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Part 10: Trashbag Realness

Note: I was a dumb and lost my local copy of the documentation for this update, so it'll have to wait until I get home to update the texts properly. Text from the Bayonetta wiki has been used as a placeholder.

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武甕槌 Takemikazuchi

A giant hammer forged from breaking down the thunder god Takemikazuchi's divine sword, the Futsuno-mitama.

Though harnessing adequate power as a sword, Rodin decided to rebuild it as a hammer to suit his personal tastes.

One swing will cause the heavens to split and the earth to tremble.


Waiting for Bayonetta and Loki at the Gates of Hell was the masked Lumen Sage and a mysterious unknown figure. The unknown presence seemed to have an outline that blurred ever so slightly, as if it were not an actual physical form. Yet from it radiated an ominous aura so thick one could feel the insides of their body being ripped apart.

Seemingly neither purely physical nor purely spiritual, nor angel, nor demon, for an instant a hint of confusion flashed across Bayonetta's features as she looked upon this fearsome opponent.

"Umbra Witch, is that the limit of your power?
Did you never open your eyes to your true potential?"

-Chapter 3
The True Vigrid Chronicles


A master occultist of Inferno who is the embodiment of malice. Stealing various names from different creatures in hell, Malicious is just one name by which he is known.

Inexperienced witches will unwittingly summon Malicious and be tricked into forming a contract with him before knowing his true identity or appearance.

No matter how kind or courteous Malicious may act, he is not to be trusted under any circumstances. He is a shaman of hell who finds his greatest delight in deceiving and betraying others, trapping them in regret and hopelessness.


A giant endowed with six fearsome arms capable of pulverizing mountains; those unfortunate enough to fall underfoot of the demon are subject to days-long violent earthquakes.

Lacking knowledge, but brimming with brutality, it is said that even the most powerful of conjurers should take heed of the danger this beast presents.