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Jurassic Park: Chaos Island

by Research Indicates

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Original Thread: This LP was part of the Devolution 2007 megathread!



Jurassic Park was really something wasn't it? Stunning CG and sets, an all star cast, a fantastic musical score, and directed by the best adventure movie director in the world. Sounds like a recipe for success so why not capitalize? Jurassic Park tshirts and lunchboxes, toys and comic books, themed food at restaurants. Pressure the author into writing a sequel just to make another movie. Produce ninetyleven Jurassic Park video games for every console on the market and let 'em fly. Don't worry about quality or playability, the name sells itself.

Of the many games made under the franchise, there are top down shooters, there are side scrolling platformers, there are first person shooters, there are adventure games, there are light gun arcade shooters, there are Sim games, and there are real time strategy games. This time around, we're looking at one of the RTS masterpieces to come out for the PC. Ladies and gents get ready for Jurassic Park: Chaos Island.

Chaos Island is a Command and Conquer style strategy game that only loosely follows the plot of The Lost World. While the cast is mostly the same, the rest of the game seems to be doing its own thing. InGen has mercenaries on the island who are killing all the dinosaurs in an effort to cover up the Isla Nublar incident. While in the movie the mercenaries and the protagonists form an uneasy truce towards the end to ensure their mutual survival, no such thing happens in the game. In fact, in later levels we will see the InGen team rolling around with 30+ jeeps and TANKS of all goddamn things.

2007 was a beautiful time for LPs. Originally I had intended to post my Trespasser LP in mid 2007 but midway through I lost my strategy guide and had my Amazon replacement stolen in the mail. I decided not to throw good money after bad and scrapped the whole project till 2008 when I started over and managed to finish the game. It would have been very 2007 of me to post what I had and abandon the thread but I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out in the end. Nothing like a terrible game and some average videos to entertain the masses of yesteryear.

While not a terrible game, Chaos Island suffers from a number of issues mainly revolving around being a pre-Starcraft RTS. I am of the opinion that a good VLP of an RTS cannot be done and this LP didn't change my mind. I hope you didn't get your hopes up.


Level 1-2 Viddler
Level 3 Viddler
Level 4 Viddler
Level 5 Viddler
Level 6 Viddler
Level 7 Viddler
Level 8 Viddler
Level 9 Viddler
Level 10 Viddler
Level 11 Viddler
Level 12 Viddler
Bonus Level Viddler

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