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Part 39: Quadrangle

All right, time for the Anuenue wrap-up/sidequest sequence. First, let's stop by Sedna.

Sedna Orange Tree

Music: Four Seasons of Peace II

This guy is a jerk. He has the waterwheel magnus, and it's his job to operate the waterwheel anyway...but he won't give it to us unless we beat him in a battle of wits.

This pops up for several seconds, and afterward he'll ask us how many of a letter there was. It's all random, so you basically have to count one or two letters and hope that's the letter he picks. I got it right after four or five tries.

This is an actual question. Whichever one we pick will thank Meemai for favoring it.

Anyway, I got the waterwheel installed, and... this peculiar little thing. It looks pretty terrible to me, but I guess it might have some value against enemies that love spamming multiple elements? I dunno, though, that offense hit is awful...

Music: The Valedictory Elegy

Music: for guitar

This round of the coliseum is the lamest yet. We fight...

Enemies from Zaurak!


Enemies from Zaurak!

Enemies with no particular theme!

And, to finish it off...Enemies from Zaurak!

So I fought them until I got enough RP to rank up to rank 5. Now to wait around for another sidequest to actually do the ranking up. I know the Coliseum stuff is probably boring as hell, but trust me, there's a couple things worth it way off in the distance. Really!

Speaking of ranking up, I can class up. For reference, I was class 10 before. I need to visit the church more often...I can now discard eight cards in one turn, though, so that's cool, and my MP is charging faster than ever.

All right, enough of that. Time to get off of this island.

Music: Parity of Light and Dark

No. It was we who failed to see the problem coming. None of us dreamed they would move in so quickly.

The Empire has already begun promachination in Diadem and the other continents. Please, I ask you again – help us stand against Baelheit.

No. We shall deal with the problem on our own terms. We cannot join forces with you.

I see...Then would you at least give us the fell-branches we need?

This discussion is over. I'm quite busy dealing with the imperial army, so I'll have to ask you to leave.

Queen Corellia...

Corellia turns to the soldier in the room.

Summon the guardsmen protecting the fell-branches. We shall need every last man fighting against Baelheit's troops.

But...that would leave the branches completely exposed!


Aye! I'll deliver the message right away!

The soldier runs off...

If some fell-branches were to disappear in the meantime...I suppose it cannot be helped.

Queen Corellia!

You're still here? Our business is concluded. Kindly leave.

With all said and done, I...really don't know what I think of Corellia. I don't hate her like I did in my first playthrough, but she didn't exactly win me over as an awesome character this time. I have to give her points for being overall more interesting than I remember, at least.

Um, yeah, I think so. Why?

I have a quick trip to make. Why don't you go on ahead? I'll catch up later. Sorry.

Milly wanders off to shop and/or report our actions to her superiors...

The wench has a habit of disappearing. Not that I'd miss her one jot if she stayed gone.

She did say she wanted to see the outside world. I'm sure there's all kinds of things on her list.

I was hoping you were gone for good this time.


Guillo! We never thought that, Milly. Come on, let's go.


When did she get so sensitive? There goes my fun.

I like how Guillo borders on acknowledging its banter with Milly as enjoyable there. Too bad she's in no mood to reciprocate.

One more trip to the Celestial Tree to nab these, and...

Video: Four Pointed Figure

Music: Cornucopian Village

Uh-huh. Fell-branches. Will they be OK?

OK? Are you kidding, they're fantastic! Now I can make parts just as strong as machina! <she taps on the branches, making an odd pinging noise> Listen – it's music to my ears...

Is there enough for you to build the waterwheel, too?

Yes! Thank you, Sagi! Everything's going to be great now!

Lolo once again throws her arms around Sagi

Hey, what are you-

Come on, Sagi! Take me to this ship of yours. Show me the Sfida!

Oh...sure, let's go!

That it is. You won't find a faster vessel in all the world.

Still think you can fix it?

I'm...starting to wonder, myself.

There's no shame in giving up!

N-no, no, I'll fix it. Just wait and see! I have to live up to the amazing materials you brought me! This will be the repair job of a lifetime!

I like how Lolo never quite picks up on Milliarde's hostility.

So Lolo works through the night to fix the Sfida.

So, um...I'd like to point out that a large part of the reason we wanted Lolo's help in the first place is so we wouldn't have to wait for Verus – and particularly so we wouldn't have to wait in the immensely dangerous, horrible Holoholo Jungle. And yet here we are, sleeping right out in the open overnight waiting for her to finish.

I mean, at this point it would be silly not to accept her help since she's got the materials and all. I'm just saying that we kind of missed out on our goal here.

Music: A Road to the Dignified Future

Hmm...Just a little longer...I'll be up before you can count to fifty...

Oh no you don't, sleepyhead. Get up, Sagi! The Sfida's fixed!

What? Really? You did it, Lolo?!

Yessir! This is my best work yet! Come take a look, Sagi!

Lolo sure is something else, huh? She fixed the Sfida up like new, and she did it all by herself!

Oh, it's the wood, not me. I couldn't have done it without the branches from the Celestial Tree.

Whatever, Lolo, this is incredible. Thank you so much! Now we can get back to the Empire!

Aww, it feels like ages since we saw Sagi smile.

