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Part 50: The First Recording

Now that we've beaten the game (and seen the hidden message), the flowchart's actually updated to include a few more secret nodes, ones that aren't part of the main game paths. These weren't in the game at launch, and instead have been patched in every so often by the creator. (A note: these are from a perspective we do not know the identity of for certain yet, only that it is in italics - which I've replicated in the rest of these bonus updates. Sorry if this causes any confusion! :kiddo:) We're going to be exploring the first one of those in this update- specifically, this one is linked to the first Deduction room we ever did...

BGM: Silence

BGM: Meditor
This is a recording. If the time on file didn't lie, this recording began a little after the beginning of the Kill ME game. Apparently, it's the first of three recordings. How did I get access to these recordings, you ask? I don't know. Suddenly, one of them became “unlocked”. I don't know what that means.

I better open this one. Let's start it and see what's inside.

BGM: Meridianus
The view flickered a few times, as it settled onto a classroom. It was six minutes, almost seven past the hour. There were three figures in the room. The first visible one was a large boy with a horse helmet. I knew who that was: Tristitia. Alongside him was another, also a boy: Ira.

This is most likely Ityne's team. I guess right now, she's going to be called Avaritia. Wait, this is the second team- the team with the robots, right?

I couldn't be sure. Instead, I watched as things were happening on the screen, recorded from Avaritia's helmet.

You'd think waking up in a classroom, being locked in, and then told our helmets would be a permanent addition until we escaped from here would get a stronger reaction out of you. But no, you're more interested in that door.

I'm not so weak-minded as to panic in a situation like this. I'm only examining our way out.

The horse boy was examining the door. His hands tried to dislodge his helmet, but he couldn't.

They're all awake. I assume ME already gave her speech, since they're all awake and already looking around the room.

Did you not get the recording sent by the mastermind behind our abduction?

I have. I was just not sure if this was true or not.

I'm not nervous. You're the one who's stuttering, probably because you tried to take that helmet off just now, and ME warned you. No, in fact, I think I'm perfectly fine with this. It's a one-in-a-lifetime chance to take part in something otherworldly.

You're speaking nonsense. Let's just get the stuff we have to find in here and escape promptly. Do you agree, Ira?

Y-yes. I want to get out ASAP t-too.

BGM: Mendosus
Avaritia moved away from Tristitia to look at the lamp near the door. Ira split from them too, instead observing the desks and the cubicle shelves in the back.

T-there's a weird prism on the shelves.

Leave it there. We should use it to consolidate what we find.

Suit yourself if you want, I don't really care.

Tristitia was getting a little annoyed at how they disregarded his earlier thought. He walked up to Avaritia after Ira moved the hexagonal prism to the teacher's desk and vacated the immediate area.

Don't you understand? This place... it's a kidnapping, and we're wearing strange helmets. I bet they have all sorts of functions we can't see. Maybe they'll allow us to gain memories or something. Maybe they're linked. We might be able to acquire some sort of otherworldly capability. What if we were able to peek into the minds of those who wear the other helmets?

...all this sounds very strange to me.

I still couldn't tell if this was Ityne. If it was, she played her role very well. Avaritia was always a no-nonsense kind of woman.

Why would that be the case? I think its far likelier that the helmets we wear are only used as a deterrent to stop us from disobeying the mastermind. Isn't that a more grounded thought?

Hmm... I thought I might've convinced you, since you seem like a grown adult with a good head on your shoulders. Let's just say our other companion is... not so mentally elevated.

He cast a glance towards Ira, who was lifting desk after desk to look underneath, even if he'd have gotten the same result by crouching and taking a look like that.

While that may be the case, don't quickly disregard the others you'll meet, especially if you might spend a while in their company. And by the way, please don't treat me like I'm so much older.

I found this cylinder. Please search things too. If you do nothing, and only talk about nonsense, I won't hesitate to throw you to the dogs if it comes to it.

