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Part 1: MEmento

BGM: Meditor
…Where am I?

Floating in a sea of nothing... Before, everything was dark. Now, I know that you're here. The thought is comforting. Please, don't go... not yet. I need you here. Right now.

...but it's useless, isn't it? I already know you'll kill me.

BGM: Silence

BGM: Medius

This is messed up, but it has to be done.

The seat the girl was sitting on was uncomfortable. It was the least of her worries, however. Hunched over, with her eyes closed, it was the perfect moment for introspection.

Pandora. That's my name. At least, that's my nickname. It's made of Pan and Doron. It's Greek; it means “all” and “gifted”, so “the all-gifted” or “the all-giving”... That's a really poor name, because I have nothing to give- just things to take.

She remained immobile, as if she was afraid of what was soon to come. Afraid of the unknown, afraid of failure, afraid of being afraid... every possible thing to be afraid of, all at once. In the room, two other people were alongside her, immobile. They already had their masks on, unlike the other girl. One vaguely resembled a rabbit, and the other, a wolf. The one next to the girl was similar to a bear in theme.

I think it's about time to put on the helmet. It won't be long before they wake up, and if I'm not ready by then... I'd rather not think about it.

The vision will be fixed once I connect to it. I can't see anything, because the cameras lining the exterior aren't linked yet. I can hack any helmet thanks to that, which lets me spy on others. I couldn't make this kind of thing myself- a guy programmed it all for me.

There's a lot of internal dialogue this time around, hence the second portrait- these are things not said aloud.

I'm Pandora, after all. I've been “Pandora” for years. ...Well, I better get to it. Time to activate this piece of junk.

BGM: Memini Meminisse

I don't think he really understood what these helmets were for. In a way, I'm glad that's the case. ...but it also means I'm gonna have to solve this kind of thing every time I want to spy on someone, huh? All I apparently have to do is to follow the instructions on the upper part of the interface... which is simple enough.

Enough flubbing around. I'll just take the hints if I need them, so I can finish this ASAP.

BGM: Mens Metis

One of the primary additions to this game that the original (and remake) did not have are puzzles such as this, which we will occasionally have to solve in order to progress. They're all functionally the same in that you have to arrange characters to form a solution, but the specifics are different for each one. (You can also toggle the option to auto-solve it after you've done so the first time, which is a nice addition as well).

For this LP, I will be posting the solution images (and the explanation for the answer) behind spoiler text, so that you can take a crack at it yourself first if you so desire. For the first puzzle, the solution is as follows:

This one is kind of self-explanatory- the solution is to literally make the word answer after the dot (with the leftover letters being in any order). It's basically the tutorial puzzle, you can't really expect it to be that tough :v:

BGM: Silence
...At least that was easy.

The text here slowly appears, scrolling up the screen with each line break.

BGM: Meridianus

One of the teens wore a helmet that loosely looked like a rabbit's head. It was a sharp contrast to the cheerleader outfit she was otherwise adorned with. Colorful and bright in aesthetics, one could only expect the girl wearing it to be just as cheerful and happy. Judging by what she was screaming, she was anything but cheerful or happy.

The other student wore a canine helmet. His clothing was strange, as if he was wearing one of those skin-tight suits from animated series.

You don't get to pick how and when you get kidnapped, so that's what he was wearing...

Their bickering continued, uninterrupted.

I'm not buying that. You two were sitting there, calm and peaceful like you owned the place, while I was going apeshit over here!

You're still going apeshit right now. Calm down, I was asleep, and I bet she still is. We must've been drugged.

Calm down? Do you even know who I am? You don't order around a girl like me.

Then we should introduce ourselves, miss Superiority Complex.

Unlike the more agitated rabbit girl, the wolf boy was still calm, studying his current surroundings without blowing anywhere the same fuss that she was.

Okay, then don't ask me if I know who you are.

The wolf boy thought about it, and came up with an alternative.

Bunny?! What are you talking about?

The mask you have, it kind of looks like a rabbit. It has two ears, see, here and there...

Yours looks like a wolf's head, I guess? That's it! You think you can just threaten me with that thing on, don't you?

The boy's tone made it extremely clear he was really getting tired of her lack of manners, which ultimately made her give up her stance on the matter.

...Whatever, fine- Superbia, that's my nickname. Is it fair enough?

Doesn't seem like there's anything super about that girl. Yikes!

The wolf boy thought about it for a moment. As the seconds passed, the girl grew increasingly agitated again.

