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Part 24: The Alchemist

Chapter 21 - The Alchemist

Music: "Beyond Divinity"
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VIDEO: Samuel's Hunter

The thing took one fire arrow to its face, D.K. got a good swing in with his axe, and the fight was over instantly.

What the hell was that thing?
It's one of Samuel's hunters. I told you he wouldn't forget about us.
Still, if they're all as easy to kill as that thing was, it might not be as bad as you say.
We're still far too close to the Citadel human, and we still haven't found a way past the lava that flows around these islands.
You're right. Let's get moving.

"About the Game" posted:

The Fire Forest or whatever is a more linear and scripted than the previous areas in the act. It's mostly narrow paths connecting places than an open area. It's hard to miss the places you need to go, which is fine, because many of the places are mandatory to visit for the main quest.

The only two enemies in this area are Fire Elementals and Fire Demons, and they're pains in the ass when there is more than one at a time. They have decently high HP, and do pretty hefty damage. They are appropriately difficult enemies to deal with for one of the final areas of the act.

Look, here's the spot where the Alchemist was last seen, according to the Chieftains' son.
Hopefully he's all right, that's a lot of blood.

The blood trail goes into a cave over here, human!
Good. Let's finish these bastards off quickly, then.

"About the Game" posted:

Actually, it was a long, annoying fight and I had to run away. There were more than just those two enemies, and I had to lead them on a long chase to kill them. Mort and D.K. hit level 21 during that fight.

VIDEO: The Alchemist

Strangers in my home? Where my weapons?
Tell this crazy imp to calm down.
Calm down, we need your help.
Who sent you? The Shaman?
The Chieftain's son sent us.
A fine boy… he wouldn't hurt me… even when he also believes stories. … What son of Chieftain want?
To find a cure for the illness that's plaguing the imp village.
Yes, I know about illness… many imps in village suffer…
How does he know?
Some imps came to me… are in back of home… believed, I could cure… but illness strange… fever is becoming worse. … Now beginning to lose faith… I no clue how I can cure… if I only know cause…
The floogefrogs are the cause of the illness.
Floogefrogs cause? You sure? They never were problem before… imps like floogefrogs and their smell…
That's the problem. Tell him about Altoflix
All the imps near the floogefrog farm are ill, apart from Altoflix, who covers his mouth and nose with a cloth.
Altoflix… yes, I know story… hmmm, if floogefrogs are cause, I can make cure… But I need some fresh components… would you help me find them in forest.?
I will bring you the components.
By the gods… if this works…
Let's just get on with it!
I need Blue Larakiri root, Grey quisirisi fruit and Yellow Bafflimiri mushroom. Roor, fruit and mushroom are in forest somewhere… be careful, beasts very aggressive now… Mushroom grows in caves… beware, some caves are not stable… There is cave blocked by big stone… but looks heavier than it is... you can move it… Here, I mark places these grow on map. Please hurry!
Who are you?
I'm the Alchemist… everybody calls me Alchemist… my true name is Arraxiplix… but most have forgotten…
What do you know about the Shaman?
Shaman is greedy imp… wants more power… he one of three advisors of Chieftain, now one exiled, other gone… he alone…
Why were you exiled?
Me sure, you heard… I had to leave, because they found… imp bodies in my house…
So did he eat them?
Did you really eat them?
Me no cannibal… I was in mushroom forest… I returned, bodies were in house… Shaman accused me of eating imp meat… Sage was gone… Chieftain decided, I guilty… Shaman want execution, but Chieftain and son did not… Shaman agreed… he spoke later and said, exile would be harder punishment than death… he probably right…
What do you think of the Chieftain?
Chieftain good imp, but weak… Shaman only advisor, and Chieftain says what Shaman says… his son has more courage, but he not Chieftain, yet…
What happened to the Sage?
Old imp Sage, very wise… first advisor of Chieftain… most trusted… One day… after demons came to world… safe disappeared… Shaman said, sign of gods… ways of imps wrong way… gods took Sage… Shaman may be right… we looked everywhere… couldn't find him…
Have you seen other strange things around here?
Strange things? Around here? Hmmmm, yes… In forest of ruins… many wild creatures… dangerous to go in there… Ruins are haunted… many monsters… I feel uneasy when I have to go there for components…

"About the Game" posted:

The Alchemist can take trade with us, and lets us rest and restore our health for free (which is rarely needed if you have a portable bedroll and food.) He can also teach us some skills.

