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Part 34: Supreme Ruler of the Nine Heavens

Update 31: Supreme Ruler of the Nine Heavens

Video: The Great Mizuti is very upset

When we left off, Krumly called Malpercio to the Earth and got a faceful of lasers for his trouble. We are now on our way to try and stop Malpercio from destroying the Children of the Earth...

How could they?

Damn you, Melodia! We'll get you for this!

No, you must wait.

Music: Lull in the Wind

Let us handle things here. You should return to your lands in the Sky. Take the Sword of the Heavens with you.


It would be foolish of you to die in vain. Besides, this is our duty as the Children of the Earth.

I don't understand. We have the Sword of the Heavens with us now. What's the point of waiting until later to fight Malpercio when we might not have you backing us up?

Mizuti will fight with you!

Mizuti, you must go with them. Your father and I, and everyone in this village, have a duty to fulfill. A duty that is different form yours.

But...but Mother!

You know you have to survive. You have a mission to accomplish. Besides, you underestimate our powers, your mother's and mine...Though we may not be of your caliber as wizards, you have no idea how far a parent would go to save his child.

Father! Mother!

Mizuti, what you did for us was truly wonderful. You led your friends here from the Sky so we could meet them. We could never thank you enough. We hope that you and your friends will be able to save our world...

You must go, Mizuti. It's all up to you now.

Please take care of our Mizuti. I beg of you.

Don't worry, Mizuti! You'll be proud of us!

Even though out powers have diminished, we still have our pride and will! A battle fought with heart is never lost!

Oh, man...oh man oh man they're gonna get killed do something you guys

The people of this village must do what they have to do. We can't die here...not now!

I know.

Come on...Great Mizuti...

I have to say, while I think the whole “let us sacrifice ourselves for you!” thing is sort of annoying, I still love this scene because of how human Mizuti is. The Great Mizuti is quirky and awesome and outright bizarre, and yet here we get to see that, while she may be all those things, she is also a little girl who just wants her parents to be okay. I love that they created an animation for her father putting his hand on her shoulder and her jumping into her mother's arms. It's not quite as dramatic or tense as some of the other major character moments, but it's still one of my favorites.

The scene fades out and we see the characters running back towards the Labyrinth of Duhr (despite there not actually being an exit there...hmm)

Suppose we escape, but leave everyone to die. Even if we do save the world, could you live with yourself?

I didn't come this far to watch those innocent people get slaughtered. No way.

The future of our world may depend on whether we can return to the Sky with this Sword.

I know...But if the only future we have means leaving those people to die, then I want no part of it. Besides, I don't intend to lose.

Music: Brave Way

I was waiting for you to say that, Kalas.

What do you think, Legion?

Damn right we're gonna help! Let's go save Mizuti's village!

That's my partner! Okay, let's get back into action. You ready, Great Mizuti?!

And so they rush back off to Algorab.

Another thing I like about this string of scenes is how it reverses Kalas and Xelha's roles. Xelha plays the devil's advocate and tries to keep her focus on what's practical and rational, while Kalas decides to do what's right even if it's not very smart. I think it really cements Kalas' status as a true hero, that he really has overcome his evil.

No! Why did you come back?!

All hope is lost...

Never, never, never!

Mizuti's blast nearly topples Malpercio, while Melodia watches.


Prepare to die, Melodia! Geldoblame is asking for you in hell!

Music Supreme Ruler of the Nine Heavens

(I usually go with the song name translations provided by the game, but “Ruler of the Nine Skies” just doesn't quite cut it for me)

So anyway, we're fighting Malpercio. The fight is surprisingly straightforward. He only has one real trick, and for the most part the fight is just a slugfest. Kalas is required for this fight, and while the Great Mizuti is not, there is a very important reason to bring her (plus after that cutscene how could you NOT bring her?...I mean, okay, the game doesn't give you a chance to change your party between now and then, but still)

I'm sad to say that neither Kalas nor Mizuti did much of interest during the battle. They both got okay but not great draws, and they pulled their own weight, but neither managed to get a truly good magnus setup.