Hey, you... you tricked me! Now you think you've got a leg up on me, don't you? Since you got my “name”, and I don't have yours, you think you know more than I do?!

No, shut up, I'm think-

Hey, no, but really, shut the fuck up!

Not expecting him to double down like that, the bunny girl froze in surprise. Apparently, he'd managed to shut her up for a time.

I'm trying to say that I'm thinking about it. You're not even hearing yourself, are you? I'm a shitty wolf? Look who's talking! Can you hit pause on bitchmode for a moment so I can even say my name? You know that we're in the same boat, right?

After that small outburst, he remained true to his earlier word, and shared his own information.

Yeah, well, fuck you too. As for Invidia... okay, that works I guess. Now what?

Now... I'm not sure.

Maybe it's time to say hi.

As their tones settled down, the girl wearing the bear-themed helmet reached forward onto the desk, as if trying to stand up.

BGM: Silence (The music cuts out abruptly here, as if it's been cut off)

BGM: ME Mori

That's ME. It's a fake representation of me, I guess. You could say it's my “avatar”.

From the moment that avatar spoke, time seemed to stand still.

Hello everyone, and welcome to your unfortunate but warranted prison. My name is ME, and meeting you at last is entirely my pleasure, I assure you. Please remain silent, as no one can hear you and this is a very important recording you will only hear once. It is shared to all nine of you, to keep the playing field fair.

As that honeyed voice flowed forth, the pose on the screen changed, as if to indicate a different emotion. However, the tonality was unchanging, clashing with what was shown.

The helmet you wear is very special. If you attempt to remove it, you will be surrending your right to live. So I would please urge you not to do that!

BGM: Silence

BGM: ME Mori
The avatar's tone grew colder with those words, but it was back to normal as quickly as it had first changed.

I understand it is very uncomfortable, but if you wish to get rid of it, you'll have to follow my instructions later. For the time being, you are stuck with it. Now, very important fact: I am merely an image that represents someone in your group. Your goal in this game... is to kill me. To that effect, the game we will play is called, you guessed it, “Kill ME”.

Unfortunately, your time is not infinite... you have a total of six hours to bring about my death. Should the allotted time expire, you will all surrender your right to live. The thought is so very unbearable... Ah, speaking of time limits... when you are in a room like this one, your time limit is shortened to 39 minutes.

In these first rooms, all three groups will have to figure out what links all of you together. Don't worry; I made it a little easy, because the time will have been ticking down to 30 minutes while I spoke.

See, I am fair... as long as you obey the rules.

The chilling stare made its appearance once more, only to be replaced with her normal, kinder eyes afterwards.

Don't worry! As soon as you figure out the answer, simply say: “Let ME out!” followed by the answer, and the door will automatically come unlocked. Unfortunately, if your answer is wrong, the one who said it will surrender their right to live. I trust you understand this means that if you senselessly scream for me to let you out, you will merely die, so please do not do it!

Or do it if you want. If you animals value your lives so little, then be my guest.

Make absolutely sure to collect the keycards and any weird keys you find here. To disable cheating, you are not allowed to take any item out with you that isn't in one of the final containers of these Deduction Rooms. I'll see you later.

BGM: Membrana
Following that crazy recording, the screen was replaced with the normal view of the classroom.

Everything is going more or less as planned. Phew.

Finally, one of them spoke up again, even though they weren't in any state of mind to fully register what the artificial lunatic had told them.

Yeah! What is even going on here? I don't get any of it, and that girl is some creepy shit...

I have to admit this wake-up call is a little... unexpected. Anyway, there's no time for screwing around. ME said there was only half an hour before we die in this room, and I honestly don't want to test that claim. We have to leave, pronto.

ME? Right, that girl's name. Fine, whatever... like hell I'm dying here... But what about you, little girl? Would you mind finally giving us a nickname to call you by, too?

Bunny girl?! Fuck off with that already!

Look, you're wearing that, and it's not going to change any time soon.

The two of them patiently awaited an answer.

Being locked in here with these two would be stressful and terrifying, if I didn't know better.

Actually, now that I think about it... funny, I can't remember my name. I'm too young to have Alzheimer's yet, but what about you, grumpyface?

And you, we're running out of time here! Spit out your name already, holy shit!

Apparently, playing the part of the fearful girl seems to be kinda working; neither of them is suspecting anything. Though... it's making that idiot sandwich even more annoyed, which is either bad, or really great.

A small sound came from the smaller girl, but the two others only stared at each other in confusion. Superbia eventually threw her hands in the air and decided to leave the two of them alone for a while. Despite the timer going down, things calmed a little after her departure.

