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Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity

by Boyks

Part 7: Mounting Dead Animals

(Settle in for a long update, folks.)

: "Uh, why are we, like, here again, Butt-head?"
: "We're getting that book with the dirty pictures, dumbass."
: "Oh yeah, I knew that."

: "Beavis, the test."

: "Ow! Ahh!"
: "Huh huh, outstanding."
: "Check this out, Beavis, I, like, saw this in a movie once."

: "Heh heh, he was hungry."
: "He was supposed to let us by."
: "Heh heh, um, he tricked you."
: "Shut up, Beavis. He was just stupid."
: "Uh, I know what will do it."
: "Heh heh, do."

: "Huh huh, that dog is stretching it."
: "Good idea, heh heh."
: "Settle down, Beavis."

: "Hey dude."
: "Uh, oh yeah. I, like, just remembered something, or something."

: "Whoa, that dog is really stuffing it."


: "Cool."
: "Maybe he'll go bite someone, heh heh."
: "Huh huh, that would be cool too."

: "It's a hammer, Beavis."
: "Um, I already have a twelve pound hammer."
: "If you tell me it's in your pants, Beavis, I swear that I'll smack you silly."
: "No. It's at home in the kitchen."
: "Dumbass."
: "Uh, didn't Van Driessen sing some stupid song about hammering all morning, or something?"
: "Um, yeah, I like to do a little pounding in the morning myself."
: "Huh huh, you monkey spank."

: "Oh yeah. Let's, like, get those dirty pictures."

: "We have brought you the eye."
: "Uh, huh?"
: "You said if you got another eye you could finish the book faster and give it to us."
: "You knew that was just a joke, right?"
: "Uh, no."
: "I'm grateful to you boys for getting me this eye. "
: "Uh, so can you just cut the crap and give us that dirty book now?"
: "Well, seeing as you went to all of this trouble, it's the least I could do."
: "Cool."

: "Where's the dirty pictures?"
: "He ripped us off, dude."

: "Hope you boys are enjoying that book."
: "This book you gave us doesn't have any dirty pictures."
: "That's because it's a book of rhymes for kids."
: "Oh, you mean, like um, lids and, um, wisp."
: "No, idiot. Rhymes! Little poems. The words that can soothe the savage beast."
: "Huh huh, there's only one thing that can soothe my savage beast, dude, and it isn't poetry."
: "Whoa, is that Kyler?"

: "Uh, it's Kyler."
: "Yeah, and he looks pissed."
: "Where's my quarter? Where's my quarter!"
: "Uh, don't worry dude. When you get out, we can all, like, hang out together."
: "Hey, like, maybe that wuss under the bed will want that book."
: "Whoa, that's a good idea, Beavis."

: "Uh, here you go."

: "Once I was trapped in darkest night; But this book helped me to see the light."
: "My soul is at peace and so am I; Even if I do, indeed, finally fry."
: "Sam, it's time."
: "No way, man. I just got this book."

: "Farewell, my friends! See you in Hell, my friends!"

: "That dude left behind his teeth. That's pretty cool."
: "Heh heh, two mouths are, like, better than a head, or something."
: "Those are some messed up teeth."
: "Yeah, heh heh. I'm only going to use them on food that sucks, like vegetables, and stuff."
: "Uh, Beavis, I think your mom dropped you when you were a baby."
: "She may be a slut, Butt-head, but she's not clumsy."

: "Let's, like, go find something for that chick to stuff."

: "Heh heh."
: "Huh huh."

: "Is the squirrel dead?"
: "Uh, do I look like a veta-, uh, ve-, uh, squirrel doctor, or something?"

: "Wake up, ese. Are you asleep?"

: "Uh, it is now, huh huh."

: "Hey Beavis, when I get a car, it's going to look just like this one, only cooler."
: "Yeah, and then when I get inside it, it will be even cooler."
: "Uh, you're not allowed in my car, Beavis. Sorry, those are the rules."
: "Attention. Attention. You are too close to the car. I am notifying the police."

: "Uh, yeah the alarm is kind of sensitive on this car. So, um, could you boys try and stay away from it."
: "Uh, no."
: "Great. Great. Thanks. Have a good day now."

: "Pull out that squirrel, Beavis."
: "Um, I can't get it with the car here."
: "You can't get it anywhere, Beavis, huh huh."
: "Shut up."

: "Huh huh, tennis."
: "Heh heh, yeah. If tennis started with a 'p', it would be cool."
: "Huh huh, yeah. It, like, already has balls."
: "Let's go, like, kick that guys ass so that he moves his car."

(Here's the last mini game: Court Chaos. It's a simple shooting gallery which speeds up its spawns as your score goes up. You have infinite ammo, which makes it pretty easy to rack up a high score just by spamming the fire button at their spawn locations. Once you get hit fifteen times, the game ends. You can also shoot the squirrel to gain a temporary (40 shots) rapid fire power up.)

: "Let's get out of here."

: "Boys, I have too much work to do to get involved in any of your nonsense."
: "Huh huh, roadkill rules."
: "You can't just stuff any old piece of fur, you know? If the job ain't 100% right, you don't pay. That's the store policy."

: "Whoa, a marker."
: "Huh huh, I just had a good idea."
: "What, Butt-head?"
: "Huh huh, vandalism."

: "Uh, free. Free 'c', 'a'. Free car, huh huh. Uh, take me."
: "Markers rule."

: "Help! Help! I am being stolen! Help! Help! I am being stolen!"

: "Oh, drat. Where the heck is my car?"
: "Uh, I think your car went for a walk, or something."
: "Yeah, heh heh, it said, um, 'Save my space. I'll be right back.', yeah. That's what it said."
: "Oh. I didn't know it could do that. Well, thanks. I guess that I'll just wait for it to come back."
: "Yeah, good idea dude. Huh huh, loser."

: "Okay, the car is gone. Run away, heh. Go ahead."
: "Beavis, you dumbass. It's dead."

: "It's stuck to the ground. I can't get it up."
: "Um, did you hear what you just said, heh heh?"
: "Uh, oh yeah, huh huh."

: "Good one, Beavis. Now it's stuck."
: "I didn't do it, Butt-head. You did it!"
: "Yeah, but you didn't tell me not to. Dumbass."
: "Just, like, leave it to Beavis, heh heh."

: "Whoa, check it out, Butt-head! It's looking at me. It must like me, yeah."
: "Beavis, you're, like, sick, or something."

: "Uh, stuff it, huh huh."
: "Hm. It will be a challenge."

: "Well, it didn't turn out too good. But I'll tell you what, I'm going to let you have it for free. That's the store policy."
: "Uh, could you, like, shut up and give me the squirrel?"

: "Hey Butt-head, it's Frankensquirrel. See, heh heh?"

: "How do you stuff these things anyway?"
: "Well, you got to go in through the anal cavity."
: "Heh heh heh."
: "Huh huh huh."
: "Heh heh heh, ouch."
: "Um, did you, like, stuff all of these yourself?"
: "Yes sir, I surely did."
: "Heh heh, stuff it. She stuffed it."
: "Beavis, you're a per-ver-ted."
: "Uh, Anderson wanted us to, like, stuff his bear for him."
: "Yeah, heh heh. Anal cavity."
: "Sorry boys, but I finished that one awhile ago. Mr Buzzcut already picked it up."
: "Damn it."
: "Let's go find Buzzcut. Maybe he'll, like, let us drive his tank again."
: "Yeah, heh heh. That would rule."

(Here's the last developer's commentary extra (home movie) from the game disc. This one involves the development teams antics near the end stages of the games development. "These kids are intense..." is certainly one way to put it.)