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Part 15: Traps Ahead! - Part 1

Traps Ahead! - Part 1

I now have a bunch of traps available. It's not the complete set, there are more available, but this is pretty much all of them in Act 2.

Explosive Trap

This trap blasts everyone nearby with fire damage.

Advantages: It can hit multiple enemies multiple times and it is especially effective on enemies that are clustered.
Disadvantages: Fire-based enemies are less affected by this, and it's not always easy to get enemies to cluster up properly.
My Thoughts: Probably one of the more worthwhile traps.

Scorpion Trap

It spawns a scorpion to poison and distract your enemies. (Poison Damage, melee damage?)

Advantages: It's a VERY good distraction and does good damage.
Disadvantages: Poison-resistant enemies are less affected by it, but the biggest damn problem is that sometimes it doesn't do anything, perhaps because the spot where it wanted to spawn the scorpion is affected. Sometimes the trap is triggered and nothing happens, wasting the trap. This trap might best be saved for areas that are very open.
My Thoughts: When it works it's very useful, when it doesn't work it's very frustrating. It might be worthwhile to max this out.

Trail Bomb Trap

Shoot a fire trail to scorch a line of enemies. (Fire damage)

Advantages: It can potentially hit multiple enemies that are separated.
Disadvantages: It's hard to aim, you need to get close to an enemy and plant the trap farther away from them for it to go in the right direction (towards them). The farther you plant it from the caster, the longer the flame goes. By its nature, it also isn't well suited for open areas. And again, enemies resistant to fire will take less damage from this.
My Thoughts: Perhaps not the best trap. Situationally it has some use, but a lot of the times we'll be fighting in the next two acts will be in open areas.

Spikes Trap

This does Piercing damage.

Advantages: It can hits several times and may possibly hit multiple enemies if they walk on it at once…
Disadvantage: But it can probably only consistently hit one enemy, and the damage per hit is low.
My Thoughts: It might be worth looking into, if only to handle fire-resistant enemies.

Paralyzing Trap

This does no damage, but paralyzes the enemy for 15 seconds at level 1, and up to 22 seconds at level 10

Advantages: It can freeze enemies in place.
Disadvantage: It can miss. It's better to use a trap that actually damages the enemy.
My Thoughts: One point only if you must, but you can probably skip this one entirely.

Elemental Trap

This does Fire/Water/Earth/Air damage, or it can do multiple types of damage at once.

Advantages: Combining multiple elements doesn't increase the cost of creating a trap.
Disadvantage: It will cost you one skill point for each type/increase in elemental damage. The trap is a single-target seeking spell which takes a few seconds for it to hit the enemy after it is triggered.
My Thoughts: There probably aren't enough skill points to get this to work well, but if you want to try, I suggest you only do a Water/Air/Earth trap, and put points into Explosive for fire damage.

I can learn these traps up to Level 11, but I'll be stuck at level 5 until Act 4. I probably won't have enough points to get 3 traps up to level 10, but I should be able to get 2 traps that high.

I recorded some videos to get the screenshots of the traps going off, I could add a video demonstrating the traps, if requested. I might want to save that until I have all the traps unlocked, though.