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Original Thread: Do You Know About the "Cool S"? - Let's Play Birth ME Code



If they're deadly sins.... then they should all die.
I'm more merciful than that. Three of you will live.
Your goal in the game is to kill ME...

Six hours. One school. Six deaths. You are Pandora, the mastermind behind a game where everyone puts their life on the line. Your goal is simple: you must figure out who the traitor is and kill them, and then end the game before someone figures out you are the one behind their abduction and kills you. Will you manage to manipulate everyone's trust to fulfill your plans? Or will you fail and be erased? Even the mastermind behind a death game does not always know how the events will go...


Birth ME Code is a 2020 visual novel by a creator by the name of Miracle Moon. It is the second game in the 'Abime' series, the third of which is currently in development at the time of this post. It is, for the most part, a one-man operation (excluding the art and music), and the series as a whole takes heavy inspiration from Zero Escape. Most people consider this one to be an improvement over the first game in the series, and what little we've heard about the third game definitely seems like it has the potential to be the best in the series... or, you know, will end up crashing and burning spectacularly :v:

:siren: If you have not played the original, I've done an LP of the first game, Head AS Code, found here. You absolutely should read this because while this is not a direct sequel, there are still connections and this thread will assume you know the events of the first game. :siren:

I'm LPing this (and LP'd the prequel) because I really legitimately think these VNs have a lot of heart to them, even if it's definitely lower-budget (and more flawed) by comparison. Similar to both Zero Escape and the prequel, this game makes use of a flowchart system; that said, unlike the prequel, this game has a significantly tighter flowchart that is exceptionally finicky (to the game's detriment, as a lot of reviews can attest) so unlike the first game, there won't really be any choices for the thread to vote on this time, to avoid stalling out- the reason for this is explained after we reach the first ending in this LP.

If you have played this VN already, please do not spoil anything. Obviously, speculation is fine (though if you feel it might be something you've figured out way earlier than a reveal, you might want to spoiler it anyway just to be safe). That said, anything involving characters or events from the first game is fair game because, again, I've already LP'd that one, this thread will be operating under the assumption that you've either played the first game or read the LP of it.

I do request you not mention/post anything about the third game just yet, though; after this LP is done, I'll probably make a separate post showing everything we know so far, and once the third game releases (whenever that is) I'll definitely do an LP of it at that point.

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