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Part 8: Pretty Boys

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A hellish ark that, while seemingly leading sinners to the Garden of Eternal Pleasures at the end of the world, was in actuality abducting them to compete in a massive bloodbath.

The souls who boarded Insidious were led nowhere. Surrounded by the stench of death and rotten flesh, they massacred each other, struggling over whatever morsels of food they came across.

With a unique organ in his body that converts death into demonic energy, Insidious always carries a tremendous amount of power. A myriad of hell's creatures live within his gut, making him useful as an assault ship during wars with Paradiso.

If swallowed by Insidious, the only way to escape is to stand atop a tower of corpses and wait for him to open his jaw when he engorges with his next feeding. However, those who take pleasure in killing may find their true Garden of Eternal Pleasure within this demon's bowels.


A clan of demons who infest the Malebolge caves of Inferno. They constantly scuttle in groups, searching for unfortunate prey who have lost their way. Hideous often appear in groups in the human world as well, but display no cooperation in movement. For them, there is only scrambling for prey in a mad dash.

Yet, Hideous possess a very strong intelligence, able to forge various weapons and rarely challenging enemies that appear in larger numbers than their own.

If one is sighted by this merciless demon, overpowering it is the only option. Only a few are capable of this--namely, the Lumen Sages who controlled the power of light and the Umbra Witches who controlled the power of darkness.


A Hideous that has been forced into starvation and has resorted to devouring its siblings to survive.

Wielding enough power to stand alone in a fight, Hatred's anger and unspeakable rage still claim complete control of the Hideous around him, who tremble in his presence.


A demonic bird that gathers in Inferno's Johnson Forest. It possesses the wings of a bat, head of a dragon, and tail of a snake. It visits the bedrooms of hysteric humans nightly, caws in their ears until they weaken and die, then devours their flesh.

There are some who have tried to escape from its curse, but its terrifying cyclops gaze ensnares its target as if it were petrified.

The Way to Paradise

The lake surrounding the base of Fimbulventr is said to extend deep underground--so deep that no one has ever seen its bottom.

There are tales that God created a city that sleeps along the lake bed and punishes any who approach it with eternal damnation.

I thought it was probably just some story made up to scare kids, but some of the details were a little too worked out.

They say this city was formed from the memories of God, as he watched over the human world.

It was made as a haven to keep the chosen people, plants, and animals safe when the judgement day would come. Without the city, all life on the human world would simply be washed from existence with the world itself.

It's obviously not the most convenient place to get to, but God was, of course, aware of this. He made sure there was a means of transportation that would carry the chosen ones to his city.

The people referred to it as an "ark". The ark was put together using special earthen elements that allowed it to move through water like a submarine.

If that thing really exists, I wonder if someone like me could make God's "chosen one" list?