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Part 49: Lexicon

Before we get into any of the bonus content added post-release, this update is going to be devoted to the in-game Lexicon, which is updated every time a term in blue is mentioned in the game proper. You have to get everything, including the hidden message from last update, to actually fill it out completely :v: Like the previous game's Lexicon section, some stuff is expanded on further here that isn't shown in the actual story itself, so it's still worth a browse.

ABiMe [Fiction]:
The AbiMe is made of three sections: A, Bi, and Me.

-A stands for something unclear as of now.
-Bi stands for Bichromatic, which is the property of an object to have two colors.
-Me stands for Meridian, which is the vertical line crossing perpendicularly over the equator which is horizontal.

It is said to be able to measure eigenstates, which can be imagined as the multiple coexisting states of any element.

There's also A Birthed Memory...

AI ME [Pseudoscience]:
AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is said to be a series of code with self-learning abilities. It stands for a few more things, such as “ai”, the word for “love” in Japanese. Combined with “me” in one word, it makes “aime”, which is the present imperative of the verb “to love” in French.

Alex Saville [Character]:
Alex is a teenager who has lived a decently hard life. Born after his parents had a divorce, he never met his father, which forced him to be the man in the house. Yet, his mother is poor, and so is he. He keeps in shape to protect his household, and he met Annie through school. The two of them ended up using each other: Alex was used for his strength, and Annie was used for her money. Yet, they developed an interest in each other, but could never truly give into their feelings.

Annie Sansoucy [Character]:
Annie is a teenager who found nothing but comfort in her life. She very quickly understood that her family was privileged, and that translated to a horrible upbringing. Very quick to control other people's lives, she was kicked out of private school for her terrible behavior. In public school, she met Alex ande subsequently used him without understanding what she felt for him. To this day, she harbors resentment for her family, as she had nothing due to her parents keeping everything for themselves.

Artisanal Bombs [Reality]:
With the advent of the internet, it is increasingly easier to fabricate all sorts of terrible explosives. In general, those bombs are able to cause great damage, but their safety when handling is mediocre at best. Five of them were used to collapse entire wings of the school, though two of them malfunctioned and didn't even trigger. The real question is, where are those bombs now? Are they being used for the Kill ME game?

Beliefs [Reality]:
Beliefs usually refer to something someone thinks is true, without the necessity of any proof. Normally, a belief can be true or untrue, but some beliefs can be turned into facts if proper proof is provided. In short, a belief is only a fact awaiting confirmation.

Deadly Sins [Reality]:
Nowadays, there are seven deadly sins.

-Lust governs over all manners of desires in general
-Gluttony governs over wasteful consumption
-Greed governs over desire for material possessions
-Sloth governs over willful inactivity
-Wrath governs over uncontrolled anger and hatred
-Envy governs over covetousness for what others possessions
-Pride governs over the desire for selfish superiority

Originally, there were nine of them in total. Which ones were removed...?

Deja Vu [Pseudoscience]:
The phenomenon of deja vu has been widely accepted as being an error in memories. It is the act of remembering something as having already happened, despite the fact it is impossible, giving a feeling of familiarity with the situation. In reality, deja vu could very well show that this very situation has already happened but in another history.

Enneagram [Reality]:
The Enneagram of Personality is a model of the human psyche that has been vastly debated among those fields of study as being incomplete or incorrect due to a lack of analysis. It is supposed to categorize human personalities to try and rationalize how someone would think in a given situation. The truth of the matter is that it's still unclear if it's practical or only theory, and it has yet to be widely accepted within psychology studies and their academic communities.

Epiphany [Reality]:
An epiphany is a moment of sudden and striking realization. It occurs when the brain suddenly makes a connection of two different ideas together, in order to produce a third one. It is also said to be a manifestation of a divine being which doesn't operate under the laws of nature. The latter definition is more biblical in origin while the former is more scientific. The two of them carry the same meaning of “manifestation”.

Erelle Webber [Character]:
Erelle is a teacher who has a minor in psychology. She is yet to be married, despite being well over thirty years old, and she often lies about her age in order to feel younger. She has a bit of a greedy streak given that she desires things she cannot have: a better job, for one, but also a companion for life. All of the men she finds of her age disgust her, to the point where she would rather seek younger boys. Her greed also stems from the fact she wants things without losing any.

Eternal Return [Pseudoscience]:
The theory of the Eternal Return has its roots in the origins and end of the universe. It is also one of many ways the universe is thought to bring itself to its end. They call it the Big Crunch, where the universe will shrink back to a singular space then cause itself to undergo the Big Bang all over again, dispersing its energy in the same fashion it had done before the Big Crunch. It is called the “Eternal Return” because the universe returns to its original form of infinite energy in infinitely small space, causing a cycle that cannot be broken as long as things go exactly the same.

Etienne Schmidt [Character]:
Etienne is a teenager who has more or less given up on life. His favorite hobbies include video games, especially rather disturbing or depressing ones. His dad is a researcher and he gets paid very well, giving them a fairly comfortable lifestyle. Unfortunately, his father is also absent from home and doesn't really know what Etienne is up to. Using the money he gets, Etienne maintains multiple websites and runs a small trafficking ring for children, especially those who bully him, whom he wants to dispense justice upon.

