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Part 55: Haku-Men: Story 02

And now we releport here, the worst place.

Then this place as well...

He tells himself it is only another hallucination. The substantiation process still isn't complete. In the meantime, he has nothing to do but wander. This place is a mere remnant of his memory...a memory from when he was human...

With the worst person.


A man stands in front of Hakumen. He doesn't recognize the man, but something about his simple, honest eyes seems familiar...

I take it that you're one of the Six Heroes, Master Hakumen...
My name is Bang Shishigami. I'm here to ask for a fair match...and your guidance.
Why would you wish to do that?
It's all in the name of justice.
Justice, eh? Tell me, boy, what is this "justice" of yours?
I don't expect to save the entire universe...but at the very least, I want to save those I see suffering before me... -That- is my justice.
That's...pretty reasonable, actually.
You have a strong spirit, and you know your limitations... Very well.
I am in your debt.

I will show you my retrieve everything I've lost in Ikaruga!

There is something Hakumen feels he should remember... Something about Ikaruga... A man had worked very hard to restore the country of Ikaruga. When Hakumen had been human, he had mocked him for it.

...But the man is different now. He is a man who stands up for what he believes in. A man who Hakumen can respect.

Retrieve, eh?

He can't help but wonder...his force of will, and this determined man's...which is stronger?

Hmph... You've not changed at all. Very well then... Let us begin, Bang Shishigami!

I have some kind of mental block about air dashing I guess.

Anyway, this match is weird. Hakumen has good jumps, but Bang is more mobile in the long run. This is probably a good match to chill out and build meter. Just don't get poisoned, that kind of forces your hand and it sucks.

So this is the power...of the Six Heroes...
Your will is strong. I acknowledge your spirit.

It wouldn't be a story without Rachel appearing out of nowhere.

...I see. An intriguing development.
...You. Why have you come here?
...You don't suspect I am an illusion?
I know you too well. You would not stoop to an illusion...not that I would be able to see such legerdemain.
I was unaware you had such hatred of me. I'm only here to see what was occupying your time, since you had yet to appear...
Hmm... Why are you truly here, demon?
...There's something interesting going on with that "doll"... I found her chasing rainbows near the Boundary, just like you.
Doll... You mean Murakumo?
I'm here to wake her up. But I thought perhaps I could play with you a little, while I was in the area.
That creation is a repository of crimes humans have committed...a blade meant to cut God. That sword must be destroyed. I shall destroy it...I must! I will destroy even you, should you stand in my way.
Such violence... Very well. Do as you please. Until we meet again, Hero.

Bzoop, time to teleport again.

Again...? Where am I now...?


It takes him only a moment to determine that this is no hallucination. Something about it reminds him of Kokonoe's interference.

If Hakumen was correct, this creature before him was a projection of someone's consciousness, sent to the Edge, most likely by Kokonoe.

So, you're one of the Six Heroes, "Hakumen"?
And you...the Red Devil?
...You know me?
Or perhaps you are merely Kokonoe's assistant?

Hakumen stares at the creature. It isn't human, but he knows a creature that looks just like it... Strange creatures called "demons". He had crossed swords with them before.


...But the thing in front of him is different from a normal demon.

He must have been implanted with demon genes of some sort...a scientist of questionable morals like Kokonoe would have no problem doing such a thing. There is little doubt in Hakumen's mind that this Red Devil is an agent of the cat scientist, who has sent his consciousness to the Edge with her assistance.

This, then, is the miracle of the Devil...
I'm Tager from Sector Seven. Kokonoe sent me to retrieve you. But, how that will be done, is your call.

Very well. Then the eye shall bear witness to my power!
Hmph, Kokonoe... So -this- is why you didn't give me the details... Nonetheless, I must thank you for giving me this opportunity to take down one of the Six Heroes!
Haha! I'm not gonna hold back, "Hakumen"!
Heheheh... We may begin when you desire, Red Devil.

TAGER TIME. Hakumen has better range than Tager, especially with the poke that you'll see me abuse to no end in this video. The bad thing is that you have to consider Tager's command grabs, which means that if you try to counter the wrong thing you get a big chunk of your health taken off. Also since Hakumen needs to get reasonably close being magnitized is pretty bad and probably worth spending all your time running away.

...I can see why you're one of the Six Heroes...
This sensation... Do you wield a weapon of causality...? No... That is not possible... This feeling is that of an emotionless machine...

...What are you talking about?
I see... Then this is the work of the Grimalkin...
What's happening!?

The corporeal establishment process has reached completion...thanks to the causality phenomena weapon embedded within your metallic frame.
Phenomena...? I don't have such a thing inside me...
Then you have not been properly informed. Evaluating my quantum superposition and manifesting me in this world of the present with your causality phenomena device... That is almost certainly what the Grimalkin has intended.
Translation: I'm not a ghost anymore.
You are nothing but the eye--the observor who has collapsed the wave function of my prison is the one who holds your chain.
An observor with their own will? No, that can't be... That, would mean that...
Yes... Quantum superpositional manipulation... A technique that can grant one the power of a god, if only for a moment... ...But it is not perfected.
Translation: HELL YES SON.

Aaaaand there he goes.

It's weird but there's no real Hakumen concept art, which is something I would really like to see. So instead have this, one of the best songs in the game:

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