Tristitia realized it was in his best interest to participate in the search. He left the immediate area after grumbling something, and began looking around the bookshelves. Avaritia deposited the cylinder she found onto the desk, where she met with Ira again.

That's two. I wonder h-how many we'll find...

Did you see the painting on the wall over there?

Uh... yeah, I d-did just now.

What do you think is so special with it?

I think we'll find four. I don't know why they have these strange slots on the ends. What about you- do you have an idea?

Maybe we can put... s-something in! That could u-unlock them. There's this b-border, see?

He grabbed the cylinder and showed it to the teacher. Indeed, a few centimeters down from the top, there was a lighter-colored border.

The top is like a b-bottle cap, then. Maybe if I just...

Don't do this. You might damage the container, and then what's inside won't help us.

Oops! W-well, I didn't destroy it. I think I might be able to open them all like this.

Ugh... Why am I stuck with this idiot...?

H-hey, that's not very nice to say to someone who just gave you a ticket out of h-here.

Just don't break things by mistake, okay?

She gave up on opposing him and instead only asked him to do the minimum to conserve the state of the objects. Tristitia came by them again while Ira was breaking the hexagonal prism open.

That's not too bad. Good idea. I didn't even realize there were things inside of these. Either way, I also found a key.

Did you try it on the lockers?


You saw the metal box too, didn't you?



I can't open it. There's a little keypad on the other side. Whoever knows the code can open it, I suppose. Otherwise, we can't do it. It's also heavy, don't try to lift it.

By the time she was done explaining that, Ira was done opening the hexagonal prism, too. He quickly went over to the box and lifted it like it was nothing.

Heh. T-that's my specialty!

I-it will be life-threatening if you don't s-shut up.

He dropped the box, which made a solid, heavy noise when it collided with the ground. The team of three kept away from it, since they couldn't open it.

So, Ira lifted it as effortlessly as “I” did. That means he must be one of those... Ex Machinas, whatever they're called. This is indeed Ityne, then.

Amassing the pieces of paper, the other prisms, and the newspapers, the group was pondering on their meaning. All three of them had scoured the information.

Drugs, an arrest, and murder. Is this meant to point out crimes we committed?

A-are you involved in any of that?

No. I know some people are, though. Namely, our names- they're from a website I managed.

Is it the website on that one paper?

Yes. It's Although it's written “the sin emptiness”, I originally meant it as “the S in Emptiness”...

T-that's way more obscure, you know. For someone who c-claims they're smart, you can be pretty d-dumb too sometimes.

Shut up. Avaritia, did you find something?

Yes. We have two keycards of some variety here.

Tristitia went over to them, taking them both. He looked at them, apparently trying to play “spot the difference”. The two cards were exactly the same. He handed one over to Ira.

W-what is that thing?

It would fly over your head, don't worry about it.

Ira balled his hands into fists, looking very displeased about Tristitia's casual dismissal.

I guess I'll take the key, then.

Reaching inside, she also took out the small piece of paper, on which were written the words “Welcome to My Emptiness”. Tristitia stared at it for a while, from the side. Ira grew impatient as the two of them remained silent.

What's with the h-hold up? What does it say?

It says, “Welcome to My Emptiness”. I can't help but notice that it's the same name as... Huh? As what? I don't remember this very well...

Oh yeah! I k-know that, too!

All of our names appear on that list from the website. If the list of names is made of all the nicknames of the members of My Emptiness, then we're a part of it. Is that what links us together?

Could be. Do you want to take your chances and say it at the door?

I don't especially want to do it, but I trust this is the right answer.

Ira nudged the two of them over to the box.

What about this thing? A-aren't we supposed to open it?


He split from them, looking dejected. This guy wasn't going to say the answer to leave the room, that was certain. It was down to Tristitia or Avaritia.

So, will you do the honors, or will I?

Just to be sure, the answer is “My Emptiness”, right?


Let ME out! What links us together is My Emptiness!

A small click from the door signaled the answer was correct. The three of them had escaped well under the time limit, thanks to Ira's handling of the prisms.

