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Part 3: Episode 3: In the Court of the Clown Prince

Episode 3: In the Court of the Clown Prince
It's a King Crimson reference, couldn't not make it.

In this episode we bust into the Joker's hideout and try to figure out just what he is planning and why he tried to kill Batman back at the courthouse and later in the church. We also pick up a new bit of equipment with the electrical cannon thingy (Bat-Tazer?) which allows us to shoot electrically charged balls at objects in order to manipulate them and at people to stun them for a moment. Side note: we won't see it for a while, but if you hit someone with a gun with one they'll fire wildly until the effect is gone, so be careful with that.

The Story So Far

Batman is tracking the Joker, who in the span of 10 minutes attempted to kill him with a sniper rifle and then blow him up when he tried to investigate the shot. Word on the street is that Joker isn't looking too good and is possibly dying. This is seemingly confirmed based on the number of doctors Harley Quinn, the Joker's girlfriend, has had abducted and sent to treat the Joker. Batman's latest encounter with Harley was partially over her capturing another doctor whom she has sent to treat Joker at the Sionis Steel Mill. Batman has penetrated the outer defenses and has snuck in by gliding down the main chimney. Like so many times before, he has tracked down Joker and is ready to end whatever plan he has cooked up this time...