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Bionic Commando DOS

by lithuanian dad

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Original Thread: This LP was part of the Devolution 2007 megathread!


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The Bionic Commando arcade version had a lot of babies over the years. Babies have been found on the ZX Spectrum, the NES, there's even a distant baby on the Xbox! Twice! There's one baby, however, that not even Wikipedia knows about : the DOS port, ported by some people that nobody has ever heard of. Much like GTA3, a game for the LP of which I have guested a staggering one (1) time(s), BC:DOS ended up being the shit old game that nobody came back to because it is an uncontrollable pile of idiot game that you have no reason to ever play, especially after having seen the later games in the series.

I'm going to be playing this game mostly blind - I've seen bits of the first level while practicing and observing the game mechanic, but beyond that, it's all as fresh for me as it is for you! The reason you can't play this game completely blind is that the game doesn't behave like you'd expect it to, especially coming to it from the NES game or even BC:R. For example, there's no scrolling (which is a problem, because you never know which screens actually have something above them), and any swinging that you might try to do yourself is fully automated by the nice DOS robots for you. There's also no hacking or anything like that, so you won't be able to have up-close looks at the hat men's nice moustaches! :-(

I think I've run out of words to write about this little piece of gaming, so have a video instead:


BIONIC DOSMMANDO: Area 2 and more!

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