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Original Thread: Quantum Theory and Racism: Bioshock Infinite [VLP]

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Post-release of the first BioShock game Ken Levine and the gang at Irrational were already piecing together plans for another BioShock game. There may have even been scraps of Infinite around the studio while BioShock was under development but never the less, something was brewing. Immediately after release they began working on "Project Icarus", a codename used in their studio to avoid potential leaks. The worked on what would become Infinite for more than two years before making any sort of announcement. Soon, though, in 2010 they had finally announced the game. Fast-forwarding to early 2012, Irrational had announced a Fall 2012 release date and then over the course of 2012 had to continually push back the release date as they weren't happy with the state of the game. Irrational were luckily given complete freedom to work on their game for as long as necessary which likely contributed to how polished the final product feels.

One of the reasons BioShock Infinite not only looks so great in and of itself but also very different from previous BioShock games is because they essentially had to re-design assets from the ground up. Having moved to a new engine (Unreal 3) and having developed custom lighting and physics (like how Columbia is constantly bobbing up and down for example) and thus Infinite looks leagues better than BioShock 1 and 2 did while still maintaining that same visual flair known to the BioShock series.

During development Ken Levine worked closely with voice actors Troy Baker (Booker) and Courtnee Draper (Elizabeth) to develop their characters and ultimately to develop parts of the narrative. A practice known to be uncommon in games development. A lot of scenes in game were improvised and fleshed out through long recording sessions with the three of them. I'll get in to this more in another post but their close working leads to some extremely well done dynamics between characters rather than having actors in on separate days recording lines in solitary, much of it was recorded together, reacting to each other and acting out scenes rather than just recording a batch of lines.

Brainamp made a fantastic LP of the first BioShock:

Table of Contents

BioShock Infinite - Update 01: Hallelujah
BioShock Infinite - Update 02: Raffle & Fair
BioShock Infinite - Update 03: Murder of Crows (Bonus Content)
BioShock Infinite - Update 04: Siphon (Bonus Content)
BioShock Infinite - Update 05: No, he DOESN'T dance (Bonus Content)
BioShock Infinite - Update 06: The Boardwalk
BioShock Infinite - Update 07: En Route to the Hall of Heroes
BioShock Infinite - Update 08: Skyrim Reference!
BioShock Infinite - Update 09: Giftshop
BioShock Infinite - Update 10: The First Lady
BioShock Infinite - Update 11: Fortunate
BioShock Infinite - Update 12: Chen Lin
BioShock Infinite - Update 13: Shantytown (Bonus Content)
BioShock Infinite - Update 14: The Martyr
BioShock Infinite - Update 15: Fitzoy
BioShock Infinite - Update 16: Storm
BioShock Infinite - Update 17: Lady Comstock
BioShock Infinite - Update 18: Footsteps
BioShock Infinite - Update 19: A Prophet-able Bank
BioShock Infinite - Update 20: Her Mother's Daughter
BioShock Infinite - Update 21: Where We Lie
BioShock Infinite - Update 22: The Hand of the Prophet
BioShock Infinite - Update 23: Caged
BioShock Infinite - Update 24: AD
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