BGM: Medius

He leaned towards her, as if waiting for her to answer. Another tiny sound came from the girl's helmet, which naturally distorted their voices thanks to the sound modulator inside each of them.

Ancora; that's what I heard.

That... that's right. It's Ancora, Ancora's my nickname.

Another made-up nickname to hide behind. It's necessary, just like how I have to make sure nobody can find out I'm behind this. However... things could get dicey later.

Following that introduction...

I mentioned it in the OP, but I'll re-cover it here; unlike the first game, the flowchart is a lot more tricky in the second game, to the point it's very easy to accidentally get yourself onto an ending you've already seen repeatedly if you don't know what you're doing. (After we get our first ending, I'll show it off and explain more about what the parameters are for the branches). As such, I'm not going to be taking votes this time around, unfortunately, to ensure we can get every ending without any delays or wasted time.

For this first choice, since we've just introdced ourselves to Invidia, we should probably go check on Superbia and introduce ourselves. :v:

Invidia stepped aside, understanding she wanted to introduce herself to their rabid companion.

Hey, I told Invidia my name. It's Ancora.

Ancora, huh? Weird name. Anyway, stay out of my way, I'm gonna open the door.

Doing good on her word, Superbia reached for the handle, and...

Ah, fuckwad! The door's actually locked!

Despite the lack of facial features, it was easy to see she was getting worked up again. Unable to resist, Invidia chimed in from the sidelines.

Stupid, stupid! We can't even leave for real. If anybody told me I would be stuck in some dumb classroom with a bunch of idiots to play a stupid game...

Superbia tried to twist the handle in vain. It wasn't going to work.

Fuck! I was so sure it was just a dumb fucking joke!

All the more reason to hurry, then. We don't have any time- three minutes already went by. We can sort all other information later. When you're both done trying to open the door, join me.

Ancora agreed with Invidia.

Yeah... I don't know what this is all about, but our first priority is to leave, so... we should start looking around.

Invidia set off to explore the room and see what he could find. Before Superbia could join him, Ancora stopped her for a moment.

What do you want?

I can't recall my name, and I think Invidia can't, either, so I was wondering if you...

If I was a loser, too?

Making fun of Ancora, Superbia acted as if she was telling her to talk to the hand.

Right, well, I guess not, then...

Not bothering to wait for an answer, Superbia left Ancora alone. The timer in their helmets read 27 minutes remaining.

It's more than enough time. Obviously, I already know what's going on, and what links all of us here, but I can't skip any steps. If I thought about it too much, it would jeopardize the operation, and I'd be found out. It's best to just focus on the search in the room.

It's also possible to check the cubicles in the back, to see everything that's been found. A bit like an inventory of sorts.

BGM: Mendosus

So yeah, it's basically the same as the Active Search system that was implemented in the remake of the first game, but with the rooms actually being designed from the ground up with this kind of exploration in mind this time. There's no map in this game, however, but instead we have an actual inventory now, so I think that's a fair trade. :v: Additionally, rooms actually have multiple angles now, sometimes! The upsides just keep coming!

For this investigation, I'm going to start by looking at the door on the right.

Strange, the handle doesn't turn. I mean, I already knew it was locked.

There's a slot for a key under it. Do you think what ME said was a lie?

What else could it be for?

Beats me. One thing's for sure: we can't leave yet. There's even a large metal plate covering the entire window in the door.

A lot of things in this game let you examine them twice, so I'll be including that whenever the second examination is worth mentioning. For example, if we examine the door a second time...

This door is still locked. Wait, there's something here...

What did you find?

A coin? That's so random...

Yeah, I wonder...

The coin was added to their inventory at the back of the room.

You can check the inventory at any point during one of these exploration segments, and there's even the ability to combine objects together. Each item has its own description, mostly to remind you of where you found it. I'll only show or mention any descriptions that have something new or interesting attached, such as the other object already in our inventory, which is described as follows:

Neato. :v: Anyway, next thing to examine is the lamp.

This lamp seemed strange from the very moment I looked at it. It's not the lamp that's strange, though... it's the light.

There's something in there... Fine, I'll grab it for you. Shortie.

The shorter one crossed her arms in slight annoyance, while Superbia grabbed the object to fish it out of the lamp, standing on her tiptoes to reach it.

Oof, oof, oof! That's hella hot!

Due to the scalding temperature of the object from being so close to the light bulb, Superbia dropped it to the ground. Ancora reached for it before deciding against it.

