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Part 97: Chapter XCIV - Probably not, but I get a bit cutty with my slow ward to get things moving ahead to the obvious.

Chapter XCIV - Probably not, but I get a bit cutty with my slow ward to get things moving ahead to the obvious.

After bypassing the ward we're immediately brought to Athkatla's gates.

Shauhana's experiencing quite a bit of culture shock, understandable.

Anyway, heading for the slums to talk to that shaman doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Oh, look. It's the ribbon lady that we got a ribbon for Dynaheir from! :3:

....Dynaheir... :negative:

Minsc uses it to woo Shauhana this time.

Ghatlenk's not the most helpful of orcs, we might have to come back later. I'm sure Sandrah will bring Shauhana up to speed.

We get a fade to black here. Poor Aerie.

I guess this conversation was supposed to take place before Sharkta Fai, let's hope we didn't break anything. :ohdear:

Oh no, the noble Boolerion has gone missing! Minsc strength is sapped to such a degree that he can't even hold his gear. Time to get to the bottom of this.

Poor Minsc, he's seems so lost. At least more lost than usual.

There's the culprit, come back here! :argh:

Oh boy, this is going to be good.

So...many...puns... :negative:

At least we're getting somewhere.

Before we can take offense to his jabs he teleports away.

He's nice enough to teleport us to where we need to go.

Right you are, Minsc! Let's start with the biggest fountain we can find!

Ugh, riddles? Really?

We answer them and get rewarded with a jade figureine as well as...

The great Boolerion is back in his rightful place.

...Don't mention it, I guess...?

I'm definitely not enjoying Aerie's romance as much as I used to.


Leave it to Sandrah Saga to ruin a questline.

...Let's just get some rest.

Oooh, let's hope it ends well.

And just like that Sandrah has healed Aerie's stumps with the hell of Sharkta Fai's waters. Is there anything she can't do? :allears:

No joke, this romance talk started seconds after her stumps were supposedly healed. The whiplash is immense.

Salvanas and Sandrah bump uglies again for good measure.

Anyway, ages ago Aerie asked us to pay Quayle a visit, let's do that now.

We'll get to this soon, not to worry.

I explored Waukeen's Promenade a bit and was treated to this cutscene.

Mystra's daughter, Akadia's daughter, Bhaal's son, Myrkul's great granddaughter. Quite the menagerie of godchildren.

Hey, long time no see! She runs away before we can talk to her though. :(

I suppose we'll get to this somewhere down the line if we have the time.

Eldoth's hanging out here, at first I was confused but this quickly changed to glee as I realised which mod he belongs to. I want to apologise to System Metternich beforehand, you'll have your work cut out for you.


Gaelan? What are you doing here?

Oh boy, what have we gotten ourselves into?

What brought this on? It's kind of random for her to talk to Irenicus out of the blue.

I like conversations like these. :)

This might be a good excuse to reconnect with Elminster!

Looks like it'll have to wait for now though.

Finally we explore a new district.

Ah, one of my favourite quests! Let's get to work.

On our way we save a merchant from a bandit.

I'm positively famished, lead the way!


I am positively parched, lead the way!

With a gilded tongue like that how can I refuse?

This is from BG2: Romantic Encounters, a mod we will definitely be seeing more of going forward.

Supply and demand, baby. I've got no regrets.

After some questioning we're getting closer to uncovering the culprit behind the murders. This tanner seems highly suspicious.

Don't you just love how almost every banter with Sandrah eats with us eating her face?

Anyway, time to go back to Aegisf-

Looks like our reunion with Neera will have to wait. Oh w-

AAH, where did you come from? :gonk:

We ran into this kid before in Baldur's Gate together with the shaman. We'd better pay him a v-

AAH, what happened to you?

That's it, I hope? Fine.

I'm sure Aegisfield can handle this instead of us. What can go wrong? :downs:

Time to go back to the slums.

...What now?

Hi, Neera. Bye, Neera.

I know it's a big wall of text but this stuff seems like it'll be important.

Anyway, looks like we've got a tenday to waste. Next time we'll take care of some odds and ends that'll bring us closer to recruiting some more party members. There'll be two vacancies soon enough.