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Part 10: Drill Grounds

Chapter 8 - Drill Grounds

Previously on Beyond Divinity:

What was your job?
I was a rat-catcher, when the town I was working for was invaded by the army of Chaos… they gave me the choice: the iron maiden or joining their army… and then suddenly I felt the call to fight for the Lord of Chaos… strange, that.

What did you do before this?
I was the son of a nobleman. I lived an easy life… then I heard the voice of Chaos whispering to me, and somehow I ended up here… *sigh* I hope I get to see some action soon.

Music: "Urge for Power"
Urge for Power (Click here to download) (thanks to Grawl)

Video: The Drill Officer

Mort recalled the words of the guards outside the infirmary.

Chaos led me.

The Drill officer looked Mort over carefully.

You smell too clean to be a real soldier, so you must be a rookie. Go get dirty, but be warned, I'm keeping a close eye on you.
What is your name, Sir?
To you… GOD, weakling!
What is your role here?
SILENCE! Only speak when you are SPOKEN to… SCUM!
What do you know about the natives?
SILENCE! Two extra rounds for you, recruit.
You should go now, human, while you still can.

"About the Game" posted:

The drill officer can teach you two-handed Slashing/Piercing/Crushing to Rank 5 for 500 gold each.

Mort approached the archery range just as one archer was making an announcement.

Video: The Arrogant Archer

Listen to me carefully and you all might learn from my experience. I've proven to you that I'm the very best, I've never lost… against no man, woman nor beast. It really is a gift; an innate ability… even Samuel himself told me he's proud to have me in his army…
This pompous buffoon is in serious danger of being swallowed-up by his own expanding head!
Did you see my last shot, recruit? It split the other arrow in two!
No, I didn't see it.
Unfortunate for you! I'm the best marksman in Samuel's army… simply unbeatable!
So you're a champion?
That's me!
What is your name?
I'm Edgar Sureshot, the champion… others have to train for years to achieve greatness, but *I* have a natural gift.
What do you do here?
I'm trying to teach you beginners some of *my* skills in marksmanship.

I don't understand it… he never misses… he always hits smack in the middle! I suspect foul play somewhere, but how can I prove it?
You suspect that he's cheating?
Yes. I believe so… if someone could prove it, I would gladly give them my best bow…
What do they call you?
Oh, my name is Rupert. Nice to meet you.
What is your job here?
I am… well, I *was* a fletcher. I crafted the best bows and arrows in these here parts. I was a dab hand at shooting too… at least I thought I was, until I saw out *champion*.

"About the Game" posted:

Rupert can teach you bow skills. We already have it thanks to the warrior set from D.K., though.

Some of the other spectators had their own thoughts to share.

Our *champion* loves the sound of his own boasting. What I wouldn't give to see him miss once… just once!
They should let us shoot at live targets. Imps would be good… the little buggers move so fast, though!
It's like magic… it's almost as if the bulls-eye actually *moves* towards the arrow when he shoots…
Rumors say prisoners have escaped from the lower level cells. Our champion says he will kill them with only one shot, but personally I don't think the man could shoot fish in a barrel!
Somebody almost hit the imp yesterday. It was his own fault. Why does he have to run behind the bulls-eyes when the shooting starts? Silly little creature!

Watch out… I was hit by arrows… wounds still burn…
Why does the fool not hide when they shoot?
I have an idea about that, actually…

What is your name, Imp?
Vadorix… but they call me *Running Target*
What do you do here?
Me bring arrows back after shooting… The master tells me I must be here… to bring arrows…
The master, eh? You're helping him cheat!
Not true!
Really? Then I'll just go and tell the masters, shall I?
No, no, no… master will hit me… you right, I move targets for champion master.

Mort returned to Rupert, who was still lost in thought.

The man simply *never* fails!
I think you should watch that imp closely, he's up to something.
The imp, you say? Thanks for the hint… I will keep an eye on this creature.
So, about that bow…
I promised you a bow as a reward? Ah… well… unfortunately I have no bow, they are all the property of Samuel's army… But I'll give you some gold instead and then you can buy a bow yourself. Don't worry, I'll get it back from *Mr. Champion* after his next challenge!

