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Part 51: INTERVIEW: Tristitia

The next segments to be added (in a later patch after the one from last update) involve the lock nodes, as they have now become segments- specifically, they are a series of interviews with each individual character. Most of the questions in these interviews were provided/determined by the creator's Patreon; whether this was a good idea is, uh, up to personal interpretation :v:

At the time of this LP, there has not been any indication that these interviews should be considered canonical as events (though the information given during them is canon), but until the third game is out we can't rule anything out completely :v: The interviews are given by an unshown, undescribed person listed as 'EM', who is part of the ES Branch of the Empty S; that said, lacking any kind of characterization or visuals, I've thrown together my own portrait for them. We can probably assume they aren't going to be relevant to the broader story, but, again, until the third game comes out, we can't rule things out completely :v:

BGM: Meridianus

I'm afraid that's none of your concern. I have here a list of questions I have to ask you.

This seems unorthodox. You would let me roam free despite that?

Make no mistakes, you are not free. However, we will be setting you free eventually. First, we need these questions answered as formality.

I suppose I don't really have a choice.

I don't think people who reveal their personal information will get very far. What if you misuse it?

If we wanted to do that, we already have everything on paper. We wouldn't need you to answer this inquiry.

So you're not after my credit card information?

Please stop asking questions of your own, and answer what you're asked.

Etienne Schmidt, student I guess. Do I have to name the school, too?

No, this is fine. What is your birthday?

Again, we already have this information. If anything untoward was to be done, it already has been.

How can I trust your word?

After all this is done, I'll let you in on a secret about living potentially forever.

That clipboard really does know me, doesn't it? Very well, I'll go along. My birthday is the thirtieth of March.

And what is your favorite color?

I don't have any. I don't believe in colors.

Is that a joke?

We'll now have a few in-depth questions. Answer promptly, but not too elaborately or vaguely. The first is: do you like Zoro Escapism? Hmm... wait, this doesn't seem right. Why is it...? Ah, I see. For some reason, they wrote it like that. Never mind this, answer the question now.

Do you mean the Ad Infinitum series? I don't know what Zoro Escapism is. At a glance, it sounds like it's just a means to avoid copyright issues.

That might be it.

The first Ad Infinitum was pretty okay, but it only became good with the second one. I scrambled so hard to translate them... I don't know Japanese, so I had to go through a million hoops to get something that would translate the text real-time. Otherwise, I'd miss the entire plot.

I hope the third one concludes the story well. It's not out yet, you see.

Strangely enough, the notes I have here say it's something about “infinity”.

Yes, Ad Infinitum, that's what I said.

Anyway, let's move onto the next question.

How many of those are there? For reference's sake, of course.

That was the first one, and we have... seven more.

This is all very tiring. Let's go onto the next, anyway.

To be fair, Ad Infinitum would maybe classify as that. It's not really the kind of scary that you'd imagine while asking that, though. There are no jump scares or, really, terrible horrible elements. It's more like... small-scale existential horror. I wish there were more, but everyone seems to really enjoy zombie games... as if those are scary stories. Zombies are impossible. That's my take on it.

We're veering off-topic. If you want to expand into another, let's follow up with this question. Are you interested in creepy things?

I don't know if you'd call it creepy, but I do have an interest in existential horror, or dread. It's probably the creepiest thing if you look at it this way. All of it could be real, after all. The idea that the universe is infinite, but finite. The idea that our lives are finite, but infinite as time will go on without us. The point of view you have is just one of many, and none of them matter. This is very creepy. Very... terribly creepy, in fact.

I think it was more related to creepy monsters and the like.

Oh, those aren't creepy at all. They don't exist, and can't be real.

Have you ever seen what kinds of fishes exist deep in the ocean?

No, it's me asking you personally for the purpose of the previous one.

I haven't.

You'd change your tune if you had. Anyway, onto the next... Any tips for a workout?

I don't think I'm the best guy to answer that question, but... from what I was told, a routine exercise is way more important than trying to cram it all at once. If someone does something every day, their body will get used to it. That's our best quality as a species: adaptability. You can't only keep doing the same thing, though.

And don't skip leg day or your body will look funny.

Instructive. What do you think about the fact many believe you're an incel?

:dogstare: I literally do not think anybody who has read this LP has thought that.

What even is an 'incel'?

It's short for 'involuntary celibate'. Usually derogatory, like if you tried to be with someone way too hard, or acted in a way that turns people off you.

That's funny. I have no interest in dating anyone. It would eat too much at my time, and I'm very independent. Truth be told, it would be a bother. I don't really know what it's like to be popular, sure. I don't even really know what it's like to share space with someone else. However, I know it needs to be nurtured.

It doesn't seem like a good use of my limited time. You know, when I'll be dead, everything I had to do will come to a stop. I don't have the energy to spare for this. No one should have it... and yet, here we are, people wasting tons of time smiling at each other. No, the world doesn't care about your status as a couple.

Let's not delve too deeply into nihilism. We have a few questions left. Horse or donkey?

I'll take that question seriously, despite the fact it really isn't. It's pretty difficult to pick. If you consider the exact skillset of each animal, the horse looks better on the surface. They're faster and stronger too, I think? I'm not that well-versed, anyway.

In fact, the term “mule” exists, which means an RPG character created soley to carry items. Donkeys may be better? It's situational enough. And if you were asking about my helmet, I'm pretty sure that's a horse. It could be a donkey, though. Horse seems fitting.

How so? You don't seem very fast or strong.

Let's move on.

Very well. If you could have a pet animal, what would it be?

Animals, again? There are many choices, but I just can't see myself owning one. A bunny is out of the question. A cat could be nice... but I don't trust myself with feeding it regularly. Same deal with a dog, and I don't like barking. What's left, really? We're going into the more exotic stuff now. Maybe an alligator or a ferret could work.

Ahh... No, it would just make me wishful. Maybe it's best if I didn't have any pet animal in the end...

And the final one: if you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I don't care even if I feel pain forever, or whatever kind of horrible treatment you'd justify this power. I don't care if everyone I know dies around me eventually. It would be sad, sure, but I'd move on at some point. I'd live long enough that it wouldn't matter in the long run. I don't think there's anything more terrifying to me than death. That's why... any power I get, I'd rather it solve that problem.

This directly ties in with the secret I mentioned earlier. There's a way to be immortal... kind of.

What do you mean?

You won't really be conscious during it, though. If you're put in stasis, you can live for a long, long time.

Well... maybe in the future, there might be a way to live longer. I'll take my chances with it, then.

Strangely compliant, he seemed almost happy to be stuffed in there for a while again.

Too bad what's waiting for you isn't actual immortality. Well, interview over. Any further questions will be declined. Log complete.