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Part 2: Episode 2: The Church Has A Blast Door

Episode 2: The Church Has A Blast Door

We get introduced (re-introduced?) to Harley Quinn and are given a quick lesson on how to sneak and how to not escape from bombs and how to not navigate a steel mill's slag pit.

The Story So Far

Having successfully entered Arkham City as Bruce Wayne (Thus providing an alibi for his disappearance I guess?), Batman near immediately hears that Catwoman is being held captive by Two-Face and is due to be executed. In need of information and allies in a literal city of people who want him dead, Batman storms the courthouse, saves Catwoman and leaves Two-Face hanging over a vat of acid. While interrogating Catwoman (nicely) The Joker makes his presence known by firing from a nearby church tower. Batman resolves to track down the Joker, but before he can get back out on the street Arkham Warden Hugo Strange announces that "Protocol 10" is to launch before the night is through...

Edit: I apologize for this being up so late, real life stuff kept me from being near my computer since I got home (as much as watching Geop's Assassin's Creed 2 LP for three hours with my fiancee can be considered real life stuff) and so I didn't really get a chance to post this up.

I'm going to be traveling on business most of next week, but I plan on recording, editing and uploading the next week's worth of stuff over the weekend so the LP doesn't slow down.