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Original Thread: Let's Play Battlefield 3 Campaign: War in Iran? THANKS OBAMA



Battlefield 3 was released in 2011 to positive reviews for the main multiplayer mode and scorn for the campaign and co-op modes, but what can you expect for a company that released one single player focused game in the last ten years in Mirror's Edge (and that had its own troubles)? I picked this up about a year ago, put five days worth of play time into it despite other releases that stole me away for weeks or months and never touched the single player. From what I've been made to understand it is a pale imitation of a Call of Duty game. From what I've played I can't dispel the notion outright, but the game has its moments.

Obviously I'm changing that last point, oh and I'm doing it (mostly) blind and with live commentary. Sections where I have to make more than two attempts will be cut down so you only have to see a single failure and a success. I'm also playing on the Xbox360 so expect less than stellar textures and some frame rate issues as a seven year old piece of hardware struggles to keep up with a game designed to run on high end PCs.

Because not everyone will be familiar with the many, many weapons, vehicles and terms the game will throw at us I'm posting lengthy write ups of some key elements to go along with each video post. Real world experience with the things mentioned in the thread? Feel free to correct or expand on my points when it comes to weapons.

Table of Contents

Episode 1: Earthquake WeatherUpdateYoutube
Episode 2: AftermathUpdateYoutube
Episode 3: The F/A-18UpdateYoutube
Episode 4: Tehran Assault Pt. 1UpdateYoutube
Episode 5: Tehran Assault Pt. 2UpdateYoutube
Episode 6: The Good RussiansUpdateYoutube
Episode 7: Tanks for nothing, DICEUpdateYoutube
Episode 8: Turret Gunner Mission #8473746UpdateYoutube
Episode 9: Stealth MissionUpdateYoutube
Episode 10: Better Jet MissionUpdateYoutube
Episode 11: The Castle Law AppliesUpdateYoutube
Episode 12: The Swan Song of SolomonUpdateYoutube


This game's got 'em

Sgt. Blackburn is the main player character. Like in most military shooters he is the only person in his squad capable of doing anything but opening doors. He is currently being interrogated and the game is told through a framing device featuring...

Possibly the CIA? They don't share names, but one of them is Aaron Pierce from 24 and the other guy reminds me of Sean Penn for some reason. They are asking Blackburn about...

Solomon seems to be planning some sort of attack in New York, and Blackburn is the only one who knows anything about the guy. Being the first level and all we don't know much about the guy we're going to probably spend all game chasing. Blackburn first saw this guy while on a mission with...

Misfit Squad was the squad Blackburn was assigned to in Iraq. They serve as our door openers in the first mission and seem to have been imported straight from some Generation Kill knockoff, or at least Modern Warfare 2. If there's one thing I hate about modern military shooters it is fake Generation Kill chatter.
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