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Crayon Physics Deluxe

by Proteus4994

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Original Thread: This LP was part of the Devolution 2007 megathread!



Who says I can only do one LP in a thread?

Welcome to Crayon Physics Deluxe. I posted a brief video earlier in the thread, and didn't think I was going to LP it, but there you have it. This is an amazing little game that was released in January of 2009, although the original Crayon Physics (part of the Experimental Game Project) was made almost two years earlier. I didn't play it until the Steam indie game pack went on sale, but I fell in love almost immediately.

Unlike other puzzle games where you have to try to figure out the solution the autistic game designer came up with, you can do puzzles in CPD almost any way you want. The idea is pretty simple. You have pre-drawn objects on the screen, and you use your mouse to draw structures that get the ball to the star. Collect 120 stars, and the final level opens up. There's only 70 or 80 (I'm not sure) regular stars in the game, but you can get more by solving the puzzles under a set of restrictions that I'll talk about in the videos. The objects you draw are subject to the laws of physics, although it's not exactly a realistic physics simulation, and this is the key to solving most of the puzzles.

The game's pretty short once you learn a few of the tricks that I will undoubtedly be leaning on in some of the later levels. There's seven islands, and this will probably end up being nine videos. One for each island, a compilation video of some of my alternate solutions, and the final level. But enough of this poo poo, onto the videos:


Island 1 (Baldurdash | Viddler)
Island 2 (Baldurdash | Viddler)
The Original Crayon Physics (Psychedelic Eyeball)
Island 3 (Baldurdash | Viddler)
Island 4 (Baldurdash | Viddler)
Elegant/Old-School Solutions for Islands 1-3 (Baldurdash | Viddler)
Island 5 (Baldurdash | Viddler)
Island 6 (Baldurdash | Viddler)
Island 7 (Baldurdash | Viddler)
Elegant/Old-School Solutions for Islands 4-7 (Baldurdash | Viddler)
120 Star Island (Island 8) (Baldurdash | Viddler)

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