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Original Thread: Let's Play Ballance



Released in 2004/2006 for the PC by Cyparade/Atari

Do you long for the days of Marble Madness? Do you want a simple ball-rolling puzzle game that offers rich graphics and at the same time challenging levels for the player?

The Balls:
In the game, the player can change the ball's material with special changers throughout the game's 12 levels. It can be transformed to a wood, rock, or paper ball. The wooden ball is very stable and can be used for several puzzles in the game. It is the very first ball, used in the easy levels. The rock ball is extremely heavy, and can be accidentally rolled off an edge very easily, but this ball can easily push down boxes and bridges. Rolling a rock ball through a bridge made of planks will make the bridge collapse and usually cause loss of one life. The paper ball is very light. Its surface is not smooth, unlike the wood and rock ball, and can be a bit rough at first. A paper ball can be blown into the air by fans and can roll up steep hills easily.

Are there any power-ups?
Two power-ups are available. If the ball rolls into them they provide an extra ball or extra points. Checkpoints are scattered evenly across levels so that if a player falls off the course they only have to restart the game from the last checkpoint reached.

How many levels are there?
There are initially 12 different levels. As the player navigates the ball along a path each become more difficult than the last.

An additional level 13 was released for free on the developer's homepage. It's pretty insane. I will try to complete it as best as I can.


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