There were two sickly imps shivering in a corner.

Is it you, mother…? *sniff* Oh, so hot…
He's practically glowing!
What do they call you?
*sniff* Mother.. have you come… to bring me home?
It's clear that talking to this imp is a waste of time, human.
I see you are very ill.
I see worlds… *sniff* strange worlds… rivers of water… *sniff* not lava…
What is the Shaman doing about it?
Forgive me, Shaman… I have sinned… *achoo* … I will pray to gods… *sniff* I promise…
What do you know about the Alchemist?
Alchemist… eats imps… Shaman said… *sniff, sniff* but maybe… he finds cure… this fever is consuming me…

Who are you? *sniff* What do you want? *sniff*
What is your name?
My name Flixniflux… *aa-a-a…* I worked for floogefrog her… *…choo* …der.
What do you know about the illness?
I thought Alchemist could find cure… *sniff* a fool I was… should have stayed in village… *achoo*
What does the Shaman do about it?
Shaman told us we should pray to gods and illness will go… maybe he was right… Alchemist not much help…
What did the Alchemist do?
Alchemist tried many potions… *achoo* nothing worked so far… fever getting worse every night… *sniff* … I fear the Black Imp will take me soon.

Mort and D.K. left and headed towards the place on the map which the Alchemist suggested looking for Quisirisi fruit.

There were strange glittering gems scattered around. One of the Lava Crawlers got to close to one, and it hatched…

…Into a fire elemental.

Uh-oh… There's going to be trouble, I tell you. Big… trouble.
Just walk very slowly and keep away from the eggs the best you can.

In what was quickly becoming a recurring theme, more Fire Demons and Fire Elementals attacked Mort and D.K..

But the monsters were not enough to prevent Mort and D.K. from getting their hands on one of the plants the Alchemist needed.

They doubled back in search of the root the Alchemist wanted.

What's this? It looks like another entrance to some underground ruins.
It doesn't look like it's been used in a long time - maybe years. That ash is hard-packed.
Alright. I don't feel like doing any digging anyway.

That's two out of three plants, finally.
Should we drop them off with the Alchemist? We'll pass by there anyway on the way to the cave with the mushroom.
Why bother?

They headed farther south into the Fire Forest. Someone had thoughtfully put some bridges over some lava channels.

Hurry up, human! This way!

The other way! The other way!

Mort lay down some traps to try and cover the retreat.

Unfortunately, they were not at all effective at dealing with the 6 Fire Elementals who were in hot pursuit.

After a long, tiring fight, Mort and D.K. returned to the area the Fire Elementals had been guarding. There were four extinguished candles, and beyond them was a gate leading deeper into the Fire Forest.

I wonder what these candles are for.
I don't know, but I bet it wouldn't be a good idea to mess with them.

"About the Game" posted:

There are 6 Fire Elementals here, but four of the candles are linked to the Elementals life-force. Extinguish the candles, and the Fire Elemental is instantly neutralized. But you don't get experience for that, so it's your choice.

Traps really are situational. And unfortunately, I'm nearing the end of the act, which is when traps are at their least effective. I can't increase the level of trap until I find someone who can teach it to a higher level, and that won't be until Act 3.

The narrow winding paths made it easier to funnel enemies into traps, which would have been helpful had the traps actually been effective.

What's this?
I see a similar looking platform on an island over there. I think it might be a teleporter.
Well, we'll have to give it a try, I guess.

VIDEO: Triangle Teleporter Tricks

Mort stepped onto the platform alone, but both he and D.K. were whisked to the nearby island. There was a click-click sound as the blue triangle changed from the western corner to the southern one.

Hmmm… Some kind of strange altar.
I wonder what it's for.
From here, I can see another small island to the west. The rocks were hiding it. There's a teleporter there as well.
Let's see if we can get over there.

Mort and D.K. stepped onto the teleporter and returned to where they had started from.

The teleporter on the first island is pointing at the second one.

Mort and D.K. took a couple more trips through the teleporters, but each time, the arrows on the side they were on switched so they could only travel between the two. Mort slapped his forehead.