Where's the door out?
It's the one on the western wall.

Mort walked over to the Exit and leaned against the wall, trying to look casual. Luckily the soldiers were too busy to pay him much mind.

The door was locked of course. Mort examined it for traps, but didn't see any. But he did see a pair of wires on each side of the door, two going along the north wall, two along the south. They were too high to reach without one of them boosting the other up.

Mort followed the wires north. At the wall, one went through a pulley and followed the wall going east, and one went inside the wall. Mort entered the door to a storage room.

The wire led to a lever. Mort pulled it, and a voice was heard.


'Beware'? What does that mean?
Don't ask me, human.
I wasn't. I think that this just released one of the locks on the door.

Mort followed the wire going east, but it went into a wall where there was no door.

Hmmm… let's try the south wires for now, I see a door past the archery range.


Mort heard a noise from somewhere in the room.

Who's there?

Video: The Imp fletcher

Me make arrows fast… almost ready 'uman!
Why are you making arrows?
We're wasting our time… this little idiot can't help us escape. And what's worse, I'm sure he heard you pull the lever. If he tells the guards, we're finished!

D.K. was using some quite expressive gestures. The imp couldn't help but pick up on them.

You want me leave?
I'll pull his head off and pour firebugs down his neck!

It was amazing how well D.K. could make his intentions known only through gestures.

Me forget I saw you… like me forget about… secret chamber…
What secret chamber?
Me have forgotten…
You can't trust an imp! Let me beat it out of him!

Mort considered D.K.'s advice, and as usual, disregarded it.

It's all right. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to step out for a bit of fresh air.
Oh, me remember again… Because master speak so nice, I tell you secret… Me not know how to open door, but in chamber after corridor of exit is false wall on right… you go through, then you not have to fight soldiers in room… you only have to find correct levers…
What levers?
Me not know which levers… but I know, NEVER use lever far right… it's a trap!
What's your name?
Me Ounox, member of Rockeater clan… but no good member, don't like munching rocks.
Well, thank you, Ounox of Rockeater clan.

Mort resumed trying to trace the wire which had disappeared into the wall. He followed the wall around until he found a pair of doors in the wall. He stared at them when another guard approached.

Video: The Parcours

Would you be interested in a little test of your abilities?
What test is that?
Just go into the test room through the left door and leave through the right. When you come out I'll fill your pockets with gold.
It's a dangerous game, human…
Only the *bravest* warriors accept this challenge…
Or those who want to find their god.
This is the trap-filled Parcours, I assume.
That is correct.
Are the traps here more dangerous than the ones which guard the way out?
Then you should be able to spot the traps in there just fine. Besides, I want to see if that wire connects to something in there.

Will you accept the challenge?
Yes, I would.
You accept? Very well.

"About the Game" posted:

With Rank 2 Detect traps, the Parcours is SO freaking easy. It isn't very long, it isn't even that heavily trapped, and it only has one real trick.

We can't go any farther! There are too many traps blocking the way! You've killed us both, human!
Calm yourself. This is a challenge of cleverness, not speed. Check the walls.

D.K. and Mort examined the walls carefully.

Huh… you were right. This wall is illusory.

Mort and D.K. stepped through.

That wire… here it goes through the other wall.
Do you really think they'd put the lever back to the barracks inside the Parcours?

I wonder what this is for?
Who cares? Let's just get out of this death-trap!

"About the Game" posted:

After the illusory wall, it's a straight path through; the only other trap is at the exit. The key opens a chest in General Bram's quarters, so I'm glad you voted we do this.

So you've survived… you must have got lucky, here's your reward…
It was easier than I thought.
Don't act so full of yourself, human. *I* was the one doing all the work.

Mort headed to the east part of the courtyard in search of the next lever.

