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Part 17: New Year, New Heels

Update 16: New Year, New Heels
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Light, darkness, and chaos.

When the three worlds were divided at the dawn of time, Aesir was chosen to rule the World of Chaos. Possessing the power of the "Overseer", he existed in a dimension different from our own, watching the infinite possibilities that layered to form history from a viewpoint surpassing that of time and space.

His name, Aesir, is said to signify God in meaning, yet it has no connection to faith, morals, or religious teaching. Aesir is simply a supernatural being that could not be categorized by mankind any other way. If the legends passed down in Noatun contain any truth, it was makind itself who divided the God of Chaos into his two personalities: Loptr and Loki.

Aesir bestowed upon humans free will by giving them the "Eyes of the World". This, however, also gave birth to the ideas of triumph and defeat, truth and falsehood. People awakened to feelings of hate, betrayal, jealousy, and humiliation. The power of free will sparked an unstoppable surge throughout humanity that eventually led Aesir himself to wish to reclaim the power he had originally relinquished.

For someone who can travel through time and space, to take back the powers of the Overseer is to control the fate of the entire world across all time. Yet, humanity's choices had sown the seeds of evil within Aesir. Whatever course of action Aesir may take can only be retribution for humanity's sin...


An omniscient being formed by a miraculous unison of the powers of Paradiso and Inferno.

The past leaders of the Umbra and Lumen clans, though they were aware of Omne's existence, were unable to summon it to this realm. It took the combined power of light and darkness, united in the bond of father and daughter, to finally summon Omne successfully.

Possessing the qualities of both darkness and light, it can defeat even the most dissonant of chaos.

An Audience With...

It is said that God waits at the top of Fimbulventr, guiding those who visit him with his wisdom so they may find their true path.

To those living below, the top of the mountain looked to always be facing the most harsh, frigid conditions, but the Sovereign Quarters somehow remain isolated from all this--an area both peaceful and serene, with a perfect view of the starry sky.

Perhaps this was necessary to keep an accurate record of the stars' movement and the current happenings in the world. It is said that learned scholars of the past had a magnificent grasp of astronomy; I think it is probably because God imparted this wisdom unto them.

What's piqued my interest is a rumor about gates leading to both Inferno and Paradiso at the mountain's summit. Maybe God had these gates near his dwelling to watch over those worlds along with ours. Seeing if they really exist would be worth checking out.

The path to the mountain has crumbled away as time triumphed over it, leaving the other side blocked off forever, but to a fearless adventurer like myself, that sounds like just the challenge I've been waiting for.


I came to this town to find out the truth behind the origins of the legend of Aesir, but I never imagined I'd witness the story's conclusion with my own eyes. I don't think I can accurately sum up this century-spanning tale here, but I'll give a brief account.

Long, long ago, God imparted his powers to mankind by giving them the Eyes of the World, marking the dawn of free will. With the passing of this power, a new life was created. His name was Loptr. Loptr had the ability to absorb the evil thoughts of mankind that began to flow throughout the world. His power grew, and he dreamed of one day having a power equal to the God from which he was created. After accumulating a massive amount of energy, Loptr attempted to steal the Eyes of the World, but failed. By reincarnating himself, God fled to our modern era, where he was followed by Loptr. Loptr began a plan lasting 500 years involving Inferno, Paradiso, the Lumen, and the Umbra. As our world descended into chaos, Loptr began the final part of his plan. Yet in the end, not being a fully realized god, he couldn't forsee everything. An Umbra Witch crossed paths with God himself, as if fate had miraculously aligned. The two came together to stop Loptr's plan, in turn saving the world. Maybe it wasn't the perfect ending everyone hoped for, but our human world is still alive and kickin', so that's something. The Eyes of the World have lost their power, but the fear of humans losing their free will has been erased. Perhaps the Eyes of the World have dissolved into our world and dispersed their power silently across humanity. I can't say I really know what's going to happen next, but that's what makes tomorrow interesting, I suppose. As long as I'm around, I'm going to keep searching for the truth and let it be known.

-Seeker of Truth, Luka Redgrave


Automatic pistols from Rodin to serve as some means of protection in the human world. Designed to be used by normal humans, these weapons are unable to withstand concentrated amounts of magic when firing, so witch eneergy must be controlled carefully.


Balder achieved his revenge. yet another battle awaited him. An endless battle with the soul of Aesir, trapped inside him until his death.

"My dear, sweet child...
Fear not, for I am always
watching over you..."

The True Vigrid Chronicles