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Beyond A Steel Sky

by Rocket Baby Dolls

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Original Thread: A boy without his robot. Let's Play: Beyond A Steel Sky



What is this?

Beyond A Steel Sky is a third-person sci-fi adventure game that was developed by Revolution Software. It is the sequel to the 1994 point-and-click adventure game, Beneath A Steel Sky. Set ten years after the events of the first game, Robert Foster returns to Union City to track down a boy that has been abducted from his home in The Gap. This game explores social control, AI and total surveillance. I can't tell you much more than this as the game was released on Steam today (July 16th 2020).

It was originally released on the Apple store on the 26th of June.

Do you need to have played Beneath A Steel Sky beforehand?

Not at all. The intro video recaps the events of the first game while it also sets up the plot for this game. Shameless plug alert If you do want a proper catch up before going into this, I recently LP'd Beneath A Steel Sky and it's now on the archive here:

Let's Play details

This is going to be semi-blind as this is a new release, the only footage of this game that I have seen is the trailer. I will be playing a portion of the game before recording so when it comes to making a video, I have a semblance of knowing what I'm doing. This is going to be a video LP and I will be commentating as I play. I will be uploading at least one video a week and it will happen as and when I have the time to do so.

No spoilers!

Let's Play: Beyond A Steel Sky

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Death Scenes
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