Ex Machina [Fiction]:
The Ex Machina, or EM, is an artifical body made to closely resemble that of a human being. One could refer to them as an android, but they have multiple functions androids might not normally have. They are still prototypes, and most of them aren't even given a proper appearance befitting of a human being yet. Their additional function is to be a vessel for God...

God [Pseudoscience]:
God is the spiritual deity governing over creation in the Catholic religion. The existence of god has heavily been debated, and is yet impossible to prove to this day, though both sides of the argument always provide their fair share of proof, or lack thereof. Ultimately, what one believes is in their own business, but many also believe God isnt an “entity” but rather “a force”, to the point where humanity could be referred to as “God”, or life itself might be. God is supposedly omnipresent and omnipotent.

Gravity Machine [Fiction]:
The gravity machine is still mostly a mystery. It is capable of outputting a large degree of gravity for whatever is contained inside, but the purposes for doing that are nebulous at best. It was an invention made by the Empty S, but it seems to have been discarded in favor of another machine. Ityne was quick to leap onto a scrap of their technology, which she is still studying.

Greta Penmill [Character]:
Greta is Hannah's twin sister. The two girls attend the Hyacinth-Delorm Polyvalent High School, and they both value each other greatly. However, Greta Penmill cares for Hannah even more than Hannah cares for her, to the point where she will often stalk her to check if anything dangerous is happening to her. That's how she learned Hannah was Pandora, the leader of My Emptiness. She saw that as dangerous, and wanted to stop it, but...

Hacking [Reality]:
Hacking is the process of breaking through some sort of digital lock meant to allow only the password-holder to use a service or device. The “hacking” in this game refers to pretty much the same thing, except what's being hacked isn't an account or a database but a camera, as well as other sensory inputs.

Hannah Penmill [Character]:
Hannah is Greta's twin sister. The two girls attend the Hyacinth-Delorm Polyvalent High School, and they both value each other greatly. However, she is also a little independent sometimes, and she tends to do her own things, too. That is why she is Pandora, the leader of My Emptiness. Unfortunately, her quick and easy cruising through life was cut short by the Kill ME game, as her sister hadn't managed to stop her from doing all these things.

Hyacinth-Delorm [Reality]:
A secondary school set in Quebec, Canada. It has four wings, which all have different purposes:

-Wing A contains all the classes for grades 3, 4, and 5
-Wing B is the administrative wing, and has a cafeteria
-Wing C is made of a gymnasium, and deals with sports
-Wing D contains all special and manual training

There is also a second floor, but it is not explored or mentioned in the game at all. Please note that in this case, “grades 3, 4, and 5” refer to the equivalent of grades 9, 10, and 11 in high school.

Ityne Icofilm [Character]:

Lucille Boisjoli [Character]:
Lucille was a cheerful girl with scholarship issues. Despite her father being the principal of a school, she flunked her classes enough to be held back two years. Still, her father loved her, and showered her with machines for her hobbies, which were all centered around tinkering. Unfortunately, her father was caught in the murderer scandal. Despite spending dozens of hours reading the dictionary, it didn't make her any smarter, and she decided to act in the way she knew how: by taking revenge on the school itself for allowing that to happen to her.

Mandela Effect [Pseudoscience]:
The Mandela Effect is a term popularized in the 2010s denoting false memories. It comes from the widespread belief Nelson Mandela died in the 80s, when in fact he had lived far longer than that. Many people believe it is a sign of alternate timelines, though it is much more likely they are errors in memories as a result of suggestability or general misinformation. The chances those memories come from an alternate self are pretty slim, if none.

Marco [Character]:
Marco is a post-graduate student of the field of noematics from the University of Montreal. In general, he has a light tone and likes to joke around a lot, even when things are dead serious. His passion for all things scientific began when he was at the age of eight, when computers were still fairly new. In recent years, he began conducting strange activities with no discernable goals but to see how far he could push his discovery of technology. He wouldn't get far without Ityne.

Mark Tremblay [Character]:
Mark's family is fairly numerous. His dad and his mom have seven children, six of which are girls, all older than Mark. It's difficult for him to make friends with boys, but he managed to get along with a couple of them. They like to play laser tag at the Laserdome, but due to how far the establishment is, he doesn't get to do it often. To avoid his father being wrongly imprisoned as a result of the kid's murder, Mark had to falsify documents which pinned it onto the only other likely suspect at the time.

My Emptiness [Fiction]:
Originally a group formed of students wishing to do as they pleased without worrying over life and its hardships, it had changed into a little school mafia where the leader gave tasks to perform and selected who would do them based on what kind of free style of life they wanted to pursue. While everyone's job was to merely enjoy what they ordinarily couldn't to their leisure, the leader's job was to clean up after them. It all got out of hand when the leader started manipulating it into doing her bidding in order to have an easy life, such as the removal of superior students or manipulation of grades...

Myth of Pandora [Fiction]:
Pandora is said to be the first human woman, who was created by Hephaestus on demand of Zeus. Each god cooperated by giving her unique gifts, hence the name of “all-gifted”. The myth of Pandora's Box (Pandora's Jar) deals with her opening a jar in which all the evils of the world were contained, and upon realizing what she had done, closing the box again (hencfe the name “all-giving”.) Unfortunately, it was too late, leaving only “hope” trapped inside. In the context of this story, Pandora is nothing more than a symbolic name.

Nico Hope [Character]:
Nico is a teenager who doesn't seem to really understand the reach his actions can have. The only thing he's focused on is him and himself, and nothing else. His pleasure comes above all else, whether it's comfort or physical affairs. In truth, he lives alone even though he doesn't have the right to do so. With no paternal or maternal figure to watch over him, he's learned how to appeal to people due to his favorite trait: cuteness. Unfortunately, he also has a bad tendency to go a little too far with girls. Some of those times didn't go well for them.

Project Deforge [Fiction]:
Project Deforge is the codename given to the next phase of Ityne's plan. What that plan is, what the goal is, and who is involved are all things still shrouded in mystery.

Please look forward to the third installment of the AbiMe series.

Sally-Anne Test [Reality]:
The Sally-Anne Test is a psychological test used in developmental psychology to measure someone's ability to attribute false beliefs to others. Sally has a marble and a basket while Anne has a box. Sally puts her marble in her basket and then she leaves. Anne takes the marble out and puts it in her box instead. When Sally comes back, does she check the basket or the box for her marble? The correct answer is to say the basket, but what you know may influence the answer...

The Cool S [Reality]:
Around the birth of the internet, many people have led a wild goose chase in order to know where this symbol comes from. Some say it is related to various things, but no one has really found the origins of this “Cool S”. It has been drawn everywhere. In notebooks, on walls as graffiti, and it's even been part of works of art. By the way, “everywhere” means all over the world, too. It's a total mystery, coming from as far back as the 1890s.

The dead boy [Fiction]:
Nobody really knows what the identity of the boy who was killed really was. The information was kept secret by the police, and it's unclear even to My Emptiness which death set off the investigation. Of course, the boy's killer definitely knows who it is, but it's doubtful they'll ever speak about it.

The Empty S [Fiction]:
A mysterious group of researchers who study various subjects of pseudoscience. Very little has ever been known about them, as they operate very quickly should any of their secrets leave the nest.

They're watching you, though.

The helmets [Fiction]:
The strange helmets the group of My Emptiness have been adorned with have multiple purposes. They can act as a middleman between the head and the outside world. There is a function to transform what the exterior cameras capture into brainwaves, which is aimed to cure blindness.

They are unwieldy and their uses have been limited so far. They are used as batteries for Ex Machinas. The body can operate by itself for 39 minutes if it wears a helmet for 6 hours. They can also be used to copy memories. Of course, they can also explode.

The number 39 [Pseudoscience]:
This number stands for quite a lot of things, but within the context of this story, here are the most important things:

-It is the atomic number of yttrium, or “Y”. The symbol “Y” has been used before to show branching paths coming from a singular trunk as a result of human choices. Yttrium is used in LYP batteries.

-It is Japanese slang for “thank you” due to 3 being “san” and 9 being “kyu”. As for who is being thanked, and who is thanking, that is unclear...

Tinkerbell Effect [Pseudoscience]:
The Tinkerbell Effect refers to something that exists only due to people's belief. For example, if everyone believed that money is worthwhile to own, then money would be worthwhile to own- and it is! The Reverse Tinkerbell Effect is the same thing, but believing in something means it no longer exists. For instance, safety while driving no longer exists if everyone believes roads are safe, and no longer follow the proper procedures for said safety. Do you believe in yourself? Do others believe in you?

TRUST [Reality]:
TRUST is an acronym standing for “Television Relay Using Small Terminals” which originally was an experiment to promote satellites used for broadcasting. It was a large experiment published in 1975, and to this day, satellites do most of the work associated with television, smartphones, and other devices. Of course, the helmets don't use a satellite to transmit the signals between themselves, but rather receptors powered by a local energy generator, so that the signal never leaves the experimental grounds.

Werewolf/Mafia [Reality]:
Werewolf, or Mafia, is a competitive game involving deaths by majority vote. It is a game with a day and night cycle, where the majority has the power during the day, and the minority has the power during the night. The primary goal of the game is to pit an uninformed majority against an informed minority, to see which side can outsmart the other. Generally speaking, it is impossible to really figure out the minority without any loss, so some trial-and-error makes the initial phases a gamble. Tricking people into giving themselves away is fun, too.

Zachary [Character]:
The director of the school is a rather important man... or was, anyway. He was not involved in what My Emptiness was doing, but he was turning a bit of a blind eye to it as he knew his daughter was in it. Unfortunately, he couldn't act to stop it, as the Empty S had its eyes on what Pandora was doing and had silenced someone trying to stop it already. The last thing he'd want was to be killed by the group his daughter was a part of.

He is currently imprisoned, something Ityne wants to change, which will take great effort.