I want some real action, not these dummies. At the moment I'll only be prepared if the enemy runs at us with bags of straw!
Did you hear about the prisoners escaping? Old Rolly is taking bets on how long they'll stay on the run before Samuel flays them alive!
*Shush* We're not allowed to talk whilst on drill!

Click for Video

This room was full of dirty dishes. Mort pulled the lever.


Trying to leave, are you?

Mort and D.K, spun in surprise. They hadn't even heard the guard. He was sitting behind a monstrous stack of dirty dishes, scrubbing them. He didn't seem inclined to attack.

I escaped and they made me go through the Parcours as punishment, but I'm a clever one and I live to tell the tale.
Remarkable! What did they do with you?
Now they've got me washing all these dishes… thousands of plates and pans… but they won't break me… even if my hands are bloody stumps, I'll escape from here!
No one knows a safe way out…
I'm an expert in traps… I've proved it in the Parcours… and I've also figured out the pattern in the exit corridor…
Really, can you tell me?

Don't listen to him, his brain is full of dishwater!
I might as well tell you… the first three traps are connected to the torches… you have to pass far to the left, then to the right, and again to the left. … After the corner it's even easier… you simply have to walk on the right side of the corridor.
I wonder how he opened the door?
Of course, you'll have to figure out opening the door yourself!
Thank you, and goodbye.

"About the Game" posted:

He can teach you Slashing, Piercing and Crushing damage for one-handed weapons with a shield. This is also how you can figure the way out if you do not have 2 points into Detect Traps.

Well, that should have opened the door. Do you have any idea how to avoid attention as we leave the area?
Absolutely. We just walk right through as if we own the place. People tend to pay more attention to people acting furtively.

Video: Navigating the hall of traps

Mort and D.K. carefully made their way around the traps.

"About the Game" posted:

In my first attempt, Mort accidentally stepped onto a trap and died instantly, so I'm not just avoiding traps for narrative purposes. My skeleton summoning doll could also trigger the traps, except that it can't actually move.

Video: Guard Room

Mort and D.K. reached the end of the corridor safely.

Be cautious, human. Another Death Knight patrols this room.

The Death Knight wasn't in sight at the moment. There was another door ahead. Voices could be heard.

Guards... about half a dozen of them.
Let's look for the secret door the imp mentioned.

They hid as the Death Knight passed by, then examined the wall the imp mentioned.

I see wires entering next to this bit of wall, and wires going along the ceiling… but the wall won't budge.
The wires go into the guard room.
So much for bypassing the soldiers.
This could get very messy, very fast. We'll need to take out the Death Knight guarding the room. If you have any Poison arrows, now would be a good time to equip them.

D.K. found a new broadsword in a nearby cabinet.

"About the game" posted:

I had been using 2-handed weapons because they did a lot of damage, but the broadsword is a 1-handed weapon which does comparable damage, and I'm about to get an even better one-handed weapon in a few moments.

The way to the Barracks is through this door.
We should at least check to make sure it's locked before we try the guard room.

They opened the door. Inside a guard was waiting.

STAND STILL! Show me your papers…
How about a little gold?
You're trying to bribe me? In the name of Samuel, you won't live to regret that mistake!
A child could have told you that wouldn't work! Most of Samuel's soldiers are brainwashed fanatics.
You also told me that the soldiers aren't here of their own free will, and it's so bad that Samuel traps the exits to keep them from fleeing.

They easily dispatched the guard, and tried the next door.

Locked. And there are wires going along the ceiling.
We must clear the guard room before we can solve this mess.

Mort and D.K. strolled into the guard room. The guards didn't even bother to ask to see their papers.

You're the escaped prisoners! Get them, boys!

Mort and D.K. retreated.

Hold them off me for a few seconds. That's all I need

Soon the heap of guards lay crumpled in a heap. They searched the bodies. Mort came up with a key, and D.K. took a magical cutlass from their lieutenant.

The key opened up the locked room where one of the wires led. D.K. pulled the switch, and they headed to the newly-opened secret door.

