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Part 58: The Lost Chapter - Verse 4

Verse 4 - Mercury is a sexy spice Blip(Polsy) | Youtube(Polsy)

- Verse 4 is now locked to NSIC difficulty. I get a gold award for combo, and I usually do for this verse. The platinum combo rank isn't that high (around 188k) but I think using the Evil Harvest Rosary can be detrimental to your combo.

- I guess it's kind of subtle, but the time of day has steadily changed from day to night from the first verse. All in a day's work of Angel Slaying for Bayonetta, I suppose.

- I find it amazing that Jeanne 2 and Gracious and Glorious on Hard can give me so much trouble while Jeanne 3 and 2 Joys on NSIC is easy. I dunno vv

Evil Harvest Rosary
Magical beads crafted by the witch Akko while in the service of the ancient Japanese queen Himiko. When its user dodges incoming danger, the beads will launch a magical counter-strike against the attacker. While the attack is incredibly powerful, it sucks the emotional strength from its user, stripping them of the ability to activate Witch Time.

- What this accessory does is produce purple bombs when you evade an attack successfully. It's best used in NSIC difficulty as equipping it strips your ability to trigger Witch Time, so it makes sense to use it when you already don't get Witch Time. The size of the bomb depends on the severity of the attack you dodged. I think there's three different sizes of bombs, and they all can stagger most enemies, save the larger enemies like Beloved or Inspired, Braves and Fearless/Fairness.

- In a similar fashion to using Pulley's Butterfly with Jeanne, she can only produce the bombs by perfect evasion, aka Moth Within.