Of course! It's so simple!

Mort left his teleporter pyramid on the island, and took the large teleporter back. This triggered the platform to switch. They returned to the island using D.K.'s teleporter pyramid, and from there, they reached the second island.

That was a lot of work for nothing.

"About the Game" posted:

This was a clever puzzle requiring the teleporter pyramid, but it isn't really worth it. The only things on the hard-to-reach island are a bit of fruit, and a key to a chest in the Spider Forest. And they didn't even put anything exciting in that damn chest!.

What is that?
It's a demon, human. Try to keep up. We've killed a half-dozen of them already!
No…. What… is… THAT?

It's a large rock.
Not like any rock I've ever seen. I think one of the imps mentioned seeing a shooting star, or wrote about it in a journal. I guess this is where it landed.
But why is it glowing green? And what killed all these dead creatures around it?
I think we shouldn't stick around too long to find out.

"About the game" posted:

The demon dropped the final elemental sword - Mudstinger. It's pretty much the same as the others. There are scattered emeralds around the area, pieces of the meteor, I assume, and you can also find a Medium Fire Crystal and a Medium Shadow Crystal to boost those resistances by 4 each. But watch out for poison traps in the area, it seems that whatever substance is in the meteor might not be healthy for normal people. Let's just say I'm going to unload these "Emeralds" as soon as possible…

There's a cave there… but the heat rising from these fissures is too much, we'll get roasted if we try to jump over.
Did you get hit in the head too much as a child human? Have you already forgotten? Watch.

D.K. tossed a teleporter pyramid across the gap.

Music: "Soulcage"
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I have to say that I wasn't expecting Water Elementals in a place this hot.
It's much cooler down here, actually.

I wonder who left this trail.
It might be a trap, but we should follow it anyway. Carefully.

I'm not sure what kind of trap could be worse than this.
Stop wasting your breath and keep running!

"About the Game" posted:

This dungeon is surprisingly large. It's also a bit tiring, both because of its size, and because it is located at the far reaches of the Fire Forest, which is a tiring dungeon in its own right. This place is entirely optional, but it contains a bit of treasure, and the sixth Battlefield Key.

At the end of the trail of gems Mort and D.K. had been picking up was not a trap, but an imp.

Wha…? What you want here? … I thought no one knew about treas… eh I mean… about place… At least you not taken markings to find my way out again.
He's certainly in for a surprise!
What treasure are you talking about?
So you heard about… er, no, no… you go away, 'uman… place boring, nothing of interest for you here…
What are you trying to hide, imp?
Bah! You waste time… me find treasure before you!

The imp ran off, and Mort and D.K. continued to wander the extensive caverns.

What you doing there? Told you go away, things are mine! Get away from treasure, stinking 'uman!
I'll show him who's stinking!
How about we share the treasure?
Share? Tricksery human you are! Is mine… IS MINE!

The imp blinked, took a closer look at Mort and D.K., then licked his lips nervously and lowered his voice.

Share yes. Split treasure in half… for human and for imp.

The imp opened one of the treasure chests stuffed the contents in a sack, and dashed off.

I bet he got the best things, too!

Mort and D.K. returned to the surface and continued looking for the boulder the Alchemist mentioned as blocking the entrance to a cave.

It took all their efforts, but Mort and D.K. eventually managed to shift it out of the way.

What is it now?
Ever get the feeling you're being watched?
All the time, human, all the time.

The Map

What is INTENDED to happen with the Fire Elemental Eggs is that the eggs hatch into Fire Elementals if you try and pick them up. But nothing actually happens. Walk on them, pick them up, whatever, but nothing happens. That's kinda okay, because Fire Elementals are annoying enemies, and I'm already sick of fighting them. But still, bugs like this should have been caught.

Alternate Conversation

What you doing there? Told you go away, things are mine! Get away from treasure, stinking 'uman!
Let's fight for it!
You want fight? Treasure is mine! You die now, 'uman! YOU DIE!
He goes down easily. I don't think you get experience for either choice, not even killing him.

Reader Participation Requested

A trader was murdered for his gems, and his ghost wants them back. Return the gems or keep them? Reward:  About 1-3 thousand gold worth of gems if we kill the ghost, 26000 experience if we return them.