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Part 49: Library Police

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Chapter 44 - Library Police

Mort stepped into the second testing room.

Summon a creature… but protect yourself…
We are not as weak as he thinks!
Think before you fight… a brain is more powerful than the biggest sword. … A monster will appear… But you must know… how the monster will attack… bring me proof that you know…
You need proof?
Yes, only if you know about the Summoning Strategies can the test begin… or I have to clean up the remains of yet another failed student!
How annoying! This test is simple and the solutions are painfully obvious.

"About the Game" posted:

Interestingly, on this level where you must do the tests in order, they start out with the trickiest one, and then they get easier. Instead of four things, we only need to find one thing. Unfortunately, it happens to be the ONLY copy of one particular book in the school. How the hell was this place still running with only one freaking book? No wonder students needed drugs to complete their assignments.

Tracking it down is actually harder than it looks. We need to talk to pretty much everyone until we find the right person to cause someone else's dialogue to get a new option. And then we can go track it down. On my recent play-ahead I got stumped here and needed to consult the walkthrough to figure out who to talk to.

The worst part is that really, we don't need it. It's really obvious what we need to do, making this whole exercise slightly frustrating.

Do you know about the book of Summoning Strategies?
I know this book… very well written… you definitely should read it… I wish you luck in finding it…

Do you know where the book of Summoning Strategies is?
I haven't seen it… I still have to do my first test…
Book of Summoning Strategies… I needed it for my second summoning test… but I took it back to the library…
To the library, then…

What can I do for you?
I need a book of Summoning Strategies.
I know the book… you won't find it in the library… Elder Ansukar has it… and he never returned it… so talk to him…
Elder Ansukar?
Elder Ansukar is the head of the teachers… if you have any questions about summoning… ask him… But please, enter the library anyway…
Not now, thanks.

Greetings, Damian… you're still making progress in improving your skills I see… we are all very proud of you…
Have you seen the book of Summoning Strategies?
The book of Summoning Strategies? … I took it from the library… I gave it to Belehram… she needed it for her son…

Greetings… what can I do for you? I still haven't got any of the components you asked for earlier…
Do you know where the book of Summoning Strategies is?
The Book of Summoning Strategies?... Yes, a teacher gave it to me… I gave it to one of the students… I think, it was Dolehar… my son…
Great… now who's Dolehar? Maybe that guard knows.

I hope you found your components?... The imps still aren't here… strange!
Have you seen the book of Summoning Strategies?
The book of Summoning Strategies? A brown book with golden letters? No, I've *never* seen it before…
It's clear this man is a liar, and a bad one at that! But how can we make him admit it? In his ghost form, torture is sadly not possible!
We'll need to keep asking around. Hmmm… I wonder…

What do you know about drugs?
Drugs? I've never heard about drugs… do *you* have some?

"About the Game" posted:

This is where the trail goes cold. You can't get Dolehar to admit anything, ever. You need to follow the book after that.

Do you know anything about the book of Summoning Strategies?
Somebody tried to sell it… to the merchant… he needed gold very badly…
Who was that somebody?
I won't tell you his name… I don't know you… I can't be sure you won't inform the Elders… But one thing I can tell you… he also talked to an imp… you need the book, maybe you should find this imp…
There is an imp living in the Academy… I wonder if it's the same one…
Maybe the guard or merchant knows more. Let's talk to them.

"About the Game" posted:

I'm not sure if you need to talk to him, but talking to him and him alone doesn't work, you need to talk to the summoning practice room guard as well.

What do you want?
Do you know anything about the book of Summoning Strategies?
I've never heard of this book… but I know a good book about Military Strategies…
He's going to be no help to us…
Maybe this book of yours has been stolen, many books have gone missing around here… but I might know who has taken it…
This should be interesting…
You know Dolehar… I often saw him speaking to imps… very suspicious…
I wonder what imps have to do with it?
Can you tell me about the drug problem here?
Look around… a lot of students try these drugs… they are weaklings… they try to flee from reality… If you look into the eyes of Dolehar, you'll see he's addicted… there are rumors… he tried selling things to the merchant… things of *suspicious* origin…
Do you have any proof of that?
I have no proof… but I saw him talking to some imps recently… and he was *not* giving orders…

I've solved the riddle.
You've solved the riddle? I'm impressed.

Mort looked around theatrically. Then he took out a large sack of gold.

Do you sell drugs?
Please… please, I'm desperate… I'll pay anything! 1000 gold? 2000? I just need a little bit… please…
Your money is no good.
I do not sell drugs… some people ask… but I think there is someone else selling them in the Academy…
Do you know anything about the book of Summoning Strategies?
The Summoning Strategies? … Dolehar tried to sell this book to me… I'd refused… but I fear… there is another merchant in this Academy… he may have taken it instead…
Another merchant, really?
I think so… there are rumors… it makes a lot of sense… but where is he? Who is he?
What about Dolehar?
Dolehar always needs gold… I can't imagine for what…
Two people have mentioned a student talking to an imp.
I guess we'd better hope that Nixfix was him.

I know you… I know you… you in my dream last night… why you leave dream and haunt me here?
Do you know anything about the drugs?
Drugs good… help focus… not fear demons…
I guess we've found our dealer…
Er no…drugs bad… of course drugs BAD!
No… This foolish imp is not capable of selling drugs… even if he wanted to, he would soon forget where he put them… I think we have to look elsewhere…
Do you know about the book of Summoning Strategies?
Know book… Raanaar traded book for drugs!
Do you think this daft imp will give it to us?
Alas I not have it now… Hoxplox traded…
Who is Hoxplox?
Hoxplox gone… not seen… maybe he went down…
We have to find this imp…
Too dangerous to follow him though…
I'll take that chance. Give me the key?
What key?
The key to the lower tunnels?
No! Too dangerous! Big monster down there!
Not another dead end!
Not quite… Unfortunately, I can only think of one other person to ask.