Anyway, I mentioned that there's a major reason to bring Mizuti along. Well, that reason is that Mizuti's mask is currently off. This means that you can take a picture of Maskless Mizuti, which is required to complete your Gathering (plus it sells for some decent cash).

But wait! There's also a Mega Rare pic of Mizuti smiling! So to complete your gathering you actually need to take at least two pictures of Mizuti during this fight, and if you didn't get both a normal and a mega rare, then you have to reset and try again. It's one of the biggest bullshit requirements that the Magnus Gathering throws at you.

 I'm pretty sure we can get Malpercio's picture later, although it would be best to get it now, just to be safe. 

This is the main danger Malpercio poses. Not only does he hit hard, but every now and then he can drain health, and if you don't defend he can drain a LOT of health. Fortunately, he doesn't set this up with paralysis like Kalas did, and he doesn't seem to use the attack much at all, so it's still pretty manageable – the main problem is losing all that health, not him regaining it.

I was having trouble up until this point. As it happens, I think Drain Life just made Lyude mad. And if there's one thing more dangerous than an angry Mizuti, it's an angry Lyude...

And that's how you beat a god.

Nooo! The Sword of the Heavens!

Called it.

Yet another of your hopes has been lost. The sword broken, the mirror shattered, the sphere smashed...How do you intend to face the might of Malpercio?! Ha ha ha! We will leave you be for now, though. Take your time to taste the fear of death...You will pay for challenging his will, sooner or later...I'll be seeing you, Kalas! Next time we meet, it will be the end for you and your friends. You will all die!

Ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha!

And so they...actually leave us alone? Huh. Maybe we hurt Malpercio more than she was letting on?

Enigmatic is a fun word. Also, no Mega Rare Mizuti pic, just a couple of normal ones. What a letdown.

This place isn't safe anymore now that the tower's barrier is broken. Malpercio's minions could come attack at any time.

I agree. The Children of the Earth should move to the Sky, to Anuenue. We must join forces if we hope to win.

...I see what you're saying. I'll have everyone prepare right away. Once ready, our people will join you in the sky.

Please tell the people of Algorab to hurry as well...

You must be happy. This is your first class ticket out of here.


HAHAHA! Oh man, it's good to see that even heroic righteous Kalas can still bitch at people who deserve it.

I'm...terribly sorry. I didn't think it would come to this. I...I will stay here...

What are you talking about?! That's not going to solve anything!

But -

If you feel guilty for what you've done, the best thing to do is join the others up there, and fight for what's right...This battle's not gonna be pretty.'re right. I will.

Well, why don't we head up first?

Before you leave...take this, Mizuti.

…? What be it?

This mask has been passed on for generations among our village elders. It originally belonged to one of the ancient wizards. I would like you to wear it.

I will! The Great Mizuti thanks the Great Kamroh!

Oh, so the new mask looks exactly like her old one. That's...convenient.

We can now head for the port and leave for Anuenue, but let's make a couple of quick stops first. I want to go by the store. Remember that fire I found from the green blobs in Mira?

It aged into a Large Fire, and then into...


Yes, they WILL forget about it. They will. They will...

Now that the people blocking my way are dead, I can get Savyna's level VII finisher.

...Hey, wait a minute. I don't think I ever found Gibari's. That's unusual, for him to get his last. I hope I didn't miss it somewhere...

As usual, the game forces us to go to Anuenue and immediately deposits us in Corellia's throne room. We have to talk to her, Ladekahn, and Calbren to proceed.

Since you were able to do that, perhaps there is still hope for Melodia. Please...please save my Melodia.

Duke Calbren...I will. I'll bring her back out from the darkness. I promise you that.

Kalas...Thank you. I know you can do it.

That's a pretty tall order. We don't have the Ocean Mirror or the power of love to “rescue” her like we did with Kalas, nor any real indication that she's been brainwashed or corrupted or anything. But I guess we can try?

King Ladekahn...

Don't. You don't need to say anything. You're back with us now. That's all we care about. Let's destroy Malpercio, and end this war.

Welcome back, Kalas.

Thanks. But I owe my return to Xelha and the others. And Legion, too, of course. I don't think I could have survived without them...