I don't know, but at least we found it. I'll take it to the shelves in the back.

Superbia competitively stepped onto the object.

No way, that's my cylinder now, whatever it's used for.

Didn't you say it was too hot to touch yet, anyway?

Yep, a trait it shares with yours truly, so please vacate my new property.

Well, whatever, just make sure to bring it with the rest, so we can have a look at all the things we found. Huh, look, there's a slot on one end too, like something's made to be inserted in there.

Another trait it shares with Superbia.

The rabbit-themed girl walked off the object to go yell some obscenities at Invidia. In the meantime, Ancora grabbed the cylinder and took it over to the shelves in the back.

The cabinet next to the lamp is completely empty, even upon a second viewing. The trash can next to that, however...

Suit yourself, but we have to look everywhere.

No, we don't have to look in there.

Are you this afraid of trash?

Clearly not, since I'm talking to you. Look again, genius! The bin is empty, there's just no point.

And what about underneath the bin?

There's nothing there, either! Who would be so stupid as to hide something under a garbage bin?

:v: Well, there was this one time we had a gun...

Yes, I did check! What's up with these twenty questions?

So you did put your hands in there, in the end.

I'll put the back of my hand on your face if you don't shut up.

How? This mask is in the way.

Stop, I'm out! I'm walking away from this bin right now!

Ancora watched from the sidelines.

That's a lot of animosity over essentially nothing.

Similar to the cabinet, the chalkboard is a complete dead-end; not even any kind of interesting conversation. The bookshelf, however...

There's nothing in there.

How do you know? What about all those books?

Watch and learn.

The rabbit-themed girl reached for one of the books. Then she pulled and... the entire row came out with her grip.

Wow, what the heck?

Not surprising, but, well, gotta play the part I guess?

They're fakes. Not a single book in there is real.

Exactly. Take that, book nerds.

If we re-examine the bookshelf, Ancora has some thoughts:

Some of these have pretty funny titles, even if they're fakes. “How to Raise your Eye-Q by Kidnapping Gifted Children”... “No-One Has to Fly”... “Celsius 233”... “Complete Study on Noematics”... Okay, that last one's not that funny, but what's a “noematic”?

How about the projector?

Classrooms use these things to show movies and whatever else.

I like watching movies in class.

Unfortunately, we can't reach it- even Superbia is not tall enough. We'd need a stepladder.

Or a ladder.

That's what I said.

Not at all! Ladders and stepladders are...

Look, we really have no time for this, at all.

:v: References to other games aside, all that's left to look at here is the larger cabinet.

Forget it, I already tried. None of them open- all locked.

Well... in that case, did you try looking behind or under?

You know, you're smarter than you look- I hadn't thought of that yet.

Invidia crouched, peeking under the lockers and spying an empty area. Reaching into it, he eventually pulled out an item.

Let's try it somewhere else then, Einstein.

That's a good guess coming from you, but I don't think my name has anything to do with Einstein.

It's a figure of speech, whatever.

Invidia made sure the key was kept safe on the box shelves in the back of the room.

Before we check out the other side of the room, let's talk to our companions first, starting with Superbia.

What is it?

The mid-investigation conversations have been cleaned up a bit this time, in that you actually get to pick the topic of conversation sometimes!

-About ME...

About the girl in the helmet...

What about her? She's called ME, and she spoke at me earlier. At, because it wasn't really a convo, right? All she did was tell me to die.

Well, that's a little unfair.

I wouldn't really put it that way...

Should I tell her I graciously accept, and that I'll be there on time? When she says to jump, you ask “how high”, don't you?

Well... no... but she didn't tell us to die. In fact, there was a weird concern over us, I think.

Does it matter? The point is: she's been telling me what to do.

That fact did make Superbia look slightly upset, for all that Ancora could see of her.

Do you know what happened to the last guy who tried to tell me what to do?

What... happened to him?

BGM: Silence

Time stood still as she admitted it. Ancora wasn't sure what she should feel about it.

BGM: Mendosus
I'm kidding, you dunce. Man, it's so hard to know if you're taking it as a joke or not with that helmet covering your face. Look, our timer's ticking, we really don't have time for any of this.

Okay, I understand.

Any other wastes of time?

Asking if they have any ideas is essentially for if you're stuck on a room and need a hint to continue, but there's usually nothing noteworthy included when you ask- just a 'hey what should I do' 'have you looked at X?' type back and forth. Therefore...

Uhh, never mind.

Sure, whatever.

Next, Invidia.

