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Part 2: Trains and Myspace

Dual commentary is available in the downloadable video.

Part 2: Trains and Myspace (download source)
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Transcribed from in-game text

Scarborough Fair
Crafted by the famed weaponsmith Rodin, these 4 guns have been crowned with the names Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. Pushing Bayonetta's magic to its limits, the firing rate and stopping power of these guns is incredible.

yoshesque: Named for the old English ballad Scarborough Fair, these guns are based on the Derringer. Read more about their concept and design here. A model of Scarborough Fair (Parsley) was available if you pre-ordered the climax edition of the game, but only in Australia and New Zealand.

Onyx Roses
These Shotguns contain the souls of fairies known to collect the Onyx Roses that bloom only in Inferno. Each shell fired from the guns contains the curse of the fairies' trapped souls.

yoshesque: Fairy shotgun shells. The number of combo points each shot gives depends on how close enemies are to you.

Transcribed from in-game text

While still a member of the Third Sphere, Applauds are one step above Affinities, and thus known as Archangels. Occupying the eighth position within the nine-level angelic hierarchy, Archangels are still considered close to the physical world, and often come into contact with human kind. It is said that devoted prayer on the part of believers can call upon a flock of angels to come to one's aid.

Beloved is a member of the Second Sphere class Powers, ranked sixth in the angelic hierarchy. Its status is more that of a spiritual being, but it is also burdened with destroying the enemies of Paradiso. While still considered amongst the lower classes of angels, Beloved's power is of a far higher-order than that of a human, and even those with strong spiritual powers are seldom afforded the chance to meet this being. Excelling in combat, Beloved are known for brilliant exploits in demonic battles.

Transcribed from in-game text

Antonio's Notebook

A Voyage Towards the Truth
I've been a journalist now for over twenty years, always aiming for the guiding light of truth, always pushing forward. I've believed that communicating the truth is the core tenet of all journalism, chasing it until my legs turn to rubber and the truth is burned into my retinas.

But my journalistic career has hit an incredible wall, and I must confess that I've been crushed under the weight of the path I have traveled. It all began upon seeing beyond the stone-chiseled history of the old European city of Vigrid, and past the deep scars time had left behind. The passing of history has always been overseen by a select few, and they have left memories of a time stained with blood.

This face is integral in understanding the big picture, but it also causes one to hesitate before becoming involved in such a dark history. Treading down this path I believe so firmly in means I cannot afford to lose faith in my convictions. It may also mean that my life is put into jeopardy; however, I hold deep within my heart the hope that even after my soul has left this body, as long as these notes, my proof of being, are passed to the right man, future ages will also come to know the truth.

They say that some things come at "the cost of your life", but to me, truth IS my life. In this age filled with lies and deception, I forever pray that truth will shine its light on the path of righteousness.
- Antonio Redgrave

The Crystal Witch and Sage
Within Vigrid City, there are a great many structures built long ago by two clans, the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages. Amongst them, all have a sun and moon duality, evidence of a peculiar outlook towards the universe; the witches representing the moon, and the sages representing the sun, burned into the fabric of the city in various ways.

One of these structures, a pair of statues crafted from a high quality crystal known as Belteston Crystalos, featured both a witch and a sage. The statues appeared to hold some sort of special significance. According to ancient records, they were created to aid in the training of the "Art of Overseeing Time", a skill only the two clans were capable of practicing, that also served as the key to locking something away from the public view should the clans feel the need for secrecy. However, the exact details of this art are unknown.

Now the city, scarred by the tragic witch hunts of the past, has seen many of the statues depicting witches destroyed or heavily defaced. Even these beautiful crystal statues were unable to escape the calamitous fighting.

A Witch's Brew
I've discovered the existence of something called alchemy. It is the deconstruction, combination, and reconstruction of everything - metal, flesh, even spirit. If one understands the logic of the age, alchemy is a prime example of the era in which it was developed; although lesser known is the fact that alchemy is an off-shoot of the witches' secret art of Concoction. Concoction was only practiced by the Umbra Witch clan, and the materials, amounts, and methods used were never shared outside of the clan's inner circle.

However, in the chaos of the witch hunts, some details were said to have slipped out, including knowledge of the primary mixing compounds: Baked Gecko, Unicorn Horn and Mandragora Root. Also hidden was their role in controlling defense, offense and vitality.

It has been discovered that correctly combining these items may result in the creation of various useful compounds.

These materials are, obviously, no longer in existence, and even if they still existed, outside of being a member of the witch clan, one would have to take out a contract with a dweller of the netherworld to obtain these rare items.

In case of emergency, the witches placed these materials within Purgatorio, a realm caught in-between the Trinity of Realities, in which the items are said to still remain. When creating a concoction, the correct procedures, amounts and combinations are absolutely essential, and the art is not for the inexperienced.

Infernal Demons

Madama Butterfly
A demon taking the form of a woman who left this world under unfortunate circumstances, only to be reincarnated in hell. Unlike her beautiful, swallowtail butterfly-like appearance, this demon is particularly brutal, and her reputation is well known even amongst the denizens of Inferno.

If a conjurer were to sign a contract and trade her soul, the demon would impart upon her enormous power and great wisdom.

A monstrous creature hailing from the demonic wood, Johnson Forest. Taking the form of a dragon, it is incredibly fierce, identifying all that moves as game and devouring its prey. Territorial, it is most likely to be found alone.