Without the courtesy of letting the lady lead the charge, he vanished beyond the door. Tristitia waited, unsure if he should head out too. He made up his mind, and was about to leave, when Avaritia's arm shot out to stop him by grabbing his shoulder.

What's this all about, then?

BGM: Memini Meminisse
Before we go, tell me more about your... delusions.

They're not delusions, for one. But very well, I'll talk!

He seemed far too giddy about the prospect of sharing his idea with the older woman. Her interest in his words did strike me as odd, which only further proved this was Ityne.

She wants to know what he's talking about to see if he has his memories or something?

It's like those games I've played before. Either someone took inspiration from them, or they were meant to guide me to this place, to this time. Something wild will happen, provided I can survive until then. Is it about espers? Is it about aliens? Is it something else entirely? I cannot wait for the grand exposition.

W-what are you talking about? Espers? Aliens? Are you p-psycho?

Ira called out from the hallway as Tristitia's tone became louder out of sheer eagerness.

Please contain your noisy excitement to avoid him disrupting our conversation at the very least, and tell me what you know without the imagery.

Okay, okay...

He brushed the back of his head with a hand, as if composing himself anew, until he realized his helmet was in the way and stopped.

What does your father do?

He was a scientist. I can remember that much. He worked for...

You two c-coming out yet, or what?

Ira interrupted the boy again. Avaritia gave an annoyed click of her tongue.

It won't be long, just give us a second. Go look around the place for us.

Anyway, I forgot what it was. He worked for someone, a company... It was called... E... E-something.

Yes, the Empty S, we already knew that. Why is this recording here? Is this meant to give some information or another? It's finally more interesting than just Ityne's escape, at least.

Right. We should head out, since as I recall, there's a timer in this room.

He walked to leave, and Avaritia followed him, grabbing his wrist before he opened the door. He turned his head towards her.

Anything else?

Your father, what was his name?

She's very insistent on gaining information about his father. What's this all about? Is it important, somehow? But his father's dead, from what he said.

You speak as if you know he's dead.

No, you said it as if it was in the past, so I just assumed. Is he not?

Obviously, he's gone. As for his name, if I remembered, I'd tell you. Sadly, I currently can't even remember my own name, least of all his.

If you insist...

He pulled away from her grasp and finally left the room. Alone in it, Avaritia crossed her arms.

I need to get that name... All the records have been wiped. This kid knows about the Abime, too... That must've been why his father was removed. I know he was directly working on the Abime. If they can't even remember their names, maybe the dosage was too big. A stupid mistake.

She was speaking in a hushed tone, as if the words were meant for her own self only. Finally, she left the room.

BGM: Medius
When she stepped through, she saw Tristitia examining some metal plates at the back of the hallway. Ira was trying to look through the windows, even if they were blocked off.

He pushed onto them, but the plates held strong.

We can't make it through there. How wonderful.

Am I really the only one who's eager to see how things go from here on out? We're participating in something completely otherworldly... A side of society only a handful have ever seen will be open to us.

Y-you're still being a psycho right now, man...

No, that's not what being a psychopath means, you dumb musclehead. Oh!

He snapped his fingers and turned to look at Avaritia again. Ira disregarded him after his insult, which Avaritia didn't seem to care about, as her focus was entirely on Tristitia.

My father's name, I remember.

He was about to say something else, but he couldn't get another word out. Another door opened down the hallway. The three of them straightened out, as a tall girl with a rabbit head walked out of that classroom.

BGM: Meditor
And this is where the recording cuts, but I know how things go past this point. So Tristitia's father is named Zachary? That's the person Ityne's looking for. Wait, isn't there some kind of contradiction...? Something to think about, I guess.

What exactly is the Abime, anyway? I also wonder about what is inside the other recording, which is set to much later. And the most mysterious one of the bunch seems to not even have a date on it... It seems they'll unlock later. When? Hopefully soon. Until then, I'll wait.

It's so... cold here... So cold... How long do I have to wait? I need to get out of here soon. I need to get out, even if it kills me...