HALT, in the name of Chaos! Show me your papers…
Papers? Pah! We don't need any papers…
You don't need to see our papers.
Why are you waving your hand like that?
The orders of Samuel were very clear. Anybody without valid papers should be arrested.
Just you try it then…

A lone guard was no threat at all.

In the next room were 4 switches close by, and a 5th off to the side.

This could take some time.
We don't have much time, human. Once the soldiers start heading back to their quarters, they'll know we were here, too!
You go wait by the Barracks door and you can think to me when it gets open.

D.K. hurried off.

I'm here, human.

Mort started trying random combinations. Nothing worked. Then he decided to restart from scratch. He pulled all the levers down, then up.

Whatever you did just opened the door, human! Now hurry back here!

"About the Game" posted:

Depending on your point of view, this puzzle is either really clever, or a dick move by Larian. You would THINK that you need to figure out which of the 16 different possible combinations of the 4 switches is the right one. Actually, NONE of the 16 combinations works.

The correct solution is to hit a switch, then immediately switch it back, then repeat it for the other four. Luckily, trial and error in a systematic way will eventually have you solve it accidentally.

One other annoying move is that the game doesn't do a cutscene to show you the unlocked door, you'll need to go look or have a teammate standing by it to check.

The last switch is indeed a trap, it removes a section of wall and releases a Stone Gargoyle. I did that for the experience.

We're almost there, human. The exit to the surface is on the barracks level. There's only one thing standing between us and freedom.
What is it?
… I think it would be best if I tell you later.

The map:

All the security would make sense if it was guarding the way to the surface. But it isn't. It's guarding the way between the Barracks and the Drill Grounds - the most heavily trafficked area in the entire Citadel. Each and every day, people need to flip a bunch of switches and navigate a trap-filled corridor to go to work. Although the dish-washing guard seems to think the trap placement in the corridor is a secret, which suggests that the traps are removed and re-placed every single day!

Do you know what stands between the public area of the Barracks and the surface? One locked door. No traps, no puzzles, one locked door.

Alternate Conversations

1) The Drill Officer

Video: Blowing your cover

I follow only myself.
Yourself? Are you more important than the Lord of Chaos himself? This blasphemy is punishable by death!

Samuel inspired me to join.
So, you're following the most powerful force near you to save your own hide? A coward like you has no place in this army… Die, pig-dog!

I follow Bram.
You follow Bram, because he recruited you? The General made a bad choice in you. Die, fool!

Evil is my guide.
I think you've misunderstood our cause, recruit. Unfortunately, you won't have enough time to learn the error of your ways!

2) The Archery Imp.

The master, eh? You're helping him cheat!
Not true!
[Try to persuade the imp to tell the truth]
You nice, but other master is not!

The master, eh? You're helping him cheat!
Not true!
[Offer the imp some gold]
No gold can buy me a new skin, 'uman!

3) Extorting the Champion

So, you've come to the champion to learn from my brilliance?
I know you're cheating. The imp said as much.
The nasty little… he's lying, of course… jealous of my god-like abilities.
No, I believe the imp, and others will too… if I tell them.
Bah, it's simply not true. But with a reputation like mine, I can't have these kinds of *lies* being circulated. Here, take this gold, and keep your mouth shut…

4) The Fletcher Imp.

Me forget I saw you… like me forget about… secret chamber…
What secret chamber?
Me have forgotten…
Maybe the Death Knight can persuade you to talk.
[shrugs] Can't be worse than beating from soldiers…
Let's see, shall we?
Stop! No beatings, no beatings… me tell you… Me not know how to open door, but in chamber after corridor of exit is false wall on right… you go through, then you not have to fight soldiers in room. Good, yes? You only have to find correct lever, no problem for big, strong 'uman like you!
What lever?
Four levers all fake… use far right lever… opens door…

Being nasty to the imp results in it lying about the levers.


1) White to move and checkmate in 1.

2) There are human patrols on this floor. Avoid them, Bribe them, or Murder them?
Avoid = 2
Murder = 3