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Original Thread: Welcome to my Fantasy Zone! Get ready! [Bayonetta]



I've got a twitter now. Subscribe if you want more updates and random blah, I guess.

Bayonetta was a PS3/360 game released for Japanese audiences in October 2009 and for the rest of the world January 2010. The combat is strongly influenced by Devil May Cry, due to the game's director being Hideki Kamiya. Developed by Platinum Games (formerly Clover Studio) - best known for MadWorld, Vanquish as well as Okami, Viewiful Joe and God Hand - and published by Sega, Bayonetta is a game with plenty of video game references to be found.

Bayonetta recieved a reviewer's score of 40/40 from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, a pretty rare occasion, joining the ranks of games like Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Nintendogs (what).

This is going to be a 100% LP.

I'm playing the game on Normal difficulty, as though for a first time playthrough. My friend Hans is joining me for commentary, because he hasn't played the game before and therefore will be useful in pointing out the weird and wonderful moments of the game.

There is also a second run through the game, on the hardest difficulty: Non-Stop ∞ Climax. This is done as solo commentary, with a fresh, unlockable character. The reason I couldn't just post this one set of videos with this playthrough is because enemies on harder difficulties are introduced much earlier, which ruins the flow of the game. Enemy placement is also wildly different from Normal difficulty.

Director commentary from Hideki Kamiya will be posted alongside the relevant updates whenever they come up, as those updates are sporadic at best. For those of you who haven't played the game before, I'd recommend that you save the director commentary videos until after you've finished watching the Normal run, for fear of spoilers. After that you can decide whether or not you want to watch the second playthrough.

I will be showing off everything in this game: collectibles, secrets and easter eggs. I won't be showing off in-game notes and documentation in video, but instead I'll post them as they come up for each update.

Thread rules
Don't post spoilers, unless tagged. Also, this should go without saying but don't post any creepy/NSFW fanart.

The Normal playthrough videos come in two flavours - talky and non-talky. The talky version has talking over cutscenes, and the latter does not. You also have the option of downloading the source video and toggling between the two audio tracks.

The Non-Stop ∞ Climax playthrough does not have dual audio tracks.

Normal Playthrough

Update 1: assbutts
Update 2: Trains and Myspace
Update 3: Wicked Witches
Update 4: Lavarous?
Update 5: The Cardinal Virtue of Attitude
Update 6: Angels May Cry
Update 7: Awkward Boners
Update 8: The Cardinal Virtue of Pillow Talk
Update 9: Let's get ready to RUBBLE!
Update 10: That Part With The Tasteless Joke
Update 11: Mysterious Ones
Update 12: The Cardinal Virtue of-a Spicy Meat-a ball
Update 13: The 1.6km High Club
Update 14: The Cardinal Virtue of Motorboats
Update 15: Shit's Gone Nuclear
Update 16: A Tower to Boredom
Update 17: The Lumen Oddity
Update 18: Plot Holes in Space

Non-Stop ∞ Climax Playthrough

NSIC 01: Who's the Real Jeanne?
NSIC 02: King of Little Devils
NSIC 03: A New Toy
NSIC 04: For the Umbra!
NSIC 05: In Labours and Dangers
NSIC 06: Whippin' Time
NSIC 07: Umbran-Style Exploding Implosion!
NSIC 08: In Foregoing Pleasures
NSIC 09: Highway to Heaven
NSIC 10: Journey into Paradiso
NSIC 11: The Scent of a Woman
NSIC 12: In Giving Every Man His Due
NSIC 13: A Bazillion Problems
NSIC 14: In The Choice Between Good and Evil
NSIC 15: One Of A Kind
NSIC 16: Final Ascent
NSIC 17: You May Call Me Father
NSIC 18: Legendary Dark Witch

Concept Art - Characters
Concept Art - Enemies
Concept Art - Infernal Demons
Concept Art - Backgrounds
Concept Art - Weapons & Accessories
Concept Art - Objects

Concept Art - Bayonetta
Concept Art - Jeanne

Pesky Splinter posted some scans from the artbook The Eyes of Bayonetta
Post 1
Post 2

An Audience with PlatinumGames (interview with director Hideki Kamiya and producer Yusuke Hashimoto) from the Bayonetta Collector's Edition Guide
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

The Lost Chapter - Angel Slayer

The Lost Chapter, aka Angel Slayer is unlocked by completing all 21 alfheims (challenge rooms) found throughout the game. It is an endurance mode, consisting of 5 verses, each with 10 stages plus a boss fight at the end, making a total of 51 stages. I have attempted to stream myself beating this mode many times, to no avail, until now! Because streaming quality is generally shit, I have recorded the final stream in HD and uploaded the videos to Blip and Youtube. Unfortunately I found it hard to explain gameplay while trying not to die, so the final set of videos where I beat Angel Slayer will have notes accompanying them.

