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Part 92: Chapter LXXXIX - Not a single love slave to adore and pleasure that that magnificent body?

Chapter LXXXIX - Not a single love slave to adore and pleasure that that magnificent body?

Stuck in a strange place with an Imoen-shaped hole in our party... :smith:

Sandrah seems more interested in Chloe than discussing what just happened.

We're reunited with Haiass! :3:

A passer-by helps us get our bearings somewhat.

We immediately get to work. :colbert:

I've played this so many times I've got the answer memorized by this point.

The first time these peasants attacked me scared the ever-living daylights out of me.

Welcome aboard, Aerie!


As a kid I spent ages trying to figure out why Kalah's voice sounded familiar. Turns out he also voiced the Devil in Cow & Chicken.

I can't help but feel bad for the guy. :(

Quayle is a whole different person in BG2 personality-wise.

Looks like Kalah's story isn't over quite yet, courtesy of BG2: Unfinished Business. We'll get to that later, though.

Visiting the zoo gives Pelligram an upgrade.

Seeing these exotic creatures encaged must be hard for her. :smith:


Seems like there's more to Pelligram than we originally thought.

Chloe loves butting in on conversations. :allears:

Oh, another mod NPC. Welcome aboard!

Minsc'll be back later, not to worry.

She's relatively mundane compared to Sandrah and Chloe.

This guy's quite the character.

We should stop by occasionally once we get more elves in our party. I really wish I had more NPC mods installed.... :(

That area's pretty neatly integrated into the city map, I like it. We're also saving that for later, though. We're heading for the slums first!

We run into a wacky thief who offers to help us locate Imoen. This brings us to...

I always thought this guy looked like John de Lancie. Maybe it's the hair.

We regain control and leave Gaelan Bayle's house.


Looks like Spellhold will have to wait a long, long time. Time to head for the nearby inn, the Copper Coronet.

Jaheira's romance is creepy enough as it is, I really don't need Sandrah making it even creepier.

Speaking of which...

All in all I really don't mind her romance to be honest, maybe that's says more about me than it says about the romance itself though.

Well, that was certainly random.

Sandrah has ideas on how to get to the Stormhorns.

They really don't know who they're dealing with, do they?

They did manage to wound Aerie though, luckily we have Sandrah to patch things up.

...I still have no idea where to actually go.

Might as well pick up another quest while we're at it.

Anyway, time to head inside.

It's nice to see them getting along.

Now that we're all warm and cozy it's time for some PIDs.

I'd point out that Sandrah's being a bit callous here but let's be honest, we've all dawdled before rescuing Imoen on more than one occasion.

I'd almost forgotten that I got Shar-Teel pregnant, whoops.

We also talk a bit about Pelligram's nature.

Amalas gets two good hits in but falls shortly afterwards.


Sure, why not?

Dace is alright in my book, at least so far.


We'll get to the De'Arnise Keep quest later, never mind that though.

This whole experience never fails to confound me.

Salvanas is a hoot.

He tries to hit on female members of your party if you use them to talk to him.

Sometimes mod NPCs have interactions with him as well. I wonder what'll happen if Sandrah talks to him?

Of course it fades to black after this. The Beast is back with a vengeance.

We'll also get to 'Hexxat' later.

Yes, let's.

They obviously know each other. We book a room so we can get some sleep.


Whenever a conversation ends abruptly like this I always feel like I did something wrong.

What a creep.

Chloe's kind of a dick. She's acting like she wasn't there when Jaheira stumbled upon Khalid's corpse.

Anomen tries to talk his way into the group but he'll have to wait a while longer.

Aerie's such a buzzkill. :argh:

How monstrous, it's time to put a stop to this.

DIE! :black101:

Time to pay this beastmaster a visit.

Without his pet he's no match for us.

I always like to free the children before freeing Hendak.

One of the more satisfying moments in the game.

When we finally get to Lehtinan nothing happens. Did I do something wrong? Maybe I should've freed Hendak before freeing the children, better reload.

Ah, these people spawn in after freeing Hendak this time, looks like it was bu-


This happened in the span of five seconds. Sandrah straight up teleports behind Lehtinan and one-shot gibs him.

Looks like our work isn't done yet. Better leave that 'til next time however.