I should be thanking you. Now I know I can get that waterwheel done. I owe you, Sagi!

As long as you're thanking people, you should thank the queen. And that keeper, Yulfee, too.

Are we ready to go, then? The quaestor will be waiting for us.

Now that you mention it, Quaestor Verus hasn't called us once.

The Sfida is fixed. We can report once we're back. Well, we'd better go. Take care, Lolo.

I will. Come see the waterwheel once it's finished!

I wouldn't miss it.

Heh heh!

And so our ship finally takes off once again, while Lolo waves goodbye. I hope she can get out of the jungle without a landmark stone.

Competition? What are you talking about, dingbat?

Don't play dumb. This is what you call a love quadrangle.

Quadrangle? Quad? Where are you getting “quad” from? Assuming you're counting me – there's me, Sagi, and Lolo...who's the fourth?



Is that so wrong?

YE-I...I mean, no...

All right, then.

Ahh, it's been a while since I got to use

We get deposited at the dock. There's not much new to do in town, so let's head over to see Verus.

Music: Parity of Light and Dark

The quaestor still isn't back yet?

He's been gone the whole time. Apparently he was summoned to appear at the Senate. I imagine it's about the imperial election...but still. It shouldn't be taking this long. I'll contact you as soon as the quaestor returns. Try to get some rest in the meantime. I've prepared a room for you in the city. Actually, it's my room – but please, make yourselves at home.

How thoughtful! And here I thought you were just a stuffed shirt.


It's all right. I wasn't much help to you during your mission, after all. Consider this my small way of making amends. Have a delightful rest.

Well, I think I'll put a brake on the plot for today. But before I go, let's have another look at our mail.

Wow, I really let this pile up.

From Lolo

Is the Sfida flying all right? I sure hope the special Lolo-brand upgrades are doing their job...P.S. - Dear Mr. Sfida Attendant, Just because the Sfida's flying again doesn't mean you should abuse her! Take good care of her and fly safely. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

The ALFARD Empire

Land of the CUTTING EDGE! Enjoy hands-on contact with the newest machina on a fabulous five-day trip to the Alfard Empire. Your trip beings at Mintaka's beautiful port, filled with the enchanting aroma of machina gas. Ride around in the latest machina by day, and enjoy a machina oil-flavored meal by night! See magma up close in the village of Azha, then cool off with shaved flame ice straight from the Lava Caves. For more information, contact Mintaka Walker Magazine.

ANUENUE, the Rainbow Nation

FEATURE: Verdure and Rainbows! Enjoy six days touring Anuenue, the “Rainbow Nation.” Taste the tradition with Komo Mai cookies baked right in the City of Flowers! Return to the days of senioritis with lecture day at the School of Magic! Indulge in activities like waterfall climbing in the quaint village of Opu! Stand in awe at the base of the millennia-old Celestial Tree! For more information, contact the Anuenue Travel Agency.


Thanks to new expansion, tri-Crescendo Inc. is now looking for qualified workers! We're looking for someone with enough dedication and spunk to make even the Magnus of Life shine! For more info, check us out online!

You want me to reply? But, Meemai...I'm already gainfully employed!

From Ladekahn

Sagi, Words cannot express my thanks for your help at the Cloudvents. Diadem will join forces with Quaestor Verus in taking measures against promachination. May the swords and clouds of Diadem never waver. Sincerely, Ladekahn, King of Diadem. P.S. - Way to go, Sagi! I heard all about the stuff you did in Anuenue and Sadal Suud. You're a tough act to follow, but I'll do my best. Watch and see!

It's me, Wacho!

To SAGI!! Did you get Tik's letter? He's really getting good, huh? I'm the one who taught him! I'm not letting him beat me, though! That's why I'm lurning a second langwege now! Hola! Come estas? Yo estoy great! Wht do you think? Pretty awsum, huh?! From Wacho!

But...but there is no Spanish in Baten Kaitos...?

From Tik

Hi Sagi. Are you fine? Im fine too. Thanks for my hat! I ware it everyday. Wacho wares it too. Come play soon!!

Dear Sagi, It's Mom. Tik is so funny. He wears that hat to bed every single night. He's very happy to have it back!

From Nasca

Dear Brother, I'm doing fine here. I wish you wouldn't worry so much. I can handle anything that comes up by myself. That new toy I got a little while ago is great! As long as I've got it, I'm unbeatable. So you don't have to worry about me, OK? Just take care of yourself. Nasca.

Looks like this came by mistake. Let's forward it on to Heughes.

Sender Unknown

Dear Somebody, It's sticky and humid. What if my ball falls off the big tree? Won't you write back?

Write back to WHO? We don't even know who's sending these...

From Gena

Dear Sagi, How are you doing? Are you making sure Guillo gets proper maintenance? Guillo refuses to bother with those kinds of things, so you need to be on the lookout. Remember that incident with the cottoncap fruit getting stuck back there? Once was enough. It's important to wash inside the armor as well as out. All right, mister? Love, Mom.

Love ya, Gena.


Decision Time!

Am I Sagi?

> Yes?

> Of course not!

Let's talk about all the stuff that has happened to us.

> 'Kay.

> Not interested.

Go team Sagi!


> But he hurt my feelings..

How did you enjoy your time in my bedroom?

> It was nice.

> Please don't touch me.