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Part 6: Yesterbeans

There's a field dungeon between here and Sagi's home, so let's get to it.

Video: The Woods

Music: Happenstance

Ugh...I don't like this place. It makes me sick.

Really? I've never heard of a paramachina feeling sick before.

Actually, Guillo's not a paramachina at all.

What? But...they look the same.

Yeah, I know. Ah, wait! We never introduced ourselves. This is kind of overdue...but I'm Sagi, and this is Guillo. Oh! There's somebody else, too. Meemai. He lives inside my heart.

Inside your heart?

Yeah. I'm the only one who can hear his voice, but he's definitely there. He's called a “guardian spirit”. They say it's unusual for a spirit to dwell within people like this.

A guardian spirit, huh? Then you must be one of those legendary spiriters.

You believe me?!

Sure. I feel like I can trust you, Sagi. You don't look like the type that would lie. You're...not lying...are you?

It's OK, I believe you.

He says “nice to meet you, too.”

Hee hee. Thanks.

Sagi, enough standing around. I want to get out of this place.


Hey, Milly? Um...Thanks for believing me.


And I never did thank you for before. Thanks for bailing us out back there.

Well, you don't have to be so formal about it. It's embarrassing.

Ne, really, I mean it. Thanks, Milly.

… …


Wow, that's my third revival item already. It's almost as if the game is trying to tell me that I will need them.

The group gets automatically jumped by these bats. They are not very threatening. They can poison, but their attacks are weak enough that it doesn't really matter.

You can say that again. “Sheltered girl”...was it a bomb shelter? A mother pollywhale wouldn't flail like that if you took her baby.

I'm right here?

Um, anyway, what I meant to say was that we should give a little thought to how we fight from here on out. Come on, let's keep moving.

Yep, these guys are going to have the best dynamics ever. And with that, Milly becomes properly playable!

Oh, that chest contains Icefan, a finisher for Guillo. Giacomo also dropped one (Fulgadrum). I managed to get pictures of neither.

Milly brings a weapon for herself, bandages (basically a full party low potion), and two Swallowtail finishers. I don't really care for having duplicate finishers, so I ditched one of them.

Yesterbeans have an interesting function. As their name implies, they do a sort of time reversal on plants. by using one, a withered plant can become a bridge, or remove an obstacle. It's a neat spin on the usual fertilizer/watering can trick.

Oh hey, the game is actually ackno-


Okay, I'm calm.

So anyway, we can't cross until we open up the path for this guy even though he presumably has wings too and could just carry his caplins over one at a time or whatever. I guess we'll have to find another Yesterbean, then.

The village kids treasure these beans because it takes so long for them to grow back. I remember when I was a kid, they said the beans grew faster with lots of fresh air...So we'd all gargle with nectar water and blow on the vines as hard as we could.

This isn't important, I just thought it was cute how the put this little anecdote in for Sagi.

That balloon-gator! It swallowed our bean!

Well balls. Now we have to catch that monster somehow.

The balloon-gator rolls too quickly for us to catch, even with the Heartwing Dash. So we'll have to improvise...

Chase it into the thorn ball, and...pop.

That's probably the weirdest thing I've done to get a bean.

All right, now everyone can get through without flying.

The caplinherd also gives us this, which is not very exciting because armor magnus aren't very exciting.

This plant looks like it could benefit form a Yesterbean, too, but I can't find any more. Oh well, it doesn't look like there's anything exciting up there anyway.

… …

What's wrong? You're both so quiet.

Yeah. You see, this is where Guillo and I first met. When I was just a little kid, I found Guillo buried here.

Buried? This story just gets stranger and stranger. You said earlier that Guillo's not a paramachina...

Right. Paramachina are humanoid weapons created by the Empire. They can't talk or think for themselves the way Guillo can. For whatever reason, they look almost identical, though.

...Huh. Hey, Guillo? What were you doing buried in a place like this?

Do you think I just grabbed a shovel and buried myself? I don't remember anything form before I met Sagi. But...whenever I come here, I get this awful feeling. It...It hurts to be here. That's the only thing that's really clear.

Buried? Was it conscious that whole time? I guess not, if it doesn't have any memories form before then. Interesting...

And that's it for the Thornwood! Now to head off to Sheratan.

But before we do that, let's have a look at our fully assembled team.

Sagi is the well-rounded one, having no particular strengths nor weaknesses. His finishers are largely (if not entirely) single-target, making him the best character for dealing with lone enemies. He also has the best HP and but his defenses are less remarkable outside of fire.

Guillo is the damage dealer, having the highest offense of the group. It also has solid elemental defenses, but poor HP and physical defense make it the frailest of the group. It has the most multi-target specials, making it the master of defeating enemy groups (especially once we get more than just Icefan), but has enough single-target attacks to handle itself against lone enemies as well.

Milly has the worst attack power and elemental defenses (sans thunder), but has curiously high physical defense. She is also the “speed” character. While it can't be reflected in stats, Milly's attacks and specials tend to focus on accruing a lot of hits, something that becomes more and more noticeable as the game progresses. The good news is this can hike her damage output in general; the bad news is that she plows through weapon uses much faster than Sagi and Guillo do, so she has the most trouble staying on the offensive.

(I know she looks like the worst of the three and...well, she is, but she's still very useful in some odd but important ways that become more apparent as the game goes on.)

All right, that's all for now! Join me next time as we get to Sagi's hometown sure what we're going to do from there...