First stream with attempts #1 and #2 are here. Guest commentators are Veloxyll, Jetpack Postman and SatansBestBuddy.
Attempt #3 happened sometime later but I forgot to hit the record button
The fourth and fifth (the final) attempt is here. Guest commentators are BFC, Jetpack Postman, Veloxyll and toddy.

The Failed Run
Angel Slayer - Verse 1 (failed attempt #4): Blip(Polsy) | Youtube(Polsy)
Angel Slayer - Verse 2 (failed attempt #4): Blip(Polsy) | Youtube(Polsy)
Angel Slayer - Verse 3 (failed attempt #4): Blip(Polsy) | Youtube(Polsy)
Angel Slayer - Verse 4 (failed attempt #4): Blip(Polsy) | Youtube(Polsy)
Angel Slayer - Verse 5 (failed attempt #4): Blip(Polsy) | Youtube(Polsy)

The Good Run
Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3
Verse 4
Verse 5


uncleKitchener channels his inner child

What I want to be when I grow up posted:

My name is Belinda and when I grow up, I want to be the great witch Bayonetta. She can fly, she can dance and she shoots bad angels who are bad and hurt people who do
good. She can turn into a tiger like my kitty booboo. booboo is 2 months old now .
She's not like those other witches. She's COOOL like that because she has style.
She has guns EVERYWHERE. like EEEEEVERYWHERE. and a SWORD too. My daddy keeps a big old clawmore on his wall. I think it's really cool and big.
she's got very very very very very very loooooong hair too and she can beat monsters up with them, like a witch. I want to have long long pretty hair when I get older
She can fly like a butterfly too and has butterfly wings

she will have a driver called Enzo, just like uncle Barry who's really funny and even let me watch all the Godfather movies and likes things from Italy and nice cars. Uncle Barry drives me to school every morning because daddy's too busy and daddy says mommy is on a vacation Barbados, but I haven't seen her in many years
Enzo also smokes these big cigars, just like uncle Barry and wears a big fur coat. Tomorrow is uncle Barry Birthday and daddy's going to buy him a new car

She also has a sidekick like batman and robin. Her sidekick is called Robin, but sometimes he's called Maphisto. He has a bar just like my daddy (daddy has his own bar :p) and he looks like my science teacher, mister Rosell. He's from Barbados and he wears yellow tie and he's a really good dancer. I wonder if he's seen my mommy in barbados, but he said he hasn't gone there in years. Rodin likes records too. Big black one's that grandpa and grandma dance to every weekend.

There's this other girl who's all snotty called Jeanne, like Jeanette in 4th grade who's all rich and snobby. She's trying to copy Bayonetta because she's jelous and snotty. Jeanette has three pets. one day, I'll have 30 pets and I'll show her. Jeanette has a bicycle too and I'm gonna get a bicyle on christmas and we'll race and I'll beat her. Then she has to treat me to icecream :p

There's also a boy called Luka, who's like Peter in my cless and he likes to take lots of pictures. Bayonetta kind of like Luka but not really because she's older, like REAAAALLYY old, like ONE BILLION SHILLION YEARS older. Peter once took a picture of me and I was really embarrassed, but he made fun of me because of that, so now he keeps taking pictures of me

There is this bad man called Balder, who looks like the guy in TV daddy hates and has a funny name. Balder wants to take over world and make night last forever But Bayonetta is like NO and she shoots him so bad HE BLOWS UP.

Daddy says if I study hard, I can become whatever I want to be, so I'm going to be strong and beautiful like Beyonetta when I grow up.

SatansBestBuddy made a thing for all the in this thread
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