Nice to see you again…
Do you know where I can find the book of Summoning Strategies?
Hoxplox traded things with Raanaar… maybe also book… Hoxplox is Uncle Nixfix's partner… he made drugs and sold to Raanaar… but he left… went down… Down very dangerous… very dangerous… traps and creatures… Uncle Nixfix locked door, and forgot… but I… found… key! Want it?
I wonder what he wants for it?
Can have key for free… here it is…
Unusual for an imp to give something for free!
Be careful with that…
Now the fun begins…
Hoxplox never returned from behind door. Hoxplox experienced imp… he always escapes trouble… but maybe not this time… maybe not…

"About the Game" posted:

Now it's another dungeon crawl section to find the imp and/or the book we need. Actually, this is the very last traditional dungeon crawl in the entire game, although there is one more enemy-heavy section.

Four doors. But which way do we start exploring?
The west door leads to an empty storage room. Let's go north.

I think this leads into the Thieves Caste section. Let's try the other way.

[The stench is becoming worse… Quick, close the door! The lever is to your right…]
I think something's coming. I'll lay down a trap.
Something's coming from the other way as well, human!

Huh… just a mutant.

"About the Game" posted:

The game gave you a warning for… a generic mutant, the kind which hasn't been a threat - EVER!!! If you go into the room, there's nothing there, and the gate locks behind you so you need to pull a switch to escape.

A false wall?

That body looks old. But it looks like a human skeleton, not a Raanaar one.

Look out!

What was that all about?
Who cares? Let's keep looking. Let's go south from the center.

"About the Game" posted:

According to the walkthrough, this is a reference to the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, but I wouldn't know.

I *don't* have a good feeling about this…

What are you doing here? Go away, I'm waiting for my lunch…
Why are you waiting for your lunch?
Humm, actually… you look quite tasty yourself… maybe you want to stay for lunch?
Yes, I'd love to!
Good… now do you think you could rub a bit of salt onto your body?

Look at all this stuff. Looks like it was taken from the Academy.
He has the book we need on him. And I think this powder on the floor might be drugs.

I think we found our secret merchant and drug dealer…

Mort and D.K. returned to the summoning level.

"About the Game" posted:

Yeah, I sure couldn't have guessed that a FIRE ELEMENTAL attacks with FIRE. The only interesting thing of note is that Chaos Creatures also attack with fire. Spoiler Alert: We won't see any of those in the test.

There isn't actually any evidence, no stolen goods besides the book, and no drugs.

This is mandatory for the main quest, and it also completes the drug dealer side-quest. The only thing left to do for it is to go tell the quest giver it's solved.

Welcome Damian… what can I do for you?
I have some information about who has been selling the drugs.
What do you know, Damian?
Tell him about the imp drug dealer…
I was just about to, thank you.

There is an imp selling the drugs.

An imp is selling the drugs to my students… do you have any proof?
Tell him about the drugs and stolen goods that you found near the imp's dead body…
I was just abou- never mind…

In the tunnels below, I found a dead imp surrounded by stolen things from the Academy, and some stuff which looks like drugs.
That is proof enough… and the imp is already dead? Excellent! Saves us a lot of trouble! Thank you, Damian… Rakoham will be very pleased… As for your reward, Damian… I'll give you a private lesson… and improve one of your skills…

Here's the da-… the book.
You have found the book, Damian… this is proof enough… finally… your test can begin… But first, your friend will have to leave… before the fighting starts.

A creature will appear… and elementary pedestals… to gain protection against the monster, use the pedestals… and kill it…
Good luck, "Damian."

D.K. left the room.

Read the spell from the book on the desk over there, student… Begin the ritual, when you're ready… The summoning components are taken care of…

"About the Game" posted:

You don't actually have send D.K. out of the room. If you don't, it's just rather samey combat, so I thought I'd try something different.

VIDEO: The Second Summoning Test


Air Elemental… The pillar with lightning.

Water Elemental.

Ummm… green for poison?

And fire…

You've passed the test… you can go for the final test any time you feel ready for it, Damian…
I'm surprised you held your own without being able to hide behind me, human.

Mort and D.K. went to the final testing room.

VIDEO: The Third Summoning Test (Watch this, it's important!

Summon a dangerous creature… like a demon… Not very wise for beginners… but you must prove yourself… When dealing with such a creature… there is no margin for error… Summoning components… protection rune… everything is ready…
Are you sure this is wise?
Fear not… only a minor one… look at the creature… stay calm… many students have had tremendous problems… and the demon they summoned haunted their dreams for weeks… Read the spell from the book on the desk over there, student… Begin the ritual, when you're ready…


It's Samuel!
Quick! Unsummon him, before he can figure it out…

By the way, Mort and D.K. are still level 30.

The Map

This quest actually gave me trouble on my replay through the game. I couldn't figure out how to get Nixfix's conversation option to trigger so I could get the key to the lower tunnels. I had to look up in a walkthrough. It was the summoning practice room guard, I needed to talk to him.

This is the book found in Markanthar's laboratory.

Remember this stone chest. We'll be back for it later… MUCH later.

Asking the High Priestess
What… in the name of Raan… can I do for you?
What do you know about the book of Summoning Strategies?
A book about summoning? I don't know anything about books… don't waste the time of the servant of Raan…