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Part 89: Chapter LXXXVI - I have been a bad counsellor, just once again. I should have seen it earlier.

Chapter LXXXVI - I have been a bad counsellor, just once again. I should have seen it earlier.

After heading through the gate there's this neat underground camp for us to explore.

That must be Slug!

Freeing him doesn't alert the camp.

Heading to the spot he indicated nets us this flail.

They gave the crusaders hell while traveling back. :black101:

Quite the odd little community.

Who doesn't like a happy ending? :unsmith:

Let's move on.

We need to find a way past these guys.

Glint isn't as bad as I originally thought. Let's explore this place further before moving on.

There, glad we've got that over and done with.

We don't have to talk to these guys again to use the elevator but I did so anyway. I wonder who this Belben is?

Don't be so pessimistic.

Belben sounds like a 50 year old woman. It didn't end well for him.

Good plan.

We poison the supplies while we're at it. Non-lethal though, except for the poor water mephit.


Isn't he the cutest?

A gate prevents us from leaving the basement.

Neither do I.

Hephernaan is here and he seems to be talking to someone.

Shit, they saw us. Nothing left to do but fight.

Coward! :argh:

We free the ghost of Daeros Dragonspear while we're at it.

We snatch some loot while we're here.

Also this book, seems like it'll come in handy later.

The crusaders do their best to prevent us from reaching the elevator.

They manage to kill Safana but we bring her back.

I love these guys. :allears:

On our way back through the Underground River the alarm is raised yet again, forcing us to kill every crusader in this area.

Back at camp we're told to go to Dead Man's Pass. We kick Glint out of the party, we'll be a party of five from here on out.

Negotiations seem to have already started.

De Lancie is such a slimeball.

My counsellor raises a good point. :hai:

Wait, that worked?

Seems so. :shrug:

Sandrah's talking like the negotiations failed, what the hell?

Hephernaan storms off, leaving us to talk to Caelar.

So yeah, this was not an option in vanilla SoD, we've managed to skip the actual Siege of Dragonspear.

We're haunted by another dream before we head into the building.

Just in case the upcoming 'twist' isn't obvious enough Sandrah feels the need to let everyone know what's going to happen.

You might think there's more to this particular path but it's all vanilla content from here. Instead of continuing on I'll reload and show you guys the 'right' way to get to this point.

Siding with the Crusaders? Fat chance. :colbert:

Time to head back to camp.

Oh dear, it seems like we're under attack. :ohdear:

Our NPC are at the north of camp now, including...

I couldn't get the actual conclusion to fire so this will have to do. :)

I won't be making any changes to our party though.

Oh boy, we get to be in command!

We can also heal up should we need to do so.

Why didn't I take advantage of the unique units we've managed to recruit? Because I suck, that's why.

The camp seems to be secure. It's time to take the fight to the Crusade! :black101:

Poor guy, he tried his best. :negative:

We arrive at chapter eleven once again.

Peligram, you traitor. Come back here! :argh:

Ah, the titular Siege of Dragonspear.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends!

Yep, this battle is huge.

I accept.

Yes, that guy on the right there is the Barghest. He's one of the toughest nuts to crack in this place but he falls nonetheless.

I tried doing it your way, it was boring as shit and horribly written. :colbert:

The way to the castle proper is clear, but Mizhena asks us for a favor first.

The guard is Therli, the person in charge of the patrol that encountered the Drow. She will be missed.

Beautiful, Beamdog really salvaged this character. :)

On our way to the entrance we run into some friends.

Once inside we retrieve Daeros' plate. (It's actually on the floor beneath this one, I made a screenshot of the wrong floor for reasons too long-winded to get into)

We finally get our gold back. :toot:

And just like that we're back at the place we were back when we decided to cooperate with the Crusaders. The only difference being that Bence is with us now.

Next time we'll confront Caelar and Hephernaan and put an end to this once and for all!