Be quick, our time's short.

-About ME...

About the girl in the helmet...

Like what?

I don't really want to say... It's kind of personal. Maybe I'll tell you later, if this whole thing isn't a farce, and we're still alive by then. What about you- can you remember stuff yet?

It's not like it's been forgotten for real.

No... I'm trying to think about it, but it's like there's a wall.

You and I both, then. I wonder if Superbia is doing any better.

You and me both, you mean.


Oh, nothing. I guess we should go back to searching...

Anything else you wanna talk about?

Uhh, never mind.

Alright, let's check out the other view of the room now.

Some of the stuff, like the cabinet or the bookshelf, are the same regardless of which angle you examine them from. That strange crate on the ground, however, is new...

Look at this box... Doesn't it feel grossly out of place?

What kind of classroom has random metal boxes lying around?

Yeah, that's... exactly the point I just made, Superbia. Very attentive, I see.

What do you think is in there?

I don't know, but it looks really heavy.

Invidia reached around it, grabbing onto the sides to attempt to lift it. He gave up after a few seconds, already panting from the effort.

That's not fair, you know! People don't all have the same weight.

Let's just go with averages, then. The point of the matter is... it's not doable by any of us, for sure.

Are you sure you're not just masking your incapability to lift?

Invidia shrugged, not wanting to get into a fight over it or anything.

There's a keypad on one of the sides, but I can't think of what we could enter there.

Maybe it's for later, then.

Next up, the painting.

Are you sure it's a painting? It looks stuck against the wall; no matter how much I try pulling it off, feels like its hiding something underneath.

Yeah, but the cover itself is a painting, anyway. See, it's painted, and it even has some 3D elements...

Superbia dragged her hand along the surface of the painting before removing it just as quickly when a circular piece broke into her fingers.

...that's your only worry here?

Invidia sighed in disbelief.

Either way, look at the corners, there are several differently-shaped holes in the frame.

Great, putting things in holes. I outgrew that when I was like two years old.

Might be worth keeping all this in mind after we figure out what to do with it. Mind bringing the circle over to the shelves?

Superbia shrugged with disgust, flinging the circle over to the shelves. It landed in one of them, thankfully on one of its flat ends.

The student's desk in the middle has nothing of note, but the teacher's desk, on the other hand...

Think we'll find anything in them?

Nuts, the first one opens, but it's empty, and the second one's locked. Let's see if the key we found fits here... Bingo, here we go! What's in here, then?

Looks more like a triangular prism to me, since it's a 3D shape.

Oh, shut up, you know what I meant!

Either way, we should bring all this over to our shelves, so we don't lose them. Look, there's a weird slot on the end of this prism.

I guess something goes in there, then.

Invidia held onto the objects. Ancora didn't care to grab the key back, but Invidia took it anyway.

It's been used already, no point in taking it back.

There's also a cabinet underneath the drawers.

That one's not locked, so let's have a look inside...

I don't recall anything like that, myself. If it's here, though, then it has a link to us, doesn't it?

Let's keep it in mind and look around some more.

Invidia brought the newspaper clipping with the rest of their stuff in the back of the room.

We can investigate the desk one more time, but...

These drawers are now as empty as my pockets on the day they serve us pizza in the cafeteria.

I love pizza... but this isn't the time for that, anyway.

There's no working phone here, and stop making me feel hungry!

:v: Anyway, we have a new key, and we've already examined everything in the room, so we already know what to use it on: the metal cabinet against the wall.

Maybe a key we found will help with this, now.

She inserted the key in the locker to open the first compartment... but it was empty.

Ah, nuts! Nothing in here at all.

Try the others, too. Maybe it'll work on more than one lock.

Ancora went ahead and attempted to unlock the other drawers, which found a moderate amount of success. In one of them, she found a rectangular prism. All the others were empty.

Another one of those prisms. When I shake it, I can feel there's something inside.

Small things come in big packages, huh.

Hey, I just noticed the prism has a weird slot on one of its ends, too, like the others. What's that all about? At any rate, let's leave it in the back.

And with that, we have everything we can find in this room! Time to solve the puzzle.

First things first, we “combine” the circle from the painting with the round prism.

By making clever use of the large circular object in the slot of the prism, the group slid its cap right off. Inside was a smaller cylinder... and a printed picture.

That's a website of some variety. The address reads “”. The title of the page says “My Emptiness” and there's a list of names- nine of them.

Pandora, Tristitia, Invidia, Ira, Superbia, Gula, Luxuria, Avaritia, and... Ancora.

