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Immortal, The (NES)

by slowbeef

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Original Thread: This LP was part of the Devolution 2007 megathread!



Why I LPed it in 2007: It is a fun and overlooked game. It is I Wanna Be The Guy, only shorter, better made, and it doesn't rely on stolen copyrighted assets. The Immortal is more of a challenge than a game. It is made difficult, and with it, Will Harvey (the designer) is basically saying, "I made this to give you a hard time. Now good luck trying to finish it." Beyond that though, it's got a neat story, neat situations and it's just sorta fun.

Why I'm LPing it now: I never played the NES version past the first two or three rooms and I know the Genesis one like the back of my hand. While it's missing very gory fatalities, and the infamously creepy spider level, it has gained a lot more worm and fire traps. So there's that. You'll be seeing a somewhat blind run as I get stymied by minor changes in a game whose 16-bit cousin I pretty much have memorized.

What 2007 means to me: I wanted to say shit was less complicated, but you know what? In a lot of ways, it really wasn't. It's weird to think of yourself as "the old guard" in something that's like 3-4 years old, but shit's changed for the better and worse. What will Let's Play be like in 2011? You can read all about it in my upcoming book - "Let's Read" subtitled: "2007 - the Year of the VLP" and sub-subtitled: "This is as meta as it gets." Ghost written by Stephen King and Proton Jon. On the back of the book jacket you will see a picture of me holding up a bunch of controllers while a camera is on me, and the wires are all tangled and I'm sorta shrugging as if to say "I think I'm in over my head here!!!"


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