...That may be true. You may have been eternally trapped in darkness. But, thankfully, you're back with us now. With our combined efforts, it may be possible to destroy the wicked god.

I certainly don't want to stay in bed while others are out fighting the good fight.

How did it go?


Fade out/back in to signify event recaps...

...I see. So even the Ancient Wizards' descendants are unable to stop the evil god...

Hmm...what should we do, then? Sooner or later the enemy will wear down our defenses unless we take some sort of action.

For now they only seem to be launching small and sporadic attacks on our towns and villages.

It's as if they're toying with us, whittling down our strength...

I say we give 'em all we got! Full throttle! Invade Cor Hyrdae Castle and wipe out Malpercio while we still have enough manpower!

I agree. It's not like we have any other options, might as well take Malpercio on while he might still be weak from the last whupping we gave him.

It would be foolish to throw away your life like that.


I doubt we could invade the castle with our current capabilities.

Umm, maybe you're right. But still...

So you're saying that even though it's a shot in the dark, it's all we've got going for us?

That's what I'm saying. If we give it a shot, it just might work.

???: You'll never make it into Cor Hydrae Castle.

Your Majesty, it's been a while.

Why don't you think we can make it into Cor Hydrae?

They have raised a powerful shield around it. There's no way we could penetrate the defenses.

Trying to force your way in is useless. We can't afford to sacrifice lives in that manner.

Uh-huh. A simple-minded, happy-go-lucky guy who uses brute force to solve everything is a major turn off to girls...

That's enough!

As you wish...

You know, despite their plot relevance, I just never seem to remember the three witches. I kind of remember Kodelle because of her pimped out amethyst outfit, but Glamyss and Catranne just slip right out of my head as soon as they're offscreen.

In time, with the Children of the Earth helping us, we should be able to come up with a viable plan.

Yes, indeed. You all must be very tired. Take a well-deserved rest.

We went to Sadal Suud for a report. Someone told me to give this to you.

There's something I need to talk to you about. I'll be waiting for you in Cebalrai Village. -Larikush

Larikush? The Doc back in Cebalrai! Could he and Gramps really have been working for the Empire? What could he want to talk to me about?

The scene once again fades out, and back in to show Kalas alone...

To see Larikush. If he really did work with Gramps, he probably wants to tell me something about those days. This is a personal issue so I don't plan on getting Xelha and the others involved. Are you with me.

That's a terrible idea. You've already been known for sketchy behavior. Ditching everyone without telling them what you're up to can't go anywhere good.

But I can't stop thinking about the letter, Legion. Don't worry, we'll come right back. I'm going whether you like it or not.

I'm not saying don't go, I'm saying tell people what you're up to...

You're going to see Doctor Larikush, aren't you? We'll go with you.

But this has nothing to do with you. This is about Gramps...

Precisely. I'm curious as to what the famed engineer, Doctor Georg, was working on for the Empire.

You could get in bad bad trouble! The Great Mizuti should watch over you!

It's really none of my business what you've gotta do, but going it alone is out of the question.

I...I don't know what to say...

Say “Let's go!”

Aww, how sweet.

Well, I guess we'd better head to Sadal Suud.

Whoops, this doesn't look right.

I've heard from others in the castle that Her Majesty has been traveling the five islands. If what the others say is true, I'd like to ask you to do a favor for me...

Sure, granny, I'll hear you out. What is it?

Well, then, thank you for your kind offer...It's about the animals in this nation. As you can see, we have harsh weather in Wazn, so the only animals here, other than us humans, are greythornes, ice monkeys – if they exist – and of course, the White Dragon. Unfortunately, it's been centuries since we last had contact with the five islands. So there's bee no way to import new animals. We felt we were missing something. So, I was wondering if you could bring the animals form all around the world to Wazn?

This marks the third collectathon sidequest. You can actually start this while playing as Xelha, but I somehow managed to forget about it. There aren't as many animals to collect, but you also don't get as many rewards.

Since I have a full party again, and control over my destination, I think I'm going to do a bit of collection roundup next time before finally visiting Doctor Larikush. See you for that, next time!

Oh, by the way, I retried that fight.