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Part 95: Chapter XCII - That was my human part, I guess. Orcs don't cry.

Chapter XCII - That was my human part, I guess. Orcs don't cry.

We've been moving at a bit of a glacial pace so far, this update is going to change that.

I miss him so much... :(

I completely forgot to talk to Tolgerias before, my mistake.

We obtain a license to sling spells while we're here.

Jaheira is stashed in Ployer's old house so as not to break her romance, Minsc will replace her.

I like to call Minsc overrated but to be honest I love the dolt. :allears:

Anyway, time to head for the Umar hills.

With the new world map everything is more spaced out, I'll upload a complete world map once we're done with Throne of Bhaal.

A burgeoning friendship or the Beast setting up her next meal? Time will tell.

You'd think we'd get right into solving this mystery but we're actually going to leave it for now.

Haiass gains another level. :cheersdoge:

We're actually here for the dragon we were supposed to slay.

Sandrah's summons make him easy to beat.

After talking about Gorion a bit we head back to Athkatla for now, we'll deal with the killings and Valygar later.

Hey, this guy was supposed to talk to us immediately after encountering the eyeless preacher. Weird.

I originally wanted to report our victory to the Order of the Radiant Heart but we won't be doing that either for reasons that I can't go into right now. Instead I dumped Saerileth at Kangaxx's hideout, we won't be needing her where we're going and we need to make room.

Instead we're going to the Stormhorns, although the land route seems rather far. Thankfully we've got another way to get there.

Let's have a good night's sleep at the Copper Coronet first though.

Wait, wh-

Oh God no where is this going :gonk:

That actually wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. In a way it's kind of sweet. :)

Every time I start to enjoy myself Sandrah goes and ruins it. :(

Anyway, Stormhorns.

Bringing Jan doesn't lead to unique interjections here, I tried.

Using the scroll teleports us to the airship.

And just like that we're off!

A bit of a bumpy landing but overall a nice trip.

No time to relax, though.

Ha, it's just one orc and a cowardly one at that.

His friends arrive shortly afterwards but they're no trouble.

Eventually we encounter a woman fending off some Orcs, you're right in thinking that I made shitty screenshots of the encounter but there really wasn't much to it.


Meet Shauhana, an NPC that comes with Sandrah Saga.

She has 10 levels in fighter and 1 level in mage, she levels in the latter.

...Why does she have a different portrait here?

Overpowered gear: Check.

With Shauhana's help we can make our way out of here.


Shauhana's bow shoots magic missiles.

Let's pay this dragon a visit first.

The dragon bumrushes us to no avail. I actually got him on the first try.

Turns out he's got quite the hoard, aside from the cash and gems let's see what else is here.


This is a Throne of Bhaal item, right?

Cespenar-upgraded end-game items? What's next, Carsomyr?

...Fuck you, Roxanne.

Since Sandrah can use every item we give Carsomyr to her.

There's also another helm of Balduran here because why the hell wouldn't there be?

Anyway, time to head back outside and rest a bit.

...Why does she have another portait? Her 'big' portrait is still the same.

The other cave leads us out of this area.

While traversing the area we take note of Shauhana's scars.

We immediately trigger the moss right after the conversation, great.

Looks like our way out is blocked until we find that staff.

These hounds can transform into trolls.

That's probably a bug though since they're only supposed to have the trolls' properties.

The eleventh tablet of the Epic of Gilgamesh is lying around here.

Yes, the entire thing. No, I'm not going to screenshot it in its entirety.

Aside from the hounds this area had a lot of shades. I'm glad to be done with it.

Poor Aerie. :(

Aside from some hound battles this area isn't really noteworthy, it seems like a good place to take a nap though.

We take the opportunity to learn more about Shauhana, this opens up some PIDs.

Sandrah puts her healing skills to good use, I can't wait 'til Shauhana gets the full treatment. :heysexy:

We also learn that commander Brage has passed away. He never got to go to Sharkta Fai. :smith:

I can't stress enough how bad this dialogue is... :suicide:

I wonder if we could toss Khalid's remains in there.

Brage, Sharkta Fai, Monteelah. It's all connected.

We take a whiff of Sandrah's perfume before continuing on to the Clanlands.

That's it for today, next time we'll pay Shauhana's former captors a visit! :black101: