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Original Thread: Devolution - Tonight we're gonna LP like it's 2007



Hey guys what's going on in thi...
STOP!!! WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!! (or watch it here) <---------- WATCH THIS!!!! (yes, it has sound, give it a minute)

Ugh, 12 minutes? Screw you, I'm not watching all that!
Fine, I'll do a summary. But god help you if you ask a question that was answered in that video.

There's a really high standard in this forum nowadays, and I think that's mostly a good thing. The problem is that it's become work to make an LP anymore, and to do a really popular LP it requires technical proficiency with every product in the Adobe line and 6 hours of practicing a stage over and over (or just being naturally godlike, in which case holy moly do I hate you so much). But there was a time not that long ago when making an LP was just sitting down, playing a game, recording it, and just saying whatever was on your mind. You might talk about the game, you might drift off into some other area, but it was usually entertaining and genuine. Note that this isn't to say that newer LPs aren't really good, because they are. I'm seeing some of the best stuff coming out of this forum nowadays than I've ever seen before. But there's still a small part of me that misses the lower standards of the old days, because there was a lot of truly hilarious stuff that came out of LP back then.

So the idea behind this thread is for a bunch of people to make LPs in the way that they did back in 2007. What does this mean? It means dying on camera and leaving it in. It means minimal editing. It means technical problems (although no extreme technical problems). It means just having a good time making a video without having to worry about ironing out every detail. You know, the way things used to be. And hopefully people will still tolerate it. If not, well, we tried something different and it didn't work. Wouldn't be the first time. Videos will be posted daily (this could change, but it probably won't). We have nine participants, each of which will be independently doing their own game. Each person will have their own OP that just basically describes what they did and why they did it. Clicking on the banner will link you to their OP. Videos will be maintained here, not in each person's individual OP, so check back here for updates. They'll also be at the top of the OP, for your non-reading convenience.

Anyway, there's other stuff that I could talk about, but the entire reason I made that video was to avoid a gigantic OP. If you're still confused after watching the video, well, that's what this thread was for. Feel free to ask.

(and for the record, yes, I remember everything I always say in the Sandcastle, and almost all of it's going to be violated here. Hypocrisy is my middle name!)

Onto the content!

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