to say.

Good lord, what have we done... :ohdear:

That was fun. :)


Glint also mentioned Col, didn't he? Interesting.

The spectacles allow us access to a merchant, I've highlighted the unique items he has in stock.

I think it's about time we went to the council.

We have our orders, let's take care of affairs at camp first though.

For someone I had no intention of including in this LP she sure talks a lot.

Drake initiated this conversation, I have no idea why.

Looks like we'll have to pay a visit to this Malden Col soon.

Must. Resist. Urge. To. Accept.


We'll get to that next time. We've loads of other things on our plate.

Things like this.


I can see why people want him dead.

No, thank you!

That was....therapeutic.

More quests, great. We'll get to that later.

This isn't going to literally blow up in our face, is it? :ohdear:


The words 'Sandrah' and 'Good taste' don't fit well together. Keep in mind she slept with Mellicamp.

The Flaming Fist take him away after this.

We're swimming in equipment as is, we really don't need any more.

Time to confront this guild.

Well, after picking up yet another quest, that is.

And just like that the camp is secure. For now at least.

We tell Simonetta we talked to some folks at camp.

Aura offers an alternate solution to the Crusader problem. Sweet.

That's pretty much it as far as the Coalition Camp goes. Next time we'll venture out and see what awaits us.