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Night Trap

by Mr. Swoon

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Original Thread: This LP was part of the Devolution 2007 megathread!


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Because I don't hate myself enough: Let's Play Night Trap

Night Trap, you'll be caught in the night, Night Trap ~ Excerpt from the hit song "Night Trap" from the Night Trap soundtrack as performed by Megan Night Trap.

I think I have a problem. That's the only way to explain why I keep doing this to myself. Back in '07, when I was young and naïve and full of hope, I LP'd the entire Tecmo's Deception series back to back. These games had a lot going for them; horrible plot, badly-named characters, and most importantly a mediocre game mechanic where you kill invaders by using an elaborate system of traps. Night Trap is almost a spiritual precursor to Deception.

In this FMV horror, you're a special agent whose job is to watch a bunch of teenage girls have a slumber party on camera. Also, you have to kill vampire ninjas that keep trying to sneak in to drain the girls of all their precious blood by using traps littered around the house. It's less fun than it sounds.

The actual gameplay involves flipping between a bunch of channels, waiting for something to happen, then pushing the B button at just the right moment. This leads to a lot of fuckups and having to play the whole game over and over again until you have the goddamn thing memorized. I will probably not be going that far. I'll play a lot of this and show off what I can, sure, but don't expect 100% completion for this thing. I'd rather not start my downward spiral just yet.

And on that happy note, here we go.


Video 1 - Viddler Dailymotion
Video 2 - Viddler Dailymotion
Video 3 - Viddler Dailymotion
Video 4 - Viddler Dailymotion

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