...this kind of rings a bell.


The circle from the painting can also be used to open the triangular prism.

Inside was a smaller triangular prism... and a piece of paper.

It reads... huh, it's a text message. “7PM back of school left bin brown bag.” What does that mean?

Clearly, they're instructions. I know this, anyway- it's a pack of drugs, generally left in a hidden area so nobody but the recipient can find it.

And how would you know that?

I have a friend who's an addict.

Not very reputable, if you ask me.

Whatever, I'm not here to talk about my life. Anything about who sent this?

Hmm... I suppose we should keep that in mind.

The square and hexagonal prisms have a narrow slot, so the circle from the painting won't work- instead, we have to use the coin from the door. Starting with the square prism...

Using the small coin, the group managed to pry the rectangular prism open. Inside was a small cube... and a newspaper clipping.

This is an article about the principal of a school being arrested over charges of murder. According to what's written, he was delirious, and kept blaming delinquents or something.

Hearing all that gives me the chills. We might as well put it with the rest of the stuff we found.

The chills? That's some thin skin you got there. And whatever that guy did, good riddance. It's best for everyone if he stays locked up.

And lastly, the coin and the hexagonal prism.

Inside was a smaller hexagonal prism... and a piece of paper.

It's written “A FAKE WITH PIGTAILS”.

What the heck does that mean?! My pigtails aren't fucking fake, you dead tree leftover!

It's got to be the least useful thing we found here, but... I don't know, I feel weird reading that.

Doesn't matter to me.

And with that, we have all four shapes opened! In turn, we also now can interact with the painting again...

The shapes we found all look like they could go in the corners of this painting.

Let's try them, then. First, the cylinder goes into the circle...

Oh, come on, matching shapes is so easy even your mom could do it. Let me do it.

The rabbit girl snatched all of the shapes out of Invidia's hands to push them in each indentation one by one. When all four were open, the painting opened slightly, revealing a largely empty compartment.

Hey, there's stuff inside! Let's see...

Hey, look, it's a Cool S. You know, they're all over the place; graffiti in the bathrooms, painted here and there... anywhere, really.

There was also a sheet of paper.

This paper is pretty straight. It says... “Welcome to My Emptiness”. Is it related to...

Yeah, probably. Does it say anything else?

Nope, but there's another thing in here, gimme a sec...

So... is that it? Didn't you say something about a lock on the door earlier, will this work?

I don't know... Let's give it a shot, but I'm doubtful.

Their attempts to unlock the door didn't work. The key did not actually fit in the lock at all. It was far too big.

We don't have a lot of time left. Feel free to look around the room some more, but when you're ready, let's gather back at the door.

There's now a nice, handy-dandy 'get the fuck out of here' button when we return to the first view of the room, since we've found basically everything we need to escape- this is just in case you forgot to look at something and want to get the flavor text, I guess. In any case...

Either of you figured out what links us here yet?

Well... first of all, what are we?

We're clearly aliens.

No, not like that. Stop being stupid. I meant what we do in life; we're students, right? I clearly recall coming here before.

That makes sense to me.

What about you, Ancora? Got an idea about why we're here? What connects us?

:v: This is the tutorial room, so it makes sense that both of our companions' brains fell out at some point to let the player go through the motions in full, but come on now.

They're never gonna say it on their own, huh? I guess dying if you get it wrong isn't really appealing. There's no choice, then. Good ol' Ancora is gonna have to step in.

The girl stepped forward, towards the door, inhaling deeply as if preparing herself to speak it out. The two others stopped all talking and listened.

Let ME out! What links us is...

They let you re-examine the inventory if you need to remind yourself about something, which is a nice detail. :v: However, I don't need that this time, because the answer is...

….My Emptiness!

As soon as the words left her mouth, a click came from the door. The three of them looked at each other.

Oh... you didn't die, apparently.

Of course not; it was the answer! Were you really hoping for the opposite...?

And what about the metal box behind the desk? It didn't have any purpose!

Yeah, I'm curious too, but we have to go. We only have a few minutes left until we die.

Remembering what had been told to them, Invidia grabbed the old key, and walked out of the room after motioning towards the shelves at Ancora. Doing good at Invidia's motion, Ancora remained inside for only another moment in order to nab the strange keycards from the shelves.

There's nothing else important in it now, since it's just the bare minimum to make sure nobody gets sidetracked while exploring these rooms.

Since remaining here was useless and dangerous, the girl followed the others. As each of them left the room, their timers turned off, one by one.