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Blaster Master

by ElMaligno

Part 1: In the beginning...

"Master Blaster" is a duo that appears on the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The small one is the smart one of the duo and commands the big strong one and...

Wait what?


"Blaster Master" is a game released on 1988 for the Nintendo entertainment system (NES). I and my other 3 brothers played this game almost religiously but we never managed to beat it. It would take the advent of save states when I was finally able to beat the bloody game.
Anyways Enjoy!

Chapter 1: In the beginning...

: Good morning Mr. Frog! How are you feeling today?
: Well quite dashing actually! Say, you don't look French to me nor do you look like a amphibian enthusiast. So, why do you want a frog for?
: For biology class, of course!
: ...

: Wait! Come back Mr. Frog!
: Sorry to leave you boy. Sadly I'm... err... needed else where.

: Mr Frog! Don't jump into that radioactive container!
: What container?

: Oh...

: I feel strange...

: I got the need to join an evil mutant empire on its quest to conquer the world!

: Tally-ho! See you later boy

: Don't worry Mr. Frog! I'll save you!


: Today is going to be an awesome day...

: A really, really awesome day!
: Damm right it will be!

Next time on LP! Blaster Master: My Tank is Smart.