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Part 16: Time Loop Tango

Update 15: Time Loop Tango No talking over cutscenes(Polsy) | Talking over cutscenes(Polsy) | Download


Temperantia, the true embodiment of the Cardinal Virtue of Temperance, is often illustrated as an epic giant. Its body rising like a castle, Temperantia possesses two treelike arms -- a composed figure said to illustrate the total reverence in which the Laguna are held by the faithful.

When the true power of the virtue of Temperance is laid upon our world, it is said to come as a tornado, capable of swallowing an entire country. Humans are helpless to guess at the impetus behind Divine Will, whether it be anger or happiness, and are left only with prayers and promises of personal temperance if only the heavens should make the storm subside.


An angel of the First Sphere belonging to the class known as Thrones. Angels of this class are on such a higher plane of spiritual existence that there is little chance of humans ever crossing paths with them. Some artists are able to see an Inspired as blazing wheels, but it takes a painter with particularly strong spiritual abilities to be able to paint Inspured's long, curving, snakelike body.

Though they appear to have high honor as God's only trusted divine war tanks, they do little more than ravage the battlefield in a berserk state, swallowing up the enemies of Paradiso.


Was it reality or all just a dream? Finding herself in the midst of the Great War, 500 years ago. Bayonetta was suddenly attacked by a young boy with the exact appearance of Loki.

After the symbol of their clan, the clock tower, was destroyed, the Umbra began to scatter, routed by their enemy. Demons and angels filled the sky, warring with each other in a violent swirl of chaos.

Bayonetta knew where these events would lead. She was now faced with a momentous choice: would she change the course of history? However, the possibility that it was all a trap was never far from her mind. She had traveled from the past to the future, and then back again -- the second time in her life she was made to leap through the dimensions of time and space.

The boy's mouth slowly contorted into a grin. His smile... how he stood there looking at Bayonetta... made his intent clear.

"I shall take back the power which belongs to me. The power of the Eyes of the World. You shall not interfere."

-Chapter 5
The True Vigrid Chronicles