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Blood Bowl

by cKnoor

Part 1: Match 1 results and buy options

I had some issue with he video, but none of them were too serious. The video stalls at a few points which I did some quick and dirty fixes on to make them less noticeable. The audio got out of sync, so I had to edit it back into sync. These should not happen again, and if they do at least now I know what to look out for.


Click here for the full 1280x720 image

Click here for the full 1280x720 image

That went pretty well, no one got hurt, we got some good spread on our SPPs, we managed to increase on fan factor and we earn a shit load of money.
80k gold can buy us a beastman, or we could save it for a reroll or perhaps a minotaur.

Do we save, or buy a beastman?

Voting will be close when I go to work tomorrow so there's a 10 hour window or so.

Next Match, will probably be against a vengeful bunch of Wood Elves.