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Blaster Master

by ElMaligno

Part 12: This is the end.

Chapter 11: This is the end.

: Well that was the last of my hover power...
: Well I don't see spikes here, so lets just climb.

: Awwww, we missed the demolition...
: Did I mention I have cameras on the outside?

: Uuuuuhhhhgg...
: Welcome back to the land of the Living Mr.Frog!
: Is it over?

: It sure is.
: I'm... I'm sorry for all that happened boy. You can take me to biology class and dissect me if you want...
: Dissect you?

: Its just a show and tell at Biology class, no dissection...
: You mean...?
: This wouldn't have happened if you have listened to the boy.

: Oh my, I'm quite embarrassed right now. Quite embarrassed really...

: How about we shut up...

: And enjoy the view!

lives the rest of his life as regular student. He later finds a high end job as a pencil pusher. He probably wonders if there is a sequel...

just stayed on the tank on the underground, leeching off every unprotected internet connection.

The insane and convoluted storyline of the brothers would fuel internet flames wars for years to come. Touted as deep and meaningful, some people would dedicate their internet life to them.
spent his days like any other frog, only slightly bigger and with a British accent...

spoke about his life to a dork called Lovecraft. He hopes his comedic endeavors with his brothers are published.

just wished he has more dial....

The :goleft:s go only go out to SciFi conventions. It's the only moments they feel alive.


kid went to play a memorable role in Chrono Trigger....
As Lavos.

was a kid called Slick from River City. Mayor Alex declined any comment...

was last seen hugging a life like replica of a giant robot. Someone heard him to say "AT LAST I'M NOT GOING TO BE ALONE ANYMORE MY DEAR VALSIONE".

Who are these people again?

: Hey, how was your day at school?
: Horrible. Our biology teacher turned out to be a creationist nut job. When he took a look at he started to freak out and called it a "freak of nature"
: No way!
: Yes way. Anyways, he got by the throat and defenestrated him. The Biology classroom is in the third floor.
: Holy shit.
: Afterwards the teacher went berserk, destroyed some science equipment, talked gibberish about since and religion and is now spending a night in prison.
: And how is frog?
: Eviscerated, most likely...
: Quite on the contrary lovely lady. I'm quite well as you can see.
: And you have been teaching him some long words.
: The shortest path to a lady heart is with eloquency.
: NONONONO, let me tell you the REAL way to a lady heart. :blink:
: Bah